L'Oncle Toma @loncletoma
L'Oncle Toma @loncletoma
Mons, Belgium, Europe, Earth
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Would you rather be rich and famous or poor and happy?
Happy and with ‎@yasminerico
What is your favorite magazine?
I dont read magazines
Describe yourself in a single sentence?  Chad Ruiz
I am a modern kind of romantic guy who has dreams and loves ‎@yasminerico
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If you could choose a special talent, what would you pick?
A talent? I don't know
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How many times per day do you shower?
Minimum once
What junk food could you never give up?
The purple Doritos haha
What's your favorite video game?
Tekken // fifa // nba
Any summer plans for next year?  Orlando McMulder
Idk about next year but the one coming planing on going to the USA
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5 facts and PAP #funnyviralindex
What ?
Post a picture of your favorite sci-fi character!
Max Guevara by ‎@JessicaAlba in #DarkAngel
Post a picture of your favorite sci-fi character!
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What fashion brand can you not live without?
How would you do on a song competition show?
Never though about making a competition like that haha
What's the weirdest item of clothing you own?
What is the last thing you forgot?
I don't remember
Post a picture of your wakeup face!
likers get a follow ?
Do you like Coke or Pepsi? Why?
Pepsi or RC Cola simply because I like it better than coca cola coke
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have you watched the Jamaican sea otter?? https://www.facebook.com/1543734362572049
I haven't
What was the best movie of 2014?
So many movies I don't know which one to pick haha
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Who is the funniest comedian?
Kevin hart
Do you prefer to talk or to listen?
What was your most awkward moment?
Idk .. It happens so much haha
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How do you get in the pool?
Jump in it
What do you do when the remote is too far?
Get up
Can't see until I'm on Twitter