L'Oncle Toma @loncletoma
L'Oncle Toma @loncletoma
Mons, Belgium, Europe, Earth
// #Instagram ‎@loncle_toma // #100ivTheGang #TeamNiuuum #PafffTeam #TeamDemi // #100iv // 1992 // Belgian //
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Do you like it ? http://t.co/wuMHUFPQOJ
Don't have time to listen to it
What is the weirdest word in your language?
I don't know ..
Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?
I think puppies are much cuter than kitten
How do you communicate most with your friends?
Text and snapchat sometimes twitter and facebook
What are you most excited about right now?
Preparing to leave in the futur !
Post a picture of your shoes!
Post a picture of your shoes!
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Can you truly love more than one person?
I think people do
Post a picture of the weather where you are!
There u go
Post a picture of the weather where you are!
What would be the title of your autobiography?
I don't know
Do you play an instrument? Which?
Sadly, I don't
What makes you really nervous?
Few things but I don't know what to say..
Post a picture of your favorite movie!
The sleeping dictionary .
Post a picture of your favorite movie!
Who is the last person you bought a gift for?
My niece dahlia
What is your favorite type of flower?
None really.
How many people do you think you've met in your life?
Over a 1000's thats for sure
Do you prefer Instavideo or Vine?
Both. #follow me ‎@TomaYprBe
Do you prefer vintage or new?
If you were going to Mars, which one item would you bring with you?
I don't know at all..
What is your favorite sport to play?
Basketball of course !
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Where do you fall asleep besides your bed?
Couches and cars
What kind of shoes do you wear the most?
#Vans & #Converse
What is one thing you would never wear?
Pink clothes.
If you could have one superpower what would it be?
Be a jumper. Like the movie. #Jumper
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What's on the top of your birthday wish list?
Don't know yet