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Rant about something
it's so fucking cold and windy
the sun doesn't rise until like 8am
help me
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Post a picture of your shoes!
they are boring
Post a picture of your shoes!
I feel the need to show this to everyone  not rip conor
Chris is not the sharpest tool in the shed
I feel the need to show this to everyone
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'why is my face in the clubteen banner'  jackswoon
that was a dark time
forget it quickly
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Who do you kik on a regular basis?
this should answer your question
Who do you kik on a regular basis?
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hello my name is Edgy Le Meme. my grandmother is dying of ebola friendzone syndrome. only likes can save her from the evil kony who gave her this disease. please like comment and subscribe for more minecraft tutorials
this shitposts have arrived
get out while you can
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what girls from here do you want to talk to more?
idk I'll talk to all of you I don't mind
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What are your opinions on Eric Frein?  ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I had to look him up and he's ok the FBI most wanted list
gj m8 u did well
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Can you truly love more than one person?
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why do you ask yourself so many questions
I don't
are u ok there
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what were the last things that made you jealous, sad or happy?
happy - new foo fighters song
sad - secret
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what's something you're confident in? it could be a quality you have or something you're good at
sports knowledge especially basketball
my ability to rek u all at CS too
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Are you okay?
I haven't been able to sleep much recently
and in general I still don't feel good so yeah
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what's your favourite outfit/type of clothing? why? u don't have to pap
shirt or a t-shirt and jeans
I am simple
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What's something that you really like getting complimented on?
personality stuff and things that I do etc I don't like physical stuff bc I know I'll disagree with u anyway
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What's stopping you from asking the person you like out?
I don't know them very well yet and I haven't had a chance to talk to them properly
plus I suck at anything relating to girls too
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What's something you get embarrassed about easily?
I'm very easily embarrassed
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what's a compliment someone has given you recently that really made you feel good?
my friends said I'm great at guitar considering I've only been playing a few months now and one of them likes me teaching them parts of songs that I have memorised etc
it made me more confident in my own ability I guess
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name one positive trait about yourself
is it bad that I'm struggling here
I'm funny sometimes? idk really that's a matter of opinion
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how are you doing in school
idk really like we got a report out today actually and my teachers say I'm doing excellent and all but I don't have any proof that I'm doing good
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is your crush in someone here or someone in real life?
real life
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where do you see yourself in five years
hopefully employed
I'm not gonna get into uni, I could go to college then uni but I'd rather do a
modern apprenticeship of some sort so I'd have a guaranteed job at the end etc
idk I just want to win the lottery and have no care in the world
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what's your favorite sport to play
I'm really really bad at sports
but basketball and football are always great fun
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honesty hour? (if you participate plz send at least 3 questions to another user or users who are also participating)
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