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pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls
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What makes life worth living?
other people
like if I just gave up now and killed myself or something I don't think some people would be able to handle it which I don't want to happen
If you were trying to go on a date with yourself, how would you go about it?
why would I do that
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Today I took a nap at my friends grandmas house am i rood?  Sara
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what actually happened to no_thanks_im_gucci? inb4 he left the stove on
he stove the left on
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what are your favorite things in life?
in that order
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Post fit
I'm wearing my birthday suit I can't show you guys that
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What do you look for in a friend or a partner?
friend - friend things
partner - howdy
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I'm getting a big ol' woody
show me a big ol booty
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If you could change one thing about society, what would you change?
i would make it so i could buy alcohol at 16
make my dreams come true
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conor i will photoshop you into the tyler fedora pic  alan
alan i love you pls no
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post something that will get you a lot of likes XD
it hasn't failed me before
do it for me amazed Alan
post something that will get you a lot of likes XD
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I'm sorry lol it was me pay pay B)  Paigey Pay Pay
it's fine dw about it :)
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I forgot to not hit anon on my tbh fuckkkkk  Paigey Pay Pay
no you remembered
tbh you've been around a while and I've seen a lot from you and you're always witty and overwhelmingly funny  Paigey Pay Pay
awwwwww tysm :')
idk if I already did you but whatever lol tbh conor you're awesome and funny as hell
ty anon
who r u
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what's a new hobby you wanna get into?
I need to start playing bass more so that
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whats your favorite tv show?
breaking bad
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Would you get a tattoo and what would you get?  Sara
idk what tho
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Ryan deals with these requests :~)  Dhruv
i'll be sure to enquire about this
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Irish Jump Start The Irish Jump Start is a sexual position where a man has doggy style sex with his women, right before climax the man attaches a defibrillator to each of the womans ass cheeks. When the voltage is switched on the sudden surge of electricity causes the womans vagina to tighten up.  Miguel
ryan and/or dhruv can i hire you guys to test this out
one of you has a vagina right
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Will you be requiring our services?  Ryan
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Hasn't been confirmed yet but idk  Dhruv
wenger needs to get a move on if he wants to get anything done
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is it confirmed that he's going to madrid yet? he tweeted earlier saying "dream come true #halamadrid" but it was deleted
i don't think you're gonna get him
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playing CSGO with troy rn :')
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How would you explain color to a blind man?
why would I be doing this in the first place
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