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Acabas de pasar ala prepa?
Pase a 3er semestre
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no te la pedi en mala onda
Y yo no te conteste en mala onda no pondré fotos de mi"pancilla"
foto de tu pancilla <3 te me haces muy tierna
No y gracias
Pon foto tuya
el pasto de el campo está Agusto:(
Pon foto tuya
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cuando tenias el cabello corto o cuando lo tenias a la mitad de la cintura, como hiciste para que te creciera tan rápido de un día para otro, por que te creció muy veloz ahora lo tienes a la cadera, como le hiciste, o como te peinabas para que te creciera tan rápido?? :c
No me creció tan rápido , duro como más de 8 meses :( no uso nada!
so you know who I am(8?
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is it kinda weird if I have you as my phones wallpaper?
Not weird at all I actually see it as something cute of you <3
you know the reason why I ask anonymously is because I don't want my name on you're ask :a I was gonna say so much more I swear but I actually couldn't... this thing didn't let me .-. I was inspired :(
i can not be trusted omgggggg :( haha jk umm, you're not the one and only victor in the world ok take it easy , and why you couldn't? i really like the way you express yourself like.. omg im dying with our conversations on fb!! :'(
because you answer ask before inbox! jk because its hard to find a girl who likes sports, and actually enjoys going to the gym, and is girly and pretty all at the same time <3 besides all that I just like the way you are, you're funny, smart, cute ,etc.
because i answer ask before fb? smells like victooooooooor?
yep i know, as i told you girls just want to show off that they are ''super fitness'' because they spend 1 month at the gym and meeh, that sucks and i hate them btw:@
THANK YOU SO MUCH<3 ! i am happy because of your thoughts on me :3
No mames no seas ridicula jajajaja tú siempre pones que vives en el centro idiota, por eso lo sé y fue una simple pregunta, quién te va a querer espiar XD
k k, first of all you type as if you were a retarded, and btw thats what you are ..
y respondiendo a tu pregunta : que fregados te importa si no te conozco no te dire donde vivo y mucho menos en anónimo ''idiota''
I need I girl like you!
oh god, why like me?
you should tell him to learn how to write first, then he can ask you  Victor Sanchez
thaaaaaaaaanks♥ i just want to get to know who the fuck is and how does she/he know i live in downtown.. someone is spying me
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What's the most valuable thing you've held in your hands?
zuuuuup Lore, I know that ur house is in the center buuut, can u tell me where? what streeeettt? :-D
first of all .. who the hell are you ? do i even know you?
puedo cantarte?:o<3
Sí no es de banda , sí adelante
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foto lore *O*
JAJAJJAJA su cara me alegro la mañana :p
foto lore *O*
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yo tampoco puedo ver tus fotos en insta las miraba en mi compu es que no tengo cuenta :c
Jaja Ow pues hazte uno<3
pero no puedo ver tus post lo tienes privado :c
pues mandame la solicitud ..
cual es tu instagram? puse el que esta abajo de tu descripcion y no me aparece nada :c
jaja lo acabo de cambiar ayer, es lorefab_
ate*  Victor Sanchez
oops no one's perf, sorry bud
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If you had to get one thing tattooed on your forehead, what would it be?
Sassy <3
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Ya ni te acuerdas de uno :'c
What is the most unexpected thing that happened to you this week?
eat 3 slices of pizza omfg
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Tienes rabia ?:$  Victor Franco