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aw thank you you made my day xx

lmao no prob bby💕

im 5'4 and my boy friend is like 6'2 is that awkward?

no thats cute

wyd hunny

keith Kozart.

on snapchat hbu

hi iman iman iman iman nami nami nami mani

keith Kozart.


bitch say thank you before i report you

thanks mf

i appreciate you a lot bestfriend even though I don't show it 😪

thats nice bestfriend

i only have 1 final and spanish LMFAOOO you tight w the regents

lol cry cry

be honest with me chanel talks to guys right ? it doesnt have to be flirting she talks to guys ?



you have school tomorrow ?

i have to come in for regents but das it

earlier i talked to him ?

he tried to but you dubbed him LMFAOOOO

walk to mount vernon w me :(

im getting my eyebrows done

what would u do with that balloon if u had it?

pop it

no why your lieng i didnt talk to boys

yes caityln jenner why you lying

thats not funny

okay fine ill say who it was

he doesn't count iman shumphered


who was the boy -_-


what would u do with this if i gave it to u?

thats adorable

when was the last time i talked to a boy?

last week

did you know that im special ed?


wanna see our sex tape ?


me and justin have alot of sex omg



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