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Who made the last incoming call on your phone?

A broke nigga askin bout beats

Favorite 3 songs that MPC Cartel have produced?

Don't Needa Know - Always - Chinatown

What can we expect to hear from MPC Cartel over the 2014 Summer?

An EDM remix to #Always & much more

What was the inspiration/reason you decided to make beats?

My cousin introduced me to fruityloops in 03 & I just stuck with it

how can i contact you to buy some beats

Text 6786674672

Would you be interested in taking a listen to some new rap/hiphop?


Are you still friends with someone from kindergarten?

them niggaz was fake ass hell so no

What do you want right now?

I want it all

u suck y all yo beats spund like willafool

#Chinatown #NoHook #Fugazy Willafool ?????
You stupid

u must b in 808 mafa yall stay bitin sumbody

Your mother included

What is in your fridge?


Atlanta HA? Lol what are you talking about?

Meant GA.

What city are you in?

Atlanta GA

That hard hitting 808 you got, does it come straight from the mpc or a kit in fl studio?

All of those are the right answers
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Who's a female you know with one of the most best personalities ?

My mother

When can you make a trappin early morning pt 2 for oj?

Next time we in the studio with Juice we gon make it happen

When was the last time you broke the law?

Im breakin it right now

What sport do you do?


What is your attitude towards cannibals?

Dont bring her around me unless she swallow kids...

Come join 808 Mafia -- Sizzle

Im gucci but S/o 2 Bricksquad

how do you feel about a long distance relationship ?

How u feel about em?? -_-

your so sexy baby


What is the most delicious berry?

Whichever one is the darkest

What makes someone attractive?

Confidence & looks i guess.


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