Julien @LP3X
Julien @LP3X
15 y-o broken soul.
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?
When will you die?
Anytime soon!
Post some funny animated GIF.
Who's your number one friend?
What does the life you want to live look like?
Full of music, in an awesome studio with somebody I love, always sleeping with him...
What's the first thing you notice in a person of the opposite gender?
How stupid she is.
What can you do that others can't do?
Music without pressing the big "EDM BUTTON".
What is your favorite thing in your room?
Post a pic? #whereistand
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Do you like high heels?
<4  Julien
u suk  Julien
thx myself
If you could learn a new skill today, what would it be?
Making Glitch Hop.
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How old were you when you started playing video games?
8 y-o
[2/2]You really disappoint me, I estimated you better. Oh, and excuse me if I remain anonymous, but I don’t want to declare an open war between me and you. I hope you won’t be a coward and you won’t delete these questions.
I actually know who are you Mr. "Anonymous Guy".
Dammit. You're extremely tough and unfair w/ the furry community. You generalise some extreme cases and totally belittle the whole furry fandom w/ these accusations, which deserves better than that. But you're not better, you're narrow-minded, capricious and narcissistic[1/2]
But why ain't you longer a furry?
Because every single one of you, mindfucked people, are annoyingly perverted. I wasn't there for porn. I wasn't there to be dated all the time. I said it to someone: if you're in the furry fandom for friends and not for 18+ stuff, you're going to be shoved away and bullied by these childish idiots. And, don't tell me it ain't true because that's what happened to me.
Only a few of them are still good people. So they're my friends. I maybe lost some "friends" for this opinion and arguments but it proved how rridiculousy and stupidly childish they are. And also, they're cowards most of the time. Every single time I was "argueing" with someone just me and that person, they were lots to be against me. Don't they know that it's one vs. one?
Nota bene: if you ever meet or see ‎@evilsibe, just get the fuck out of this criminal's way. He's reading that but I don't care. I've been clear enough. And everything I just said is true. Based on real "stories" and (yet a lot less) on a bunch of researchea on internet.
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What one thing do you need to do next?
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Salted or sweet popcorn?
Salted forever.
Oh hey. I'm on another twitter account now.  Julien
‎@TheGlitchEDM Go follow it. ‎@LP3X will be disabled.
Have you ever fired a real gun?
Not yet. And I guess the first time will be in someone's face.
Are you a member of the furry fandom?
What do you expect in 2014?
Tu utilises le réseau Bitcoin ? Litecoin ou encore Dogecoin ? Si oui pour quels usages ? Achats/vente de biens et services et/ou spéculation sur des places de marché ? Tu participes a une pool de mining ?  Docteur Museau
Pas du tout. Ca ne m'intéresse pas du tout. Ca va bien finir par chuter un jour ou l'autre, comme l'économie mondiale !
Was this year a good year for you?
Was this year a good year for you?