lucciana @lucianay98
lucciana @lucianay98
Quand je désire quelque chose, c'est simple, je l'obtiens. Séduire pour mieux détruire. Diviser pour mieux régner.
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There's something called respect baby
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I like your.. Hair and style xx  Pamela♕ TATYANALOVESYOU❤
thank you xx
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What’s something you should throw away, but can’t?
some people
desriptiion:cutyy<3  RobertoHaber J.S.F.E
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ask : fav song(s) ?
those are some
ask : fav song(s) ?
Tbh , seem cute x  MarianeAzar'PiaKai
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Tbh youre pretty and iwltkyb❤️  SerySerhal
thank you same ♡
tbh ; iLoveYur Name .Belle Habb ♡  DianaaKh♥`
mercii ♡
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wltkb : why not x ask me ur pin aw shi  Ahmad Hajali
Leeeh !?
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40like=40like  Emran Al khalili
tamou7 enta.
ow : beauty !  Charbel Ammar
merci !
tbh: bet satle habb wlrkub i knw u  ÃĹẸЖ '³¹³' O.5 ~Leen~
hayetee thx
Wltkub ?! :)  Jad Shoucair
Wltkub : surreeee My kik bel bio  ♛•ElieAbboud•♛ #LILBOY178
samee heree bs m7ito lal kik
ask ur name for tbh :$ !  Čŗäźy Gįrł
u dnt knw me :p anwy oke
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Dare = like 15 of my answers :3  Ghassan'Lina❤️ H.Y.A |
lek enno leh 2allalton !:p
tbh=cute and wltkyb <3 ask me your num eza bdk too :w  gilbert mn
mercii ♡
Wltkb ; Sure  MhammadAd
same heree
What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?
music on
rate:9.5  Tatiana Hokayem❤
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Tbh your different unique to be specific  Eliasberberi
ma 3melet like 3a chi
bas anwy
tbh : I don't know u but u seem cute :* and pretty :)  MARK ♥♣
thank you
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tbh so cutee♡  Moe osman
Ow: Mahdume + habile :$✋❤️  Ҟaren▲
hl2 b2elik min l habile ya tize :$
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