Lucciana @lucianay98
Lucciana @lucianay98
Quand je désire quelque chose, c'est simple, je l'obtiens. Séduire pour mieux détruire. Diviser pour mieux régner.
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There's something called respect baby
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tbh=gorgeous <3  mireille germanos
merci ♡
good morning bella♡
morning anon
How far in advance do you prefer to plan?
duno 7asab
name gentle guys u know
cyril chakhtoura
abboud khalil
jules bou khalil
ramy el hachem
gilbert esseily
ryan obeid
hol henne I guess
in love? msahbe?
no / no
Tbh > seem nice and cute , shu badik bel haters waj3it rass 3al fade :3  JoannKh' ✞
haha u're right and thank you
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Layko ya wled sharmutaa ma hadan 5aso fiye w b luciana w aslan ma alit ena bethebne so feko:*  RobertoHaber J.S.F.E
so yalla nayko ba2a
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layke bi shar allah hala2 ade sarlik bethebi ma halik tense rabo ba2a eno wala helo wala nafsiye wala shi aa shu ma aam teebaleh t7ebe gheiro?
yii !
1st ana ma elet min in love with
2nd I guess it's my business not yours
3rd why do u even care?
aam behke aan roberto baeerif eno bethebi bas huwe aam yetsalla fike wehyet eme aam behke kermelik
chu badik fi 3am yetsalla fike aam behke kermelik
3an min 3m tehke?
in love?
already answered
in love?
Ow; pretty  LéaSaadé·
Tbh: i don't know you, cute  Rania Nasr
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like = paragraph? Please
okay like
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Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?
cat person I guess
Beautiful ♡  Teenagers♥All Around The World
thank you♡
Roudy khoueiry?
he's my best friend that's who he is ♡
Roudy khoueiry?
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name one guy best friend bya3rif kel shi 3anik ma t2ule many bs wahad m5aberti kela shi
many bas roudy el khoueiry lwahid li bya3rif kel shi
There's something called respect baby and you never respect
enta ma da5alak abadan fine bayne w ben roudy maze7 maz3ouj fell men hone and that's it w ma twasekha be ur quest ba2a
ayrik ? :|
skot enta
Your wearing pro combat in your pic I love it
umm thanks
Hahahahahahah nfokhe :$  Roudy El Khoueiry '✟ L❤️
ayre bchaklakkk :$ hayeteee333
yousseffff❤❤ miss you❤❤  Cesar Mansour'
haha lek minnnn
mansourrrr♥♥ bcp plusss♥♥
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