Rachel @lucidstars
Rachel @lucidstars
☾ let it happen, let it happen // All previous personal answers deleted, account only kept for blog purposes
So sweetly lover, won't you let me know?
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what's your youtube?
/missraechelle, ignore the twelvie name!
Hi! This is the only way it was easy/proper way to contact you. Thanks for reading/liking my review :) you're the first, so thanks so much! Cheers, Dave Lim
That's no problem at all! thanks for writing it, it was good way to refresh my memory from that night. Very well-written :)
on your bloglovin it says 196 followers (which is the people who follow you) but it doesn't show who you follow.
Ah, that's my blog stats! So if you click on my profile (which can be found on the bottom right of that page's description) there is a tab there that shows you.
for easier reference: http://www.bloglovin.com/people/lucidstars-2988343/following
I was wondering how to make who you follow on bloglovin unshown (like your bloglovin')
I'm quite sure all following is shown, from what I know mine is public!
Is the weather hot like perth?
Mm I'd say the hottest is about 30°C, but it tends to stay cool due to the constant sea breeze. Perfect weather basically!
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Post a picture of your wakeup face!
Post a picture of your wakeup face!
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How's your holidays been?
Absolutely brilliant, this week I saw Slow Magic live and also I'm now in Krabi :D
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Good morningg
Glad to hear, it gets easier along the way :)
i guess it's the one with 193 followers yeah?
Correct ;)
hey i just looked up your blog on bloglovin, two options came up which one's yours??
The one in caps!
what's the difference between blogger and bloglovin??
Blogger - the platform on which you host your blog on, so it's basically the main foundation.
Bloglovin - an additional way to follow blogs via an external subscription feed, and does much better than the in-built follower system on Blogger. It's ten times easier to organise your reading of posts on there too :)
Are you in Singapore now? :O  Sher
Yessss I was trying to find your contact number!!
can you make some post public and some private? i'm still learning how to blog :P
As far as I know, it's not possible hahah sorry!
what camera do you use?
Sony RX-100, the first version I think :)
how have your holidays been
Been pretty good! Done some fun touristy stuff in singapore and the next week will be eventful. Also missing it back home too.
Do you think of your posts beforehand or based on the day you've had>
It's 50/50 I'd say, if I know i'll be doing something or having a day out I'll write the basic grasp of it then expand on it after.
do you know many people who blog?
If you mean people I know personally, then yeah there's a few:)
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p.s I have actually started blogging because of you and it is one of the things that makes me happy so thanyou xx
That is the sweetest thing to hear! that fills me with a lot of motivation, which I haven't quite had lately. I'd love to check out your blog, do feel free to drop me the url xx
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What is your template, is it free, can I use it? I absolutely adore your blog!
it's called Sartorial 2 and yes it's completely free! And of course you can use it, I don't own it :) thanks for the love x
How fo you make your pictures move on blogger PLEASE
one word,
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Hey! It's Jennifer (my old blog 0365days). I have actually started blogging again which is quite exciting and thought i'd let you know! My new blog is http://findinghxme.blogspot.com.au/ and i do plan on sticking around for a long time. Have a lovely day and keep your posts coming :) xo
Thank you so much girl! I'm glad you're back <3
What is the link to Ananya's blog?
Where do you find new music?
From movies, Youtube, people, Spotify, Soundcloud, tv shows, Soundhound, and all that jazz :)
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