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Is it scandalous to wear socks with sandals?
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Hey! It's Jennifer (my old blog 0365days). I have actually started blogging again which is quite exciting and thought i'd let you know! My new blog is http://findinghxme.blogspot.com.au/ and i do plan on sticking around for a long time. Have a lovely day and keep your posts coming :) xo
Thank you so much girl! I'm glad you're back <3
What is the link to Ananya's blog?
Where do you find new music?
From movies, Youtube, people, Spotify, Soundcloud, tv shows, Soundhound, and all that jazz :)
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do u listern to any acoustic bands?
I do, but only really to calm me down. :) some to name would be Wafia, James Vincent McMorrow, Lucy Rose etc. I also really like the soft acoustic side of San Cisco, Bombay Bicycle Club and Ball Park Music. Here's another song I've been loving:
u no longer have insta?
Nope, deleted it a few months ago
Wow u have the resilience to delete so many!! HHAHA I'd be too lazy!! Ooh okay we'll meet up then:-) it'll be after O's +holiday time+meeting up with u and primary school friends it would be the happiest time in 4 years HAHAH  Benitaaaaaaaaa
It took a few hours :( but yessss of course we are meeting up! That is without question. I'll wear all my band tees when I see you in tribute of our mutual music taste. And hopefully I get to stay for sufficient time because next year marks the start of upper high school and that's tough stuff sigh
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Oops sorry that was me GAHH we have the same problems with ask HAHAH  Benitaaaaaaaaa
And hahaha I feel you girl, I know the struggle. I stopped using ask 'cause I didn't like how my feed was full of hate but now it's a good idea for blog purposes :~)
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I CANT BELIEVE UR BACK ON ASK!!! Btw u coming back to sg soon??
Hahah only for the blog! I try not to answer many personal questions here - as you can see I deleted like 1500+ questions, since it is public after all. But hopefully I'll visit sg soon, if not most likely in my summer holidays (Dec-Jan) x
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do you have tumblr
Nope :)
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firstly, can i just say that i really love your blog??! secondly, your photography is amazing, your instagram is great yo, and lastly, you're absolutely stunning, inside and out. ily
People like you are why I'm so happy :) x
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where did you find your theme for your blog and was it free?
It took a long and hefty Google search, but I chanced upon it luckily. Look up Sartorial 2 by Confluent Forms LLC :)
fav places to shop?
I shop anywhere and everywhere - low prices often lure me in haha. Lately I've been shopping at flea markets, in town, little boutiques, as well as retailers like H&M, Topshop etc.
how long did it take you to gain readers? / how did you gain them
I started blogging officially in late 2012, and I guess my audience count has gradually built up ever since. To be honest, I'm surprised there are that many readers who do like my blog. Tips would be to actively participate in the blogosphere (comment if you like a post - always good to recognise a blogger's talents) and leave your blog link politely. It makes it easier for people to check out your blog. I also link my blog url a few places so that's probably another helping factor. All in all, it also boils down to producing good content and supporting fellow blog authors.
i have black hair and i used brown dye to try and ombre it because i didnt want to bleach it. but it didn't show up :( hwo long did you leave your dye in and do you think if i use lemon juice itll fade to become lighter?
I got it done at a salon because I'm very uneducated about hair dyeing haha. I'd love to help but I haven't really properly went through with the dyeing procedure at home. My friend uses blond dye though, and I think she leaves it in a bit longer than recommended to get it lighter. I've heard lemon juice works too, but to estimate the reliability of the myth, I would turn to researching it on YouTube/Google. I feel you on the inconvenience of naturally black hair though haha. Good luck :)
omg i love your hair <3333 is it permanent?
I'm not sure actually! I reckon it'll last a month or two at most. Thanks anyway:)
Can you post another photo of your hair?
For a future post :~)
Can you post another photo of your hair?
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It's sort of purplish red, but doesn't show up very well at the ends :( by the way, freakin' loved your recent blog post!
i think it looks good a little more subtle ((: you look nice
Thanks, I quite like it too x
did you dye your hair?
Yep, sure did!
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What camera do you use for your blog x
The Sony DSC-RX100!
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If you were a different gender, what name would you want to have?
Riley :)
Ever tried a bikini wax?
The question is: will I make it alive if I do?