Rachel Y. @lucidstars
Rachel Y. @lucidstars
You know that I belong to be, reflections of myself // let it all out, just let it all out // to find, the feeling
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For all your (blog-related) questions, requests and feedback ♡
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do you have tumblr
Nope :)
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firstly, can i just say that i really love your blog??! secondly, your photography is amazing, your instagram is great yo, and lastly, you're absolutely stunning, inside and out. ily
People like you are why I'm so happy :) x
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where did you find your theme for your blog and was it free?
It took a long and hefty Google search, but I chanced upon it luckily. Look up Sartorial 2 by Confluent Forms LLC :)
fav places to shop?
I shop anywhere and everywhere - low prices often lure me in haha. Lately I've been shopping at flea markets, in town, little boutiques, as well as retailers like H&M, Topshop etc.
how long did it take you to gain readers? / how did you gain them
I started blogging officially in late 2012, and I guess my audience count has gradually built up ever since. To be honest, I'm surprised there are that many readers who do like my blog. Tips would be to actively participate in the blogosphere (comment if you like a post - always good to recognise a blogger's talents) and leave your blog link politely. It makes it easier for people to check out your blog. I also link my blog url a few places so that's probably another helping factor. All in all, it also boils down to producing good content and supporting fellow blog authors.
i have black hair and i used brown dye to try and ombre it because i didnt want to bleach it. but it didn't show up :( hwo long did you leave your dye in and do you think if i use lemon juice itll fade to become lighter?
I got it done at a salon because I'm very uneducated about hair dyeing haha. I'd love to help but I haven't really properly went through with the dyeing procedure at home. My friend uses blond dye though, and I think she leaves it in a bit longer than recommended to get it lighter. I've heard lemon juice works too, but to estimate the reliability of the myth, I would turn to researching it on YouTube/Google. I feel you on the inconvenience of naturally black hair though haha. Good luck :)
omg i love your hair <3333 is it permanent?
I'm not sure actually! I reckon it'll last a month or two at most. Thanks anyway:)
Can you post another photo of your hair?
For a future post :~)
Can you post another photo of your hair?
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It's sort of purplish red, but doesn't show up very well at the ends :( by the way, freakin' loved your recent blog post!
i think it looks good a little more subtle ((: you look nice
Thanks, I quite like it too x
did you dye your hair?
Yep, sure did!
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What camera do you use for your blog x
The Sony DSC-RX100!
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If you were a different gender, what name would you want to have?
Riley :)
Ever tried a bikini wax?
The question is: will I make it alive if I do?
Hi. I Love Your Polyvore.
Hi and thank you :) I never use it anymore though haha, wanted to delete it.
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what does it mean if you're too quiet?
I suppose it means that people don't think you're talkative/want to say much.
Thankyou for youtube thing, you put so much time and i love your blog xoxo
That's totally not a problem, thank you for the viewership and love :)) x
Click embed??
Yep! Sorry if my instructions aren't clear, you can email me about it if you want.
How do you make your youtube video's so small on your blog?
Okay so like you go to your desired Youtube video, click on the Share tab (next to About) and click Embed. I set my custom video size width to 670 according to my blog's measurements and copy & paste the code into the HTML section of my blog post. Then I edit the height there and make it 65 to make it smaller and appear as a music player. And that's it :)
hey, i'd just like to say firstly that your blog is incredible, far beyond the quality of other blogs i've read . I'd just like to ask you what type of camera you used for the Palos Verdes photo's and any basic tips of making your images so vibrant and getting the lighting and exposure correct :) x
Thank you so much, that's quite the compliment considering that there are so many talented bloggers ouy there! I used the Sony RX100, which I've just started shooting with this year. I'd love to say that I've got some kind of photographic technique behind my photos, but really I just take whatever I fancy within a frame and edit it later on - referring mostly to the brightness and contrast, that is. The vibrancy of the photos is probably due to the vivid colours from the buildings I took photos of, so sorry if I didn't help much! Thanks for taking the time to read and send feedback too xx
Was this year a good year for you?
Yeah, despite its ups and downs I've had heaps of fun :)
If you could learn a new skill today, what would it be?
How to be fearless basically.
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do you recommend any songs? c:
All I can think of at the moment:
SPEAK - Carrie (RAC remix)
Grouplove - Ways To Go
Best Coast - When The Sun Don't Shine (Voyager remix)
Lorde - Team
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instagram name? :))