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Lucy @lucy___
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tbh- I believe you are a lovely young lady & the girls from mcc miss you a lot. xx
Tbh I miss all those gorgeous girls. Lovey you honey xx
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What sound annoys you the most?
Sneezing :')
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Top 10 nicest girls :)
From where
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Lucy brah (;  G Money
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Hot deffos :)  Hanso !
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tbh- i have no idea who you are but you seem nice and pretty x  Maddie Farrugia
Thanks ya
have no idea who you are ills  peyton
best feature- super pretty x
Thanks :) x
Ty x
Pic do your thigh gap
Wot m8
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Hot or not- hooottt  Taylor Hepburn
Ty (:
Thought on meh.?
You're heaps funny! You're so nice and always up for a chat! And an occasional snapchattt sess ;) you're heaps pretty too, would really like to meet you in person haha! :) x
Snapchat me (: x
Tbh: you are really pretty, seem really nice and funny.(: dislike: we don't talk and I don't know you too well.?(:
Thanks Caitlin!
Should talk more x :)
I need to catch up with all the oxley girls!! Haha! Xx
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I miss you too :(  George
:( catch up soon, yeah? X
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like; we used to be good friends :) youre so pretty and nice :) dislike; I have seen you in like 1,400 years! suit; some hottie. ;) xx  George
Thanks georgia! You too!
Oh gosh I know right..! I miss you! Xxx
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What is your main rule?
What ah
R u goin to Calrossy x
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Orange!!  jack Parker
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Tbh: biggest cutie out, sooo nice! Good to talk too!
Thanks cutie x
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Paragraph- Dont know you but you seem nice, and your really cute...  Ayden von Essen
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So toby, are we a couple now? ❤Xx
No, I'm afraid not.
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So are we like boyfriends now? Whats your number?
No I'm a girl if you didn't realise.
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