hmmm .... how can I be sure to talk to Luke Antohny Mark Brooks?? Eleanor Calder

How do I know I am talking to Eleanor Calder?

you're on the phone? Eleanor Calder


You! You're so sweet and sexy! Eleanor Calder


what is it? if you wanna tell if u dont i understand kimberlee aberdeen

yeahi dont want to say ....

're curious who I like most of Janoskians? Eleanor Calder


is their something that no one knows about you? kimberlee aberdeen


What are you looking forward to? Eleanor Calder


Read: Luke Brooks ✔

Can someone send me a gift? Idk i want one :3

such a pleasure speaking to you can i ask some more questions? kimberlee aberdeen


are you bored or annoyed? kimberlee aberdeen


-.- I see that you do not want to talk Eleanor Calder

i dont know ellyyy

lool haha Do you like 1D?? Eleanor Calder


Haha <33 How are you? Eleanor Calder


wow well i'm from there!! thought you didnt cuz it's so small but what have u heard, very interested to hear:) kimberlee aberdeen


i swear i could cry:) but this question i have to ask do you know an island called Trinidad? kimberlee aberdeen

i have heard of it!

omg ypou made me blush when you answered my question :) thank you love you soooooo much!! but you should know that kimberlee aberdeen


do you know where is Slovakia? Natálka



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About Luke Brooks ✔:

My name is Luke Brooks from the janoskians
I love you
And foood
Mostly food ifuck*cant respond with video because i am usally on my phone*

Kik: its_luke_brooks