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If you were going to Mars, which one item would you bring with you?
Oxygen ?
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What is your favorite sport to play?
What kind of shoes do you wear the most?
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What is one thing you would never wear?
If you could have one superpower what would it be?
The power to see who people truly are.
If you were a bird, where would you fly?
Far, far away from here.
What is the Universe made of?
Liars. Thieves. And Heartbreakers.
Why would someone want to go on a space trip?
To see the moon. Duh!
How do you surprise other people?
I hate it when I let people into my life and they use me. I hate it when I give someone my trust and they stab me in the back. I hate it when I think someone is my friend and they're really a Puma ready to attack me in my weakest moments. I hate people like this. I hate them.
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What personality trait do you admire in other people?
7 billion people.
14 billion faces.
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Ilysm.  MichelleEmbryFanpage
(: ilym
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Oh ok.  MichelleEmbryFanpage
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Who is in your football game picture with you?  MichelleEmbryFanpage
My older sister.
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You are beautiful.  MichelleEmbryFanpage
Awww thanks (:
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You is sexy.
Football game tonight.
You is sexy.
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How did you meet your best friend?
Through some other person at my school last year.
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What to do on a rainy day?
Read a good book and well you know what I mean ;)
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First three songs in your favorite playlist?
•Nuthin' ~ Lecrae
•Can't blame a girl for trying ~ Sabrina Carpenter
•You can't stop me ~ Andy Mineo
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What's the best comfort food?
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Yay I'm in your bio!! (:  MichelleEmbryFanpage
You sure are ;)
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What makes life worth living?
Well it used to be knowing that I was loved. But now, he doesn't love me so. I don't know and I don't care.
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How would you explain color to a blind man?
I wouldn't.
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I love you
Love you too.
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Do some rates please??
How about this?
Do some rates please??
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Who is the happiest person in the world?
Clearly not me.
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