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porno bloondee

ya wot

Would you fuck a 17 year old?


What school do you go?


Would you rather live in the mountains, or by the sea?

by the sea 100%

What is the very last thing you do before you settle in to fall asleep at night?


If you had to choose a type of color that you thought represented yourself, which would it be?


folowed :)

um ok?

Like 60 of my answers for a shout out or fan sign x

mitch mccann

ill do 20 then fansign then ill do the rest

What was the last song you heard?

say something

Whoever likes send them some questions?

*preparing for zero likes*

no cheese in the can

definitely not.

What is your favorite mobile app?


Waka Waka eh eh



thankyou for putting in the time and effort to write that
I am touched.

What Do You Think About The Colours Below (As An Outfit Together) - Black Sparkly Top - Gold Shiny Leggings - Strappy Shoes (Black)

sounds nicexx

Do you prefer chicken, beef or pork meat?


Would you like a MINT-T


Do you smile at strangers?

if they're old

Who are your best friends?

sophie amelia and abi x

Favourite boy names?

god who asks me these?
I quite like charlie and olly x

Curly hair on boys or straight hair on boys?

prefer straight x

Blonde hair on boys or brown hair on boys?

I don't really care but not really really really light blonde

What do you look for in boys?

idk have to be funny and a gentleman apart from that I'm easy x


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14, Stevenage (lol,sigh), I spend my time obsessing over ariana grande
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hertfordshire yay.