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What is the last thing you said to someone?


What is your most played song at the moment?

Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran

you are hot af. I love you bb marry me :*

let's go to dinner first?

Are you an art lover?


you're the

awh shmanks boo but you're the... you know... The chocolate milk to my flaming hits

Saw the "who would you like to be?" Answer from you. I just wanted to let you know, you are that person, in every way. We all love you Mack. You are an inspiration, and I look up to you. Love you girl, you're amazing!

Lydia Howard

wow I cried

I just saw that question. I feel special I knew you loved me

sh idk what you're talking about this never happened

Best friend?

wow well there's like people I've known since forever like Marina Esparza and then there's like Paige where we just like fit together (das gay tho) and then there's like Mackenzie and I haven't known her long but I already know I can tell her like anything.

text me with detes, id love to go! i need sum1 2 txt doew bc i m a lonr

Molly Walker

K booboo

aww danks zo much❤️ letz deff hang out soon!!1!11! i mis u bae

Molly Walker

awh imy2 beb yes hang out soon you should come trick or treating at the landings cuz that's where I'm going

oh em gee dat waz so nise ov u!!11!1!!2!2 danks zo much❤️

Molly Walker

oh em geeheehee ilysm2 bb u mek mi lyfe complet

do you love molly walker?!?!!??!? [ _/ ] ask anonymously (^ check mark)

Molly Walker

no she's gayyyy

it doesnt let me ask things anonymously anymore ):

Molly Walker

ik you have to go to go like actually online and no one finna do that shit

i asked you questions(;

Molly Walker

you didn't ask you b00b


Molly Walker

wow you're a loser

Who would you like to be?

I want to be that kid who inspires everyone. I want to make a difference, in some way, as long as it's good. Idk how else to put it without writing an essay so

What are you listening to right now?

the sound of my stomach begging me to feed it

Do superheros exist?

just jusus crust

Not to be creepy but you seem so cool funny and fun. Keep doin you girl because you're awesome

thanks u b00b holla @ me for a good time

What will you never do?

I can honestly say that I will never answer a question completely straight and honest

5,10,12,15 ;*


awhh thanks boo ;*

Antonio Bear dont mind me just on peoples asks

Antonio Bear

um okay

Hello Human

Antonio Bear

who are you

David O'neil or Kyle Kelly?


I love you. youre probably the strongest person I have ever seen!! stay stromg beautiful (:

thanks boo


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