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aw your facebook link doesnt work
have you let a guy suck on your toes before?
haha no
umm really? so you'd let a friend suck on your toes? if he asked you in person maybe?
yea why not
let me suck your toes please!
Thoughts :D xo
so lovely, nice and pretty :) you're a cool chick
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is amazing?
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Subject choices next year? Cambridge right?
dunno yet
Do you think you and Quitin will be in a relationship for long?
hopefully forever. <3
have you ever pashed/kissed with someone?if so,how do u like it?
na never
what attracts u to tintin (quitin)
everything from his perfect smile to his bald head <3
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ideal man? Describe him
the only word I need to describe him is Quintin <3
do u nd jade share rooms or ?
no way
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What will you say when Quintin asks you to be his girlfriend?
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Why did you re answer those old questions about Quintin?
because feelings had changed so I figured the questions should as well
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u reckon quintin has something for u??
hopefully <3 xx
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So you're saying you don't like him in that way?
I do <3
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So you would date him if you knew him?
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Do you think you'd ever have feelings for Quintin?
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Would you date Quintin if he asked you out?
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How was big day out? :)
What time do you usually go to sleep?
lately around 11:30
are you going big day out? if so where did u choose to go
the pools g
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are you nice person?
how many followers do you have? you can tell by clicking on your profile it will say
Even still, you have the hots for Quintin though, right?
yea I think he's pretty attractive
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