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How was ball?
Pretty good
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u like anyone at da moment?have feelings for?
u still have the hots for quintin?
Hahahahahahahahahha that was all a joke
Hottest guy/initials from each class
No one lol
just cuz I'm short does NOT make me ugly!
Never said it does?
Nsw or qld?
u shud fully put your hair in corn rows lol .ghetto #ratchet
Lul na care
dd ur class gt that form for da island trip for geo?R you going?
Yes and probably not
have you ever kissed anybody or had a boyfriend?
are you doing ncea or cambridge
aw your facebook link doesnt work
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have you let a guy suck on your toes before?
haha no
umm really? so you'd let a friend suck on your toes? if he asked you in person maybe?
yea why not
let me suck your toes please!
Thoughts :D xo
so lovely, nice and pretty :) you're a cool chick
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is amazing?
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Subject choices next year? Cambridge right?
dunno yet
Do you think you and Quitin will be in a relationship for long?
hopefully forever. <3
have you ever pashed/kissed with someone?if so,how do u like it?
na never
what attracts u to tintin (quitin)
everything from his perfect smile to his bald head <3
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ideal man? Describe him
the only word I need to describe him is Quintin <3
do u nd jade share rooms or ?
no way
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What will you say when Quintin asks you to be his girlfriend?
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Why did you re answer those old questions about Quintin?
because feelings had changed so I figured the questions should as well
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u reckon quintin has something for u??
hopefully <3 xx
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