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Madison Csondor @madisoncsondor
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Do you prefer talking or texting?
They will come true if you work at them!
ohh ! i dont really have any dreams right now /: but when i do ill work for it!
your dreams wont come true
what are my dreams?
When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
a professional basketball player or an author
u have no ass!
i know ..
hi pookie
hii pookyy (:
Ask him!  Briana Zielinski
im not talking to him
boo u scared?
You're brother is being a dick  Briana Zielinski
ohhh, why?
Lol that sounds like something you would say to me....  Briana Zielinski
hahaha! i have:D
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all u do is bitch!
you got me fucking sick
than stay away from me.
can i have your tumblr url?!
nooo. im sorry .
<3 nigga
Are you usually the heart breaker or the heart broken?
idk. probs broken.
Are you ok baby doll? I saw your tumblr.
im fine.
youve been in love right?
hahah, nopee .
you're mean as fyck
you love meeeee white boyyyy <333333333
with what? lol
not as weird as them lesbos doe
i straightened them out , chill out
lol i would drink it in a heartbeat, tasty ass water
ewh . thats weird .
which one out of the 4?
hows that figi water
not as good as gigi water would be.