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Omg you are so beautiful, I can't explain it ur the most perfect girl in the world, ur beauty amazes me and when I saw your pic I wanted to get to know u so I was wondering if I can get ur kik or something
Boys that you trust?
How big are you're mangos?
Can I hold you and play with your hair?
I don't know who this is so that kinda creeps me out
Idk why everyone calls you nice, everytime we've talked you've been so mean
I am nice
Why are you so pretty?
Aw stop, I'm not but I'm happy you think so:)
Jaygram got a big dick?
wtf bye hahah
Tit size
None ya biz
I just wanna know haha if your Instagram is broke I can help you fix it
Why do you post selfies then delete them and them post them again
Why do you care
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Go ahead and name them! :)
There's a lot I can't think lol
If you could be friends with any four girls at Amherst that you aren't already friends with, who would they be?
There's a few I could name but I'm too shy to make new friends hahaha
What's up
hi I just wanted to say hi and that I love you & you're perfect. I miss you so much and I can't wait to see you again. don't sweat over any boy or anything. guys suck and I'm here for you whenever. I love you too the moon & back and Im always just a phone call/text/block away. okay beautiful, ly bye  linnnddsaay
Love you so much you're the best bestfriend ev:) would be nothing without you
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Could we please tall so i can get to know you please, you seem so nice and youre beautiful.
Thank you, who's this aw
Are you interested/talking to anybody?
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Can I suck your toes while my dick is in your ass
Are you expecting me to just casually say yes????
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I will buy you anything you want from VS for your bday(:
Hahah aw!!
Are you single?
Youre just so perfect. Hope you had a wonderfull new year beautiful.
Thank you so much!:)
Can i marry you<3
Youre welcome, and its okay if you dont think you are but in my eyes you are(:
Aw you made my night :)
Youre beautiful, and you seem like a very nice person and if any guy would ever have a chance to be with you he is so lucky, youre like perfect <3
This made my night so thank you, so sweet of you but I'm not at all :)
What are you looking forward to in the new year?
17th bday:)