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You are beautiful no matter what anyone says with or without makeup you still look the same on the inside. I dare you for one day not to wear makeup, to make brownies and eat them all, to tell someone how you really feel, kiss your crush, and to speak your mind in class, I dare you to be yourself
Thanks but haha I'm not doing that
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ootd pic
thoughts on me pls
Who are you
text or next?
do you have an innie or an outie belly button?
You care about my belly button, really?
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Text or next
next next next
8.4/10  PEI Rates
Is it wrong to cover someones mouth to shut him/her up?
No just slap them
Hottest matrix players?
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Not it isn't!
Ya Ya Ya
Actual thoughts on Nick?
This is actually Nick
Thoughts on nick
Hi Nick
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Who do you like?
Nick wbu
hot or not?
Your all not hot
can I have sex with you cause your very prettyxx :)
Can you stop asking questions bc your very annoying
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do u think abby and chan would be cute?
;)  Nick Trainor
Was that you..
It's honesty night you have to answer
Nick, but who is this
Because I want to know
Who is this
Last person you kissed?
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your hair is nice
Thank you:)
Midget AAA game 1:30 Sherwood vs. Charlottetown ‎@simmons you going?
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Tbh-you're lesbian**  drew nelson
Oh thanks for adding that:)