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Yes ok
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Post a sefie of yours
Post a sefie of yours
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who are you going to semi with?
Stop asking me this question I already answered it!!
I really like your hair!!
Oh thank you! Who is this?
You're really pretty!!:)
Thank you:)
Who knows the most about you?
My parents
The light pink one!!!
That's the one I'm getting I think, bc Jordan is getting the dark pink one
Are u getting the same dress as Alexis craig
Connor who
Connor Chapman!
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What makes you wake up each morning?
My alarm..
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Are you going to semi with anyone?
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What semi dress are you getting?
One of these I think..
What semi dress are you getting?
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Yep, vosmadison
Do you need any help?
Who do you like?!
I don't know
You're so pretty and I love your hair!! You seem so sweet and funny and you're great at sports!  Kalece O'Regan
Thanks Kalece, you too!
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Tbh never really talked before but ive seen you with Abby and ya seem really nice and she tells me your hilarious  Connor jones
Thanks!! You too
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Everything about you is beautiful AHHH I love your dp
Thank you!! Who r u??
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Are you and john Alex related??
You don't know how to smile
U don't know how to be nice
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Oh haha awkward :)
lol hmmm sorry I don't know you the best so idkk  Abby Hyndman
Ya.. Haha sorry I didn't even mean to like that