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would u blow ur bf
I don't like anyone! so no
why wont you admit you're really hot
Because I'm not!
u have a nice butt
I don't have a butt
do you like older or younger guys
Don't like anyone
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whats your favorite school subject
Love school
what didn't you like
Why are you asking me questions about my work?
what did you like
did you like it there
Not too bad
where do you work
New Glasgow lobster suppers
ur eyes are also pretty
... Thanks
do you work anywhere
In the summer
your welcome
you have really nice hair btw
why do people think you are wheeling all the boys
IDK!!!! It's pissing me off I don't remember the last time I even dated someone so what's people's problems
can you post a selfie
do you like anyone at the moment
Madison's wheeling me guys c'mon  Kristi stewart
Thanks Kristi
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U wheel everyone..
I'm not wheeling anyone wtf is ur problem
people are just jealous cause your so hot so I wouldn't worry about it
If they actually thought that I think they would be nice...
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what do you like in a guy
Well apparently to everyone I like every guy in the school! But wtf I'm not even wheeling a single person so people can shut up
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Do you play an instrument? Which?
Nick trainer?
Tbh- you're pissed at me, i think were pretty good friends and you're very attractive, great at sports and a really nice girl! Also your parents are awesome  drew nelson
Don't be mean to me! But thank you you too:)
I heard you had sex with fran  drew nelson
Very funny
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You deserve better anyways
Thanks, why are people so mean