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would u blow someone
would you blow someone
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ootd pic please
You ask me this everyday gosh
Pap from behind
How about no
Tbh- we don't talk so I can't say much but you're absolutely gorgeous and funny  Zoe MacKenzie
Thanks Zoe:) I miss volleyball!!
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Tbh- you're my friend, v attractive , nice and funny, also you cry alot  drew nelson
Thank drew you too! I do not cry a lot! ya loser
happy belated birthday
Merci beaucoup
Best flow at EWS
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happy belated birthday  Ty
Thank you Ty:)
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Happy birthday loser  Kristi stewart
Oops just got this now thank you:)
can u post a selfie
islander game Friday?
Ya but why?? You guys were PERFECT!! :(
Who's this
What happened to you and drew?
We're done
can I grab ur butt
Can you not
Are you and drew done
do u live on a farm
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why don't u answer ur questions
Bc you literally ask me like 500 a day
perks to dating u
Wtf just stop
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what do u like in a guy
What do u ask so many freaking questions
do u like having ur butt grabbed
do u like having your butt grabbed?
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would u blow ur bf
First of all I don't have a bf
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whats ur instagram
Tbh are u hottier than me?  Emma Vos
Um what ur a sexy beast
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ur cute
Who are you!!!!!
Hahaha!!!! I thought it wasn't!
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