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Peaks tonight?
Tbh- ur one of the prettiest girls I know! Such a sweetheart super positive and energetic and hilarious and I love hanging out with ur sickk baller team ur an Allstar athlete! And we have to hangout ASAP! Imy! Me and haley r coming to cheer u on<3 ily:**  Hailey vanDuinkerken
Ahh!!!!! Haha! Thanks, and yes we have to hang soon!:)
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Hottest guys leaving ews
Hottest guys leaving ews
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Who's home room are you in
meet anyone cute on using the chatous app yet?
What is chatous
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Ur hot and dangerous come hang with us
No thanks
Tbh you and the Mexican are wheeling, you're a good friend and fun to hang out with, sick at trumpet  Connor Chapman
Thanks Connor:)
how many pairs of lulus do you have?
Like me 6 pls..:) Thank you.:)  Mr.
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Who Is with Connor In that Snapchat Story?
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Did you get a phone yet
Go to peaks tonight
I can't but who is this
C quoi ton user kik?
Oh:( who
Drew.. Who is this
Do you like anyone?
Ta tu kik? (L'app)
Where do u work?
The Lobster Suppers, and your name is?
what are your plans for this weekend?
work Saturday and Sunday
Who's farm is that in the pic
do mexicans turn you on, hence why you have a thign with drew  Robbie Bursey
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Nice butt  drew nelson
Do I know you
You and drew nelson have a thing?
Yes sir.
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Tbh- you're hot, funny , really nice, sick at soccer and nice butt, also we have a thing  drew nelson
Did I like a tbh?? Hahah thanks but I think you butt is nicer;) haha thank you drew