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everyone should start to use ask again
Tbh Madison! You're super pretty! Hilarious and sweet!! We don't talk too much anymore tho! And you and nick are really cute too! :))
Awe thanks jayde! You too!!!:)
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do you like the beach?
Thoughts on AAA hockey players?
Nicks hot
honesty night?
I'm always honest
write a letter to 3 people without mentioning names?
Are you and mya friends...
Yes why
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christmas is over, cocks looking pretty
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is there snow in Cali?
Not sure
where are you on your profil pic?
Well it's just a picture of me
you live in california?
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where is that
What school do you go to?
ootd pic cause its christmas
Nah because it's Christmas
what's his last name?
nick what?
Why do you like nick?
Because he's a fuckin rocket
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pap of u
pap of u
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ootd pic
ootd pic
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best looking guy at your school
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You are beautiful no matter what anyone says with or without makeup you still look the same on the inside. I dare you for one day not to wear makeup, to make brownies and eat them all, to tell someone how you really feel, kiss your crush, and to speak your mind in class, I dare you to be yourself
Thanks but haha I'm not doing that
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ootd pic
thoughts on me pls
Who are you
text or next?