Tricia Rivera @maesyhair
Tricia Rivera @maesyhair
United Arab Emirates <3
hello kitty - IG: ohciangy_
17 na ako. Birthday ko sa January. :>
Twitter: triciamrivera
FB: Tricia Mae Piñgol Rivera
Ask me anything, no need to be shy ;) I'll answer truthfully, promise! ♥ xx
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san ka nagrerecord sa sc account mo?
Phone lang :)
Have u tried buying clothes from ukay ukay?
Do you curse out loud or in your head more?
Out loud
ano madalas mong panoorin?
Music videos ni chris brown hehe
Masaya kaba kasama?
Oo hehehehe
masarap kaba mag mahal?
Hindi ko alam haha
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ano gusto mo sa isang lalake? mahaba ang?
Mabait saka understanding, saka consistent hehe. :)
Bakit may mga kilala kng engineering? xD gulo ahahaha
Ay bawal ba? hahaha joke. Eh irreg kasi ako. Iba iba section ko since last term saka puro engineering pa 👍
Ang ganda mo :)
Kakilala kita? thank you ☺
Anong course mo?
Computer science major in software engineering ha ha ha
Hi there! Have a nice day. 😁‎  C ➰
thank you :*
Which Disney character would you like to be for a day?
Belle from Beauty and the Beast 💛 hehe!
What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?
i dont have any hehe
Akala ko sa feu main ka ah? :)))(
Hindi po, sa feu tech hihihi 👅
What's your favorite kind of candy?
candy canes
Which country do you most want to visit?
Who is the bravest person you know?
My mommy
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What is the craziest thing you've done in public?
When i tell stories to my friends, i usually tell my story and acting it out as well hahaha well this sounds crazy for meee 😂
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Pap a pic of your Viber log 😊
My phone is broken huhu
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Tricia no load 😭 yesss
Hahaha sino ito? 😂 wala ako load? hahahaha oo pano mo nalaman
What's one thing most people don't know about you?
I like watching horror movies and pretend that I ain't scared but really, I AM! hahahaha 👻
do you have a planner or a diary/ journal??
no. but I used to keep a diary
Hi bebeqoh 😘😘
hello 😂😂
What qualities do you value the most in your friends?
shares their food with me haha, listens to me, loyal, not judgmental <3