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What do you feel when you fall in love? And what will you feel when you get the person you fall in love with? (Wew, namiss ko magtanong, hehe)  Chinito
You know you are in love when every time you start to think about the one you love, butterflies start flying in your stomach, when you fine yourself shopping with that person and you feel like everything is right in the world, when you can't stop touching that person, when you feel miserable when you are away from that person, when you start planning a future in your head, when can't stop smiling every time you see that person. Hahahaha!!!! I could go on with more examples. For me being in love is wonderful and yet painful. The man I love, loves me too haha so happy! <3 Even though he's not perfect, i still love him. IPINAKITA NIYA SA AKING MALAKI... ANG PUSO NIYA HAHAHAHAHA. KAYA WALA NA AKO IBANG NAKITA KUNDI ANG GWAPO GWAPO NIYA NAA ANG BAIT PA TAS MACHO PA HAHAHA.♥
annnddddd When you find yourself ignoring your own feelings and focusing on how someone else is feeling your in love. xx
good day>>> 3 mistakes of your life?  █▓▒░kAeL_ ANDreW ░▒▓█
I dont knowww
good day>>> what matters to you most--- money ,good looks or attitude?  █▓▒░kAeL_ ANDreW ░▒▓█
attitude :))))
***--good day ---*** what are your favorite song lyrics?  █▓▒░kAeL_ ANDreW ░▒▓█
"Im on your magical mystery ride" <3
How do you feel? 1. Sad 2. Happy 3. Missing Someone 4. Love 5. Broken 6. Bored 7. Tired 8. Alone  █▓▒░kAeL_ ANDreW ░▒▓█
Happy, missing someone, love, bored, and tired!!!!
How many people do you consider your "best friends?"  █▓▒░kAeL_ ANDreW ░▒▓█
Hmm, not sure =))
hey you>>> how are you doing? I thought I would stop by to say hi ★♡★♡  █▓▒░kAeL_ ANDreW ░▒▓█
Haha hiii, im doing good. Who's this? :") ♡
What song ♫♫♫♫ always makes you happy (•‿•) when you hear it?  █▓▒░kAeL_ ANDreW ░▒▓█
What if - Jason derulo ;)
hello>> If you had 3 wishes what would they be?☆☆☆→ thanks←★★★  █▓▒░kAeL_ ANDreW ░▒▓█
To grow more taller
happy love life with carl, ofcourse <3
Good results in school
If you could hug anyone right now, who would it be?
Carl >:D<
Kung magiging dalawa na lang ngipin mo, ano mas gugustuhin mo? Magkahiwalay o magkadikit? Bakit? HAHAHA!  Chinito
Dikit. :"> hahahhahhahah para cute bugs bunny
Anong magandang tanong? Itanong nyo sakin! HAHAHA! :)
:")))))) di ko alam. tanungin mo ako
ahhh ilang beses po b dpat magshave ???
Pag gusto mo lang. Hahahahaha! Ate ba't ako tinatanong mo? sayo yan ee. :(
Bakit ang babastos ng nagtatanong sayo? -j
Hindi ko alam sa kanila j, hahahhahah
di po masakit ? 15 n po kse ako eh tapos po medyo madami n po siya... kayo po ba kelan po ba ung 1st time niyo ?
Hindi ko po maalala. :3 Kaya mo yan go go go girl.
no ??? eh di mlaki po ung boobs nio ?
it's a secret hahahha
hi po ate .... pwede po bng magtanong ??? imma gurl din nmn pohh ehh,, nid help lng po... naexp niyo n po ba ng magshave ng pubic hairs ? sabi po kse ng mga friends ko masakit dw poh ehh.... need help po...
Sure :') Opo. Di po yun ouchy hahahah. ang open naman natin ate sa mga bagay na ganto. Hmp
flatchested ?
do you shave your pussy ? ? ?
do you have a time that you didnt wear bra or underwear ?
when going to bed ...
for sure meron pong darker ehh..... ano po un ??? armpit ?? singit ? ? what ?
Elbows =))
ano pong fair ?
Pantay naman po yung kulay :)
darkest part of your body ? ? ?
fair hahahahah.
do you have an underwear now ? how about bra ?