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Do you believe in horoscopes?
A little?
What are your 3 favorite things about rain?  █▓▒░ kaeL_ANDreW ░▒▓█
Hmm. Its cold, cleans the car for free haha. andd.. i dont know huehue ;)
Good day >>>>What is the sweetest thing anybody has ever done for you? ❋  █▓▒░ kaeL_ANDreW ░▒▓█
Everything Carl Espiritu does.<3
(Sorry if my questions seem boring) if you could hold on to one memory from your life forever, what would that be?  █▓▒░ kaeL_ANDreW ░▒▓█
Ohmygosh! Idk. :(
Goodevening :) If required, could you saw off your (unconscious) partner's leg to save them (A la the Grey's Anatomy episode)?  Angelica Joyce Chia ♔
hmm, i dont know huhu. im too scared to see blood and skin ripping off
anong nakakapagpahorny sayo?
Sa darating na christmas, san mo balak mag bakasyon? :) Hi there po!  Chickii
Wala yata balak sila mamy. :(
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◀◀▶How does it feel to have people watch you? Random people. When you're on the party or event. When you're at school, when you're doing stuff. People stare at you. How does it feel? ◀▶▶  █▓▒░ kaeL_ANDreW ░▒▓█
Awkward maybe? annoying cause i dont like it when people stare at me huehue
Ang swerte mo sa love life mo :p
thank you <33
█ Do you think people deserve a second chance? █  █▓▒░ kaeL_ANDreW ░▒▓█
Everyone deserves a second chance, especially when you want that person to be in your life still :3
What's one of your favorite quotes?  █▓▒░ kaeL_ANDreW ░▒▓█
i dont have a favorite quote ;)
What has been the most profound way a movie has ever affected you?  █▓▒░ kaeL_ANDreW ░▒▓█
haha everything i watched i get so hooked. =)))))
Hi :) Ano favorite mong genre ng music? :)  Chickii
Lahat favorite ko eh. :< Haha
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Most I follow ~ Tell me 10 totally random facts about yourself?  █▓▒░ kaeL_ANDreW ░▒▓█
1. I can do handstands and cartwheels but not bend backs. :))))
2. I have sinusitis
3. almost everyday i get nosebleeds because my nose is too sensitive ugh
4. So so so so scared of dogs.
5. scared of creepy crawlies and blood too
6. I love cheese <333
7. Im such a girly girl harhar :">
8. I've transferred to many different schools because we keep on going to different countries
9. I used to sprint so fast and won sprinting races, now i run so slow :( whyyy?
10. So so so so so so veryyy addicted to Hello Kitty ❤️
suppose you woke up one morning and your parents tell you that they want you to marry a person of their will you react/respond??  █▓▒░ kaeL_ANDreW ░▒▓█
Mad. -_- Huehue.
What hairstyle looks best on girls?
Hair tied up to a pony tail?
gusto mo ng kaskype? ;)
Ayos lang naman. :) Ahihihi. sino to?
are you still virgin?
boy shorts or thongs?
Why don't animals laugh, smile or cry?
Because only humans are meant to do this functions =)) :3 as far as i know lol
What are the benefits of being famous?
They give you free stuff hhahhaha
What's your biggest problem that you're trying to solve ?  █▓▒░ kaeL_ANDreW ░▒▓█
Growing taller
hello!!  Cc. †
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Hello Friend! :D Ask ka din para close tayo, di open :) Nyenye :D  Chickii
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Natry mo na po ba ang ALS challenge/Ice bucket challenge?  Chickii
Hindi =)))