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Mangkot lang ah.
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What are the benefits of being famous?
I wouldn't know. Ask famous people.
What makes you really sleepy?
waking up.
What is one thing you refuse to share?
love. you give.
If you could close one fast food chain because of disgusting food, which one would you pick?
Sari-Sari Bread Store, Miag-ao Branch. Tani islan nlng Mcdo.
What's the most overrated tourist attraction?
the mirror.
Who is the boss in your house?
Do you worry about your future?
yes. i do.
What is your favorite type of pie?
egg pie! :>
What's the coolest thing you've ever seen in a museum?
a mirror.
Are you a daydreamer? If yes. What do you dream about?
no. i just zone out or stare into space
Napalu ka na ba sa puwit dahil nagkamali ka?
hindi pa pu. kayu pu ba napalu na? tig-a ba. ahaha
Do you think you're brave?
no, actually. i do think i'm a coward.
What made your day today?
What are you? Stupid or dumb? haha
You know, anon. What you ask here tells a lot about who you are. And to answer your question, I am neither, I am Mafi :)
What questions do you usually ask when you want to get acquainted with someone?
i just stare at him or her and wait for that person to look back and i just say "hi"
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What makes you beautiful?
my weekly trip to Belo, mani-pedis, specially personalized perfume and oh yeah, my own personal midget who waxes my back hair.
What's something every teen should know?
What's the largest amount of money you've ever lost?
i don't believe in money. CHAROT. haha
What sound drives you crazy?
crazy sounds.
What do you prefer: read the newspaper, watch TV News, or check online news?
i just wait for flying cows to fall from the sky. that's how i'll know.
What's the best cheese to eat with crackers?
dip it in a glass of orphan tears.
What does it mean when a girl smiles at a boy?
she wants to show you her teeth.
How do you see yourself spending your time in your old age?
What color pencil you use for drawing?
the color of the wind. i don't draw. haha Hey could you check out my new dance video and maybe subscribe or leave a like?  H3XV
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