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What was your first paid job?
being a student.
If you were candy, what would you be?
A tootsie roll, I roll because I'm fat. Happy now?
Do you whistle in public?
Yes. I also sing too.
Post a picture of your favorite building or monument!
Post a picture of your favorite building or monument!
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spit or swallow?
spit = hygiene
swallow = true love. HAHAHHA
spit or swallow?
Who is your biggest mentor?
The internet.
How fast do you fall asleep?
depend son how bored I am- in which case, very fast.
Are antismoking ads effective?
If you had 10 minutes on a popular TV talk show, what would you talk about?
What is your mission?
To spread the word of the Potato God.
What does it mean when a girl asks you for a motorboat?
look it up.
What would animals say to us if they could talk?
"Ugh. Humans"
your background! is that a tokyo ghoul+my little pony crossover art?
Hahaha. We've got an anime fan over you can see, it's not a little pony anymore. It's a fuckin unicorn assassin XD
I was just kidding.I hardly ever masturbate.I do not imagine my gf i dunno.I don't want to have sex with her nor i want to kiss or cuddle someone.I was just being a creepy anon so please stop thinking that i am a fuckboy.Omg!I am not that kinda guy.I never even shook my hand with my gf so stop.
I'm sorry? I was just answering your questions. You know what you should do? Get over yourself. ".I never even shook my hand with my gf so stop."? srsly, man? Get a life.
How does it feel when the person you love touches you and cuddles you?I am super excited but i am afraid my gf won't like me cuddling her.What should i do in that case?
Err. Well being with someone is nice actually :) Regarding the second part though, I don't think cuddling is a bad thing. C'mon, seriously. But maybe your girlfriend has some issues and you should respect that.
Is porn okay? Follow up, Do you watch it?
Is porn okay? Follow up, Do you watch it?
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For the record, amo lang gid to akon question <3. HAHAHAHA.  Nate Piñano
okay. ahaha.
Where do you get your inspiration for this sex related questions? Own experience? *wink
From the internet. Haha.
facebook? skype?
google. haha.
How do you feel that you are being plagued by sex questions? <3
i love you too, ‎@ItsNeverTooNATE.
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does size matter?
does size matter?
Would you date a girl?
yes, i would, if may maluyag sakon kag maluyag man ko sa iya kag kung wala ko migo :)
missionary or doggy style?
missionary = intimate
doggy style = err.
Thoughts on girls who make boys horny even in their absence? Lol
it's not illegal. this seems to be an objectification topic tho, but as long as the girls aren't harmed in ANY way then it's ok ( i thnk )
panties or thongs?
Panties, no doubt. They were created for a reason- even granny panties can be sexy :P
panties or thongs?