Maggi Chua @maggichua
Hahaha! Ask?
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Are you a casual gamer? Hard core gamer? or just a simple kid?
Judge me HAHAHA
Hi Maggi :)
yey!! pinansin mo yung greet ko hahaha
Hahaha oo naman mag greet ka pa non-stop hahaha
Happy birthday Maggi! :)  M E R (✔)
Thank you may pahabol pa hahaha
happy birthday ate maggi magic sarap
Kilala kita. Salamaaat!
happy birthday
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu
birthday mo pa canton kana haha
Thank you hahaha
happy birthday maggi
Thank you :)
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Happy Birthday Maggi Chua :)
Thank you!!!! :)
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Anak, alam mo naman na mahal na mahal kita di ba? sorry pero tigil ka muna ng isang taon ng pagaaral.
I'm done with school na, okay lang
I love you. yours truly Lunch
Lunch where
It's me Anon.
I know
Let's go out on a date, my treat at Shakey's MOA december 8, 2014 @ 2pm
HAHAHAHA Tindi mo promise
I miss you.
I miss ______
tagal ng kili kili selfie mo sa IG :(
HAHAHAHAHA :( Katamad na mag update
Do you drink a lot? or Party a lot?
I don't drink, I don't party, I have no life
What are you desperately craving for?
I still love you, would you give me another chance?
Now playing
I still love you, would you give me another chance?
Be mine
Not today Satan
Otaku? Geek? Nerd? what are you?
JUDGE ME bwahahahaha
IF you were to meet a person in your past who would that be?
SIngs *let's not bring the past now anymore*
Are you single?
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can you post a pic of your talampakan?
Why so demanding :(
Can we meet? and exchange personal info with each other?
Who are you hahaha
Are you in an open relationship?
No and will never be
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