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Tw answers hi like kar do bass mehrbani  Asim Javid
Faltu time nahi mere pas.
Followed Follow Back Likes Pls Ill Like Back xD Dp *_*  Asim Javid
I don't follow back random people
Waar or Main hun Shahid Afridi?
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To have another pakora or not to have another pakora. That is the question :3  Ali Naeem
Good question!
I remember you,i guess. Tum fazaia me the na? tumari aik aur behn bhe thee. if youre the same girl.
ur employ at mindbridge BPO?
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jese i love u bolny se gf nhi bn jati wese he bhai bolny se kn bha bn jata :p
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nahi na :/ cute face pe gusa acha nahi smile achi lgti na
nahi na :/ cute face pe gusa acha nahi smile achi lgti na
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oh leh sidddaa bro o.O
oh terii o.O seriously ? btw I'v done also wth studies :/
well then..good for you bro.
o1 me or o2 ?
beta mai apse bohat bari done with my studies.
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astagfar inna gusa
any problem?
hmm? untick ku o.O
kidhr gaayb hu ? frm 27 days :O
by the way you are pretty :D
Congratulations :P
Do you know Tameem?? :3
What have you been thinking about lately?
life :P
Do you trust your friends?
I trust them as much as they trust me
Would you choose money or fame?
Definitely money!
What do you think is the best gift for wedding?
I hate gifts. I'd rather give/take money instead.
Do you prefer to be alone or around people?
Nowadays I prefer being alone.
What is the most important thing in being a good friend?
being able to trust them is the most imp thing!!!
What's the longest you've gone without a haircut?
6-7 months