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shaniqua @makaelasmith
shaniqua @makaelasmith
in mcdonalds naked
fifteen / woolwich / bisexual
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Can I sniff your bumhole while I squeal like a piglet?
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i want you to dress me up as a little girl and laugh at my tiny willy x
i will piss on everything you love if you don't leave now
You're stunning x  Alpha
thankyou bby
can u not
post a picture of you, whoever likes it thinks you're beautiful:D
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are u single again?
picture of you and your girlfriend?
picture of you and your girlfriend?
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are u single?
another pic of you x
who wants to swap accounts with me?
ok kooll
you look about 12
well fuck you init
bisexual xxx
what does your gf look lke?:)
i have a gf
soz not soz
are u bii??
no i'm shaniquaaaa
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are you vaine
i'm shaniqua hun please share this to everyone you know, me and my friend set this tumblr page up to help people to beat self-harm, depression, etc... As we're here for everyone, would mean a lot if you could help it become more well-known, thank you<3
ok sorry
well your pretty for a 12 year old
Shaniqua hold ma earrings
Shaniqua hold ma earrings
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ur 12 and ur not a virgin???
i'm a slut
ha ha ha
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wish i looked like you then coz iam like 12 in 2 weeks haha
u culd nevr luk lyk mi
im perf
soz not soz
haha ur not 12
i'm 12
what age are you?
i'm 12 why?
Sky :)
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You're so beautiful<3
thank you x
ermergerd ur gorg <33  valerie
Ermergerd x