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Ask us ANYTHING about men.
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What are the normal amount of times a man should be grabbing/adjusting/fondling/scratching himself around his male parts? Is this a sign of something serious or do men just like touching themselves in that area? Is it okay for a woman to say something to a guy she sees doing this or just ignore him
We discussed this on last night's podcast
In a committed relationship....or marriage...if a man stops giving his woman oral and she has asked is there something wrong with her and he responds no...what other reasons could a man have for not wanting to please his woman in that way? She was always ready to give him oral...just wants the same
Question just posted on fb. Thanks for asking!
How does a woman help a man that has a hard time communicating. Not just the regular guy stuff like "oh women like to talk and men don't" but if in a serious committed relationship and wanting to make it does that happen without GOOD that asking too much from men?
Question just posted on fb. Thanks for asking!
What are some signs that a man is not sure about who he is and what he really stand for... And what are the signs that he has resentment toward a woman that he is involved with in a committed relationship?
We posted this question yesterday in the group. Thanks for asking!
Is it possible for a woman to know when her man has fallen out of love with her and he is just sticking around because he has few other options. This is mainly for married men but men in serious committed relationships can answer also. What are some signs a woman can look for to let her know?
We posted this question yesterday in the group. Thanks for asking!
In response to the post about a man being given permission to have a child with another woman outside his marriage. The couple has 3 daughters ages 21yr, 17yr, and a 6yr old. He met the them when they were 18yrs old, 14yrs old, and 3yrs old. Wife agrees to have a child for him to make him happy.
This and part 1 were addressed on the board.
Please help I'm loosing my faith I hae many question about religion and God. But when I ask they say have faithHow can I have faith and don't question God. Where in the bible does it say don't question god .
This question will, hopefully, be answered today. Thanks for asking!
This is a question for my sisters who enjoy oral. I want to be a swallower, how do I? What would you describe the taste of sperm like?
This question was answered 2 fridays ago. Thanks for asking!
Are you sure this thing is secret? I want to know how to eat pussy better. Can anyone offer any tips?
This question was answered on our group page.
What is with this thing where men feel that it is acceptable to tell women how to be women? (i.e. Steve Harvey, Tyrese and Chey B.) Would you all be okay if women did the same thing?
Answered on our fb page
How much drinking is too much? I don't drink but my friend does everyday. He has 1-3 beers after work and even more on the weekends. Sometimes even a few before noon. He doesn't get drunk but since I don't drink, I don't know if this is excessive or not. Does he have a problem?
Answered on our fb page
How much is too much? I don't drink but my friend does everyday. He has at least 1-3 beers after work and more on weekends. He even drinks before noon sometimes. He doesn't get drunk and it doesn't seem to affect his daily living but to me it seems excessive. Does he have a problem?
We will answer this on Open Mic Monday
Actually, we do. A more detailed answer is on the boards.
What happens at a bachelor party?
This was answered on or fb page. What happens at a bachelorette party, btw?
People say not to go to bed mad. What's the solution?
This was talked about on the fb group page.
I am going to have a couple's massage with my lady. Any sugguestions on what not to do or do while we are is it okay for her to remove her bra and panties? Is it okay for me to remove my briefs? Is it okay for her to have a man and me a woman or same sex? Advice please
This question was posted on our fb group page and should be answered shortly.
Is MAN LAW a group only for black men?
This was answered on the fb group monday
Can a man have a close friend of the opposite sex and not be attracted to them?
This was answered on the fb group monday
What do men think of women that talks about sex ALL the time?
Please check the fb group for the answer to this question.
Should a girlfriend (3 yrs)be upset when her guy spends more on a fish tank than a ring for her. He is saving b/c of a job transfer. Said its only a pre-engagement ring b/c he wants to get her something bigger & more expensive. Should she feel slighted b/c the tank is double the price of the ring?
Please check the ML group boards on fb for the answer.
What does it mean when a man dates outside his type, meaning he prefers big butt women that are thick that are dark skinned, but is currently dating a petite light skinned woman with a smaller behind. How can the woman stay confident
Please check the ML board for answers to this question.
I used to have sex with my current man's homeboy. Does my boyfriend take me seriius? I didn't know they were friends when I started this.
Please check the ML board for answers to this question.
Do men have guy crushes like girls have girl crushes?
Please check the ML board for answers to this question.
Have you ever had sex with anyone in the group?
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