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Likers get a tbh ?


Every like gets a tbh?

Yea (;

TBH, Date or Pass & Rates please!! ❤✌

Yes ❤️

Likes get a TBH


Tbh for likers?

Yes (;

Whoever likes this gets a tbh?! (:

Okay lol cx

Who you takeing to prom?

Pap of u and your bf

what are you wearing to the miley cyrus concert?

pic of you and your bf ? (:

Each like gets a long tbh???


pap of you and your babe

Last pic on phone??

Add me on snapchat haha manny123021

sexiest pic with bae pleae

I have better ones but YA can't see ;) haha this pic is like the one I have on ig but Watever.

Bii gay straight ?

Bitch I'm a unicorn

Sometimes I wish I never hurt you. I miss you you.

Well too bad bitch you can't have me no more if you fucked up bye.

likers get rate date or pass best feture? please do all


Can i see your new piercing?


Why do you think your mom wouldn't support you ?

My family is really Mexican..Mexican people stay talking shit

Have you had sex ?

It's 2014... No one is a virgen

so this girl messed up my relationship with a guy i was with for almost 2 years and finally when i was happy again she messed that up and then finally when i was happy one more time she messed that up and she stalks my ig,twitter,and ask. she been messing my life up for awhile what do i do ??


You smoke ?

Umm duh.

you should come to Cali c;

Bitch I live in Cali

pic of all your huf socks

I have more in my durty basket but here .-. lol

who u like?

Miley cyrus


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