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Can you help me out with nate heard y'all were close. He's soooooo sexci lol
Lol can't help you if I don't know who u are
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What should I do if I like you?
Say what's up to me on campus
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Good luck this season, lol as much as I HATE unc haha
Preciate it
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If a girl likes you and has been liking you for awhile, what is the best way for her to approach you?
Just come talk in person! Lol be you
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Will Michael Redmond get drafted to the majors after this year?
Id say first or second round after junior year
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is brice really that good of a singer he always likes to tell people?
No chance
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Any revenge plans yet?
In the works. Patience
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who is your roommate up at unc
Brice and Joel
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I'm a basketball junkie, getting looked at by Creighton, UNI, NEB and have offers from UNK, and ISU, I live near Lin Marr, should I transfer there? How is the program?
Yes. Great school great program.
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Xbox or ps3?
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Favorite fraternity and sorority at UNC?
There's a lot of cool ones. Idk. For sororities Adpi probably
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Expectations for NWTS? Or have you heard it already?
Heard it. Really solid album
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Aaron Harrison vs. Marcus Paige.... Who WIns??
Well we shall find out in a few months in a teams setting
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when is late night?!
October 25th!
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What's your favorite class you're taking this semester? Your least favorite?
Jomc News Writing is my favorite. Geology is the worst
Are you in Morrison right now? did u know that
Pregame meals or rituals?
Salmon pregame every game
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Follow me on instagram ?
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Will you change your number back to 15 when PJ graduates
Nah I don't wanna change mid career
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favorite Kanye West album?
Idk..right now Graduation
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favorite J. Cole Album?
Warm up. It's a mixtape but still my favorite
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Is it pronounced Joe-el James or Joel James?
Favorite UNC player growing up?
Mccants! He's was the man
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I meant do you know Stilman white?
Is there a reason behind why you chose the number 5?
15 was taken
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