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smoker Or drinker

more of a drinker now .. I decided to stop smoking

If you had the choice to choose between the love of ur life or fame what would it be ? nd mind it your madly in love with the person & want NOBODY to have them what would it b ?

loveee of my life .

whats your Zodiac sign ?


Your Badd af <3.<3

Thanks stranger .

bitch yu crazy . . .

fuck wrong with ya, excuse MY french but I'm a long kisser?

You Are Maaaaaad Cute (;


would you rather wear warm clothing on a warm day OR wear summer clothes in the winter?

um .. damn lol I guess warm clothing on a warm day !

where u live?

Orlando florida .

have u ever had 3 sum ?

lmaoo NO

Kik me beautiful ?


Are youuu gay?


You blunt af idc what anybody says

thanks :)

You cute af babygirl

Awwww thanks

What question do you hate to answer?

how many body counts you got ? <--- like why the fuck u trynna get in MY personal business, but I honestly laugh at the person asking it cause I have 1 when they probly have 6+

have you ever popped a molly ?

I never popped molly I sniffed it

why did u move from florida ova to prov?

because I missed my family .

whats ya biggest fear ?

ANY type of bugs .

are you going to college ?

yssssss . that's the most important thing im ready for in life .. I'm doing 8 years :)

how u been ??

I've been very well :)

If you invented a monster what would you call it?


where do you see yourself a couple years from now ?

doing big things unlike you .



How many bodys ?

you smoke light or heavy ?

i used to smoke heavy af but i guess you can say im in between


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where the weed att ;]