mariimomma @mariimomma
mariimomma @mariimomma
I Don't Want To Be Famous, I Just Love Making Meaningful Music. Download my new mixtape The Real. The link is below.
If you wanna know, how come you just won't ask?
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where are you from? and where do you stay now? how much to do a track with you?
From MI & no charge
If you had one wish, what would it be and why?
That I have a million more wishes lol
What you do if God told you to break up with your boyfriend and he said that your boyfriend was no good?
I would break up with him. Every relationship has its problems & there is a fine line between tryna work it out & stupidity. Sometimes its hard to tell if you've crossed it
If you can be president for 2 years what would you do
End the recession, lower costs for students to attend college, build a better school system in black communities, change the stupid laws in Florida, have more programs for families in need. There's more but I'd be typing forever lol. Great question!
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True or false Do you give head
A head of lettuce?
Word. True true. Maybe u can hook up w/Spanish speaking person who could help you improve that language
Maybe so, maybe so
You like dick pix
No sir lol
And do you ever plan on incorporating Spanish into your songs in the future?
That wud b so dope if I could! But I'm not very fluent. That wud prolly b a sexy song cuz Spanish people know they got sexy accents lol
Do you speak any other languages?
Very tiny bit of Spanish
And as you are becoming the best person you can be, do you plan on helping others along the way?
Most definitely, & my music is a way I do that as well.
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So if rap is now ur passion, did u have a passion before?
Rap isn't so much my passion, it's more of a hobby that I really like & have fun with. My passion honestly is to b the best person I can be. Always has
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Would you rather be in love or be rich?
In love. I would never wana b rich, I'd rather be wealthy
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I like your music. I make music too and I hope you go far.
Thank you so much! I hope u do as well! Maybe we can collab one day : )
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Whats ur kik
You want to be a rapper or you just paying
Well anything I do I put my best foot forward. I'm not doin this to become famous tho. I do it because it's fun & I wana bring good music back. Wateva happens wit the music happens. Feel me?
I love your music
Awwwww thanks : )
I want to promote you
You be in the studio
I rap yes. Still working on getting a studio together but I do have a microphone.
let me know when u done
Ita b on Youtube. My Youtube is mariimomma. I can't let u kno cuz I don't kno who u are lol but I appreciate the support
I want to see ur new video where i go
O I'm not done yet
Send me the link
I don't know who you are lol, but it's in my bio
Making a cute video for my single "Attendance" you should go listen ; )
Wat word u like
I like a lot of words, there r billions of them
Wat make u horny
I don't like the word horny
Do you like women