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what would you do if you saw another person spanking your daughter?
Oh hell nah someone is going to end up in the hospital
is it hard being a mother?
At first I thought it was specially since I'm a single mother but once you get use to it and get support everything will be okay
What's been going on in your life?
to many things
Do you dream abt being married?
At times
You think you a MILF?
No not really
Fav song atm?
Fuck up some commas
What's something weird that you can do?
What things should you never tell your parents?
Omg lmao stuff you do that they don't know you do them
how do they sleep?
Who's the one person that knows you better than anyone else?
Does Juan still "belong" to you?
Lmao dam ya stay worrying about my life
Are you close with your parents?
ehh at times
What does your daughter do that reminds you of him?
She sleeps like him
you should wear foundation
I do at times
What's your favorite board game?
Don't have one
He's in jail haha
Lmao who's in jail ?
What's one word you hate people calling you?
Do your parents know you smoke?
Who said I did ?
When you get off work, what's the first thing you do?
Come home
Why you a cold hearted bitch?
Cus lmao I am
What's the last thing you bought for your daughter?
pjs ☺
What's the most daring thing you've done?
Nothing I'm a cold hearted bitch
that's the only time he's ever seen her?
Damm ya stay worrying about us . Fuck of
How was Manny when she was a baby?
bruh If he ain't in her life atm what makes you think he was there when she was months. go ask him stop asking me shit about him
has he ever seen the baby at all?
Yea when she was months