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What's your morning routine?
wake up at 5 take a shower , get ready for work then head to work , eat breakfast that's about it
Your baby looks straight up like her dad lol exactly the same as him!
I get that alot
Are you a clingy gf?
lmao yes
What's your favorite food to eat?
Do you smile at strangers? Why or why not?
I do because I'm friendly at times lol
If you could change your name to anything else, what would it be?
to something unique
How's the college experience going for you?
is going great
Emanuel is daddy
that's yo daddy
Do you miss being pregnant?
he'll no
Have you seen anything surprising lately? If so, what?
What's your favorite drink?
Have you spoken or seen your BD at all?
why would I see him or speak to him ? I ain't his gf so stop asking me !!
How's your mom?
who's asking about her ? my mom don't concern you
Do you believe in karma?
How old is your daughter?
she'll be 3 in December
Does your daughter ask you what happened to you whenever you get a hickey, or is she used to that already?
lmao how would you know I get hickeys? you watch my body that bad ? how come you got to ask me an anonymous
If you could switch places with someone for a day, who would it be?
any girl that is in Florida atm
Does your daughter speak more spanish or English?
Do you still stay with your parents?
lmao who's asking ?
Would you erase your most precious memories to become smarter?
I wouldn't say that I would say to become a better person then live those precious moments
Are you happy where you are in life right now?
more than happy
What is the last thing you do before bed?
be on my phone
What was your first job?
as a host
How's school going for you?
going great