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Whens the last time Emanuel saw the baby?
Don't worry about that
what is she dressing up as? (:
Sorry I don't wanna tell no one till I post a picture tomorrow on ig (:
are you taking your baby trick or treating?
Yes (: of course
What is your favorite story your parents told you?
When my mom leaved in mexico
Why your so pretty
I am not -.- I'm ugly af lol
what name did he want for her?
Nothing I told him that he can't choose the name cus she's already getting his Last name lol
who picked out the name Hailey you or Emanuel?
Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?
because I thought you should knoe lol he's such a bad dad to ur baby
Lmao my baby don't need no beat as daddy . She's good with just one mom
lol I said I think idk for sure
Lmao anyways why you telling me this ?
lol I know man smh she a thot foreal
Lmao on some shit how do you even know ?
yeah I think she is
Lmao that's gonna be to funny if she is oh god they haven't even gone out for a year omg so done lmao
I think she's pregnant
Lmao swear ?
Lmao okay
and what happens if she shows that new baby more attention
What you mean ?
what would you do if he got his gf pregnant?
Lmao bust my ass laughing
What are you most excited about right now?
About graduating on January
girl idk how you do it and can be so strong, if my baby daddy were to do some shit like that I would be heart broken up the ass crying every day and shit. you sure it don't bother you ? lol
Lmao no I try not to show my weakness . But no it doesn't we haven't been together for the longest so I really don't give a fuck what he does
does it bother you that he has a gf?. like deep down
No not really. I just be like whatever he doing his thang let me do mine. Feel me ?
do you think he's over you? honestly
Yes I do . Cus he goes out with that one female cus he moved on
is he? lol
I don't tell my business
lol is he good at fucking he look Like he is because he's tall lmao
Lmao okay ?
I Guess idk. his girl ugly tho you're like way pretty like downgrade or nah lmao
LMAOOO !!! So done . But thank you
I doubt he moved on. Every guy has that one ex that he will never stop talking too and have that feelings for. you duh.!
I think I'll be waisting my time tho so why give it a try . Your not in my shoes so you wouldn't understand
I really feel like yal should get back together. at least for the baby's sake. I bet you can make him break up with her in a heart beat
No I don't think so . He goes out with that girl for a reason cus he moved on