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What happened that you don't understand?
Why do you say that you're a good person?
because I am
What's the wierdest thing you've found at a garage sale or thrift shop?
You think you're a good person, or a bad person?
good person
You seem really upset; is everything ok?
No everything was okay till some happen like I don't understand
Whenever you're off, what's your favorite place to have breakfast?
Typical of a nigga, right?
I guess
If your father/step father walked out on y'all. What would you do? Or how would you feel?
it won't bother me
How is your family different from others?
my family is crazy but yet so fun
Does it hurt you knowing your daughter is growing up without a dad?
yea at times but idc anymore . guys ain't shit to me no more
Hey! I need your face on my SC feed. Tf is wrong with you?! Love you though💋
Lmao who's this
Where do you shop at the most?
Where did you work before Denny's?
You should post more pics of your daughter on SC. She is so beautiful❤️
thank you 😊
has he tried to make an effort to be in the baby's life lately? or he still being a dead beat
yup still a dead beat ass nigga
If you were a magician's assistant in a magic show, what trick would you want to be in?
the trick where they slip you in half
What is one of your favorite memories you have with your daughter?
omg it's lots to name
Do you think anybody lurks on you?
idk probably
You seem like a really dry person. Is that how you really are?
LMAOO !! yea I'm dry af dumb assess
What is the last thing you do before bed?
be on my phone
Are you allergic to anything?
What happened to your second job?
Why you so worried about it
Do you still work 2 jobs?
Did you tell Juan Happy Birthday?
Why does your sister look so retarded??
how you looked in the mirror and ask yourself how stupid you look fuck of dumb ass