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lulu uriostegui @marilu1020
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Which vegetable do you hate the most?
Something your not
Don't you find it annoying that people are so fascinated with your bd?? Like, bro, this is abt me! Tf?!
On some shit . I feel you
Is your bd Mexican?
oh always seemed like he was a pussy
Lmao I guess
lol do you think if it came down to it and somebody called him out would he fight? or is he a pussy?
He'll fight . He's not gonna let himself
I bet you glad he's put away huh ? Finally can learn his lesson for whatever
Lmao on some real shit I just find it funny
well how did you hear then?
Cus people tell people that know my people and yup that's how I know things . Anything else you wanna know ?
he is? for what?
Idk . Ask his girl I ain't no one to him no more
what do you think your bd is doing right now?
Lmao what I heard . He locked up
Who is your favorite live performer?
Drake foo
Oh lmao thank you
Damn u look good on ur new pic
Which new picture ?
Tell your bd to say thank you for all the new followers he gained bc of you! Lmao!!
Lmao on some shit he need to thank me lol head ass
You got a bf now?? How cute!
Who said I did ?
Is his acct private?
Idk ?
What is better the truth even if it hurts, or a lie?
The truth
aw thanks girl (: not trying to be funny just saying the truth lmao but are his exs or side hoes cute or na? since you don't want to give me they ig -.- I know I'm nosy but I don't give a fuck I want to say my opinion :*
First tell me who you are -.-
he has ugly taste in girls I can see well except for you lol I want to lurk more who are his exs or side hoes or anything I'm nosy this just too funny I can't get over his ig name LMAO
Lmao who are you tho ? I wanna know who you are lol your funny (:
he seems like I mean WEEDBOY? lmao like grow up. he probably cheats on her so don't worry about it girl. lmao
LMAOO I'm so done with you . I mean I don't really give a fuck
I just went he has no pictures of her lmao that's how you know he ain't taking her serious lmao
LMAOO He a thot
lmao do you lurk on him?
No I got better things to do like I said I know his name cus when we would go out
Lmao!! I'm so done with his IG name!!
LMAOOO on some shit
I'd really like to see his ugly gf. Lol. What's your bd's IG?
His ig name is weedboy13
Damn it! I wanted a good laugh.
LMAOO go to that nikkas ig you'll find her there eventually lol