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what is it like being a mother?
at first I seriously didn't feel like one . till it kick in so it's a beautiful feeling tbh .
If someone else disciplines your daughter, would that make you mad?
He'll yea I don't even let my siblings do that
Omg! I love Image. They're freaking awesome. Lol.
What's your favorite store in the mall?
What makes you laugh a lot?
lots of things
Do you have a good relationship with your sister?
Is hailey asleep?
You need to stop working so much & appreciate your daughter while she's still a baby. Before you know it, she'll be older & won't be needing you as much. You're going to regret not being their for her. JS.
thanks but I know what I'm doing
How many days you work at Bk?
bruh fuck of my schedule
You work a lot
What time are you usually able to get into bed after work?
Till 11
Idk. I just did. Idk how to tell her.
Okay . I don't have the answer to that
I just found out I'm pregnant. How do I tell my mom??😳😳
Lmao why would you ask me ?
correction is **hailey**
post a video of what Hailey doing right now on snap chat 😊
uhm I'm at work
Do your parents think you be on your phone too much? Lol.
Lmao yes
How do you decide when to post a picture on IG or SC?
whenever I want to
How many days do you work at Denny's?
do you miss being pregnant?
at times only miss being fat eating non stop lol
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How's your life going so far?
Pretty good actually
What's your fav app/social media to be on?
You think social media ruins relationships?
What's the average number of people that watch your snapchat stories?
dam ya stay worrying about me .
what does your daughter call you?
Does she ask about her dad?
He'll no