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Do you work morning or afternoon shift?
who's asking ?
What did you do for Halloween?
what did you do
how many kids you have?
1 tf
can you flip it out to make it an outie? haha did you ever try?
lmao uhm no
do you have an innie or an outie belly button?
Is your sister still with her baby daddy?
that's none of you're businesses
It seems like you've had a hard life. You look older than 19.
I'm 19th
What are you & your baby girl dressing up as?
don't know
What do you mean full of it?
full of shit. meaning he ain't worth my time any more
Do you miss you babdaddy at least a little bit?
nope he's full of it
How long was your longest relationship?
2 years
Why don't you post any more videos of your baby girl? She's the cutest, you should share her more.
lol I'm to busy sorry who are you anyways ?
How did you not get any stretch marks during your pregnancy?
cus I didn't scratch my belly or wasn't that big
What will you & your daughter be dressing up as? That sounds so cute☺️☺️
haven't thought about it yet
Are you & your daughter dressing up for Halloween?
hopefully me but definitely my daughter 😊
Do you believe in karma?
What's your morning routine?
wake up at 5 take a shower , get ready for work then head to work , eat breakfast that's about it
Your baby looks straight up like her dad lol exactly the same as him!
I get that alot
Are you a clingy gf?
lmao yes
What's your favorite food to eat?
Do you smile at strangers? Why or why not?
I do because I'm friendly at times lol
If you could change your name to anything else, what would it be?
to something unique
How's the college experience going for you?
is going great
Emanuel is daddy
that's yo daddy
Do you miss being pregnant?
he'll no