lulu uriostegui @marilu1020
lulu uriostegui @marilu1020
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Is there one person You will never like?
No I learned not to hold grudges
Out of you & your siblings, who's the most serious & who's the most silliest?
My sister is the serious and I'm the silliest
Are you happy where you are in life?
You can say that
Obviously he's not your dad. But is he bangable? Lmao!! I watch too much porn.
Some girls have like weird obsessions with their step dads, are you one of them? You think he's cute? Lol.
Lmao wtf uhmm no . He's not my dad
You think your dad would be proud of the shit you do?
Is your family supportive of your decisions?
Some of them
Do you wear a watch?
I think I'm obsessed with you. K. Bye:)
Lol who's this tho ?
What's the best gift anyone has given to you?
My baby is the best gift (:
What you been doing while you've been suspended?
Be at home and be lazy lmao
That's what's up. Congrats on being the first one. When do you graduate?
Thank you and on June can't wait
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Are you excited to graduate?
Fuck yea . On top of that I'll be the first one out of my family (:
Thought you were supposed to graduate in January. What happened?
Agh I was but my dumb ass gave up so now I have to wait till june
Bro!! I feel her pain!! Chuck E. Cheese is one scary ass nigga!!!
Lmao yes I tried taking her alot of times but every time he comes out and we go towards him she starts going crazy and stuff lol
Is your daughter afraid of anything?
Yes chucky cheese lol
Do you sleep in the dark or with some light on?
With some light on
Do you have a better relationship with your brother or sister?
Ehh some what with both of them
Why did you get suspended?
For nonsense
Do you live with your parents?
Cant wait till youh come back;)))
Awe look at you . My fans miss me already kisses baby :* don't miss me to much
Thatz y your ass got suspended and we didntt hahaha DONE! ;)
Lmao lucky me . What you want a cookie cus yo ass at school and I'm at home chilling or wassup ?
Youh nd alyssa are messy dumb hoez!
LMAOO !!! Let me find out this is one bitch from school and to pussy to tell me in my face . Hhaaa donee !!!
Post a picture of your wakeup face!
Who do you look up to most in life? & why?
No one