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lulu uriostegui @marilu1020
lulu uriostegui @marilu1020
Ask me random shit , idgaf (;
Ask me a question
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do you think he's in love? (your bd)
Idk I don't pay attention to him
You say you don't want your daughter to be like you, yet you don't change your life style? Give her a good example to follow.
You worry about you . Let me worry about me . Bet
what does beat mean?
Like lmao Idk how to explain it
what kind of dad is Emanuel to the baby?
A beat ass daddy
why do you want to be strict?
Cus I don't want her coming out like me
do you think you're gana be a strict mom when she gets a teenager?
Fuck yea am try my best to be tbh lol
what is your baby doing right now? (:
K.o in the car -.- she loves to sleep a lot lol
Where do you like to read?
Reading it's not my thing
welcome bby stun on his ass!!
Been doing that since day one (:
you and your baby are too pretty to be sad about that nigga
Thank you (:
well do you think you are
are you the only girl your baby daddy has ever fucked?
Ask him don't ask me tf
Which word do you want everyone to stop using?
Dam sum niikka who like u foo
Lmao o okay aggressive much
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Idk but i wanna find out lol
Lol who are you tho
Are u a good kisser I bet u are
Why would you think I am ? Lol
oh I'm Sorry didn't mean to come off like that
No your okay . I'm sorry for being do aggressive lol
have you ever asked somebody a question on
Yes I have
who was she? if I may know? and who was the guy was it your baby daddy?
Okay you asking for to much info now
yeah true lol well did she ever stop? by you talking shit to her?
And we'll I checked both of them not just the female . So yea she did that I knew of
aghh well idk he says it's not him but if it's not why she keep texting him? she's obviously getting a reply from him since she keeps texting. how did you deal with it?
That's what I'm saying . It ain't just the female it's the nikka to and we'll my ways and your ways are different idk how you deal with things I deal them by talking shut to the female or stuff like that get me lol
girl Yes I have im dealing with that right now. I need advice agggh. who was she how did you deal with her?
Oh my . Why you coming to me for advice ? I don't think I give good advice lol but I first confront the guy cus common it ain't always gonna be the girl sometimes it might be yo nikka and you don't even know it
ever experienced a girl like that in your relationship?
Yes sadly I have . Have you ?
There's always that one female that can never respect a relationship right? -.-
Omg fuck yes
Who's your best friend?
Don't have one