Hanna Laurel @mariyahannadlaurel
Hanna Laurel @mariyahannadlaurel
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who are matthew's crushes!!!!!! HAHAHAH
which matthew
chicks daW kqyo Nila janae? totoo Po ba yun
chicks daW kqyo Nila janae? totoo Po ba yun
Oww. Hahaha hey hey Sira na Plano ko Kay mon :((
:( tuesday nalang
What #np
now playing HAHAHAHA
aint it fun by paramore #np
pano kung...ikaw yung nang-iwan
i don't leave people bc i know how it feels to be left behind
boys boys boys
Why are you ranking people :((
i don't rank.... i just prank
Mabait ba yung chan?
yeah!! super HAHA
Is this another prank... Jk bye
ur trust issues pls
Sino si chan?
my db promdate!
"Tinaas mo ko. Ang taas taas eh. Mahirap pala maiwan sa ere mag-isa."
been there........ parehas na tayong nasa ere
Do you think change is good?
change is inevitable
same question
Did you enroll in rep??
NO :( i'm so sad cause i didn't ugh
what do u usually do when ur bored in haus
i sleep, talk to people, watch movies/series, read books
How many ppl's crushes do you know na you evil person :((
44 MWAHAHAHAHAH but some are joke time answers na
wru rn
Which meal was so good that you can't forget it?
Whaaaaat. but you two were like so sweet and did cutesy stuff
HAHAHA we're just rly close friends!!
you two broke up? just found out
HAHAHAHAHAA we were never together......
what happened to you and jack espineli?
huh what happened??
please ate ganda.
idh photos anymore.... what can i do
What's your favorite day of the week?
idk man im so not aware of the days of the week anymore HAHA
sige na po ate ganda. last request po promise hindi na ko mangungulit.
idh na eh :(