Hanna Laurel @mariyahannadlaurel
Hanna Laurel @mariyahannadlaurel
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when and where is your reco ++ how many days
this wed-fri :) 3 days
Are you somehow related to Denise Laurel?
why are you in ateneo last saturday(jan.17)??
i took ajss :)
Friendly ba siya?
huhu i don't think i've met her but i think she is :)
paano mo siya nakilala
school mates? but i haven't talked to her i think
kilala mo ba si nicole banal
how to start a convo with a guy
you don't (1/2 joke)
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can you cover a paramore song on soundcloud please!!!
okay if i find time haha
When will you sing for the pope?
on the 18th :) farewell mass
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Will you go see Pope Francis?
What's your fave reading quote and why?
"Walang maaalipin kung walang magpapaalipin." cause people should stop complaining
What do you do when the remote is too far?
i wait for someone to come in the room to get it for me.... jk tamad hahahha
may crush sayo ate ganda. isang pic lang nakaheels ka please.
will you sing starry eyed by ellie goulding on soundcloud?
sure if i have time!! hehe
How many messages do you send per day?
depends on the need??
what's your course in DLSU
AB Major in Economics and BS in Advertising Management
Isang pic pa pong wearing heels ate ganda.
who are you....
What's your number 1 choice for University?
depends on the course.... but so far my course is in DLSU
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Do starbucks baristas get your name right
10% chance
Imysm hanna :(
who's this? :( i bet i miss you too huhu
Anymore bath tub pics like the one in your dp?
Why though.... HAHAHA none sorry deleted them na :(
Do you have fans club
yeah... a lot
Do you have fans club
Pic wearing heels. Please.
.........pls don't laugh ty
Pic wearing heels. Please.
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Are you related with our former president laurel?
yup distant like idk medj far na yung relation
How old are you? Ganda ng voice mo :)
16! thanks hehe