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Hanna Laurel @mariyahannadlaurel
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If teresa's daughter, is my daughter's mother, what am i to teresa?
u r teresa (wow skeri)
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Miley Cyrus cover please? C:
wew miley HAHA i'll see
msep student ba si roethe de gracia
ya?? shes my science classmate
ME!!!! ME!!!!! nice nice choiceβ€Ž  Mikee Jazmines
you what..... JK HEHE MISS U MIKES
what courses do u want ba πŸ˜…
bsba for up
Econ with ad for DL
big three?? UP, ADMU, DLSU?
nope... AMA, STI, tesda jk ya
dream college
big 3 (depends on the course)
Flashlight cover pls 😍🎀
okay i'll see hehe
What do u use for recording? I just wanna know. I listen to ur soundcloud btw 😍
garageband hehe thank u!!
Brand suggestion/s of laptop for college pls
macbook pro?
What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
i had a weird dream
Help pls. My ex texted me bigla and he said "I'm really sorry if we faded ok πŸ˜” Idk how to make it up to u. I've been so mean & sucha an asshole to u. I know I'm stupid. I'm selfish. If u don't believe me fine. I just want to explain my part" uhhm wat to reply? huhu
hmm listen? then weigh things if you think he's still worth it
Greeted my ex happy birthday, he replied to me "MISS YOU hehe & ty" wat to reply huhu
send a sticker thru fb
Hannaaa why is life confusing? :(
bc you're overthinking
Should I still greet my ex a happy birthday or nah?
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What gives you your chill? :)
everything but summer
Would you follow the white rabbit?
5' 3"
TIPS on how to make myself/yourself happy
force yourself to be an optimist.... look t the bright side, be sabaw, laugh at everything, learn to appreciate, learn to say thank you, learn how to love people and learn how to love life :)
Umiiyak din ba armpits mo sa init ng weather?
not as much.... shout out to lg, the ac
buuuut😒 it'll be awesome if u cover it😒😒
ayt if im sad i might do it HAHA
omgg u should cover heal by tom odell!
that song's so depressing πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
Cover paramore songs oh pls
aytt hehe
awwww yaay thank u ily u rock πŸ‘ŠπŸ½
ur funny HAHA fine ill mediafire