Hanna Laurel @mariyahannadlaurel
Hanna Laurel @mariyahannadlaurel
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Fav subject??
definitely english III! (have to think positive)
what's your weight
secret ;)
Pogi ba si chan
oo nalang
How would you describe your style?
wth why are u in the washroom
why not..............
Hi! Pleasure meeting u last Sat :)
hahaha nice meeting you too :)
where are u
in the washroom
akala niya talaga nahawaan siya ng kulay
do you use chatous? what's your username?
i used to........ i can't remember aw
What time did you wake up this morning?
Can you please tell Guada to do the ice bucket challenge I posted on Facebook cause I nominated her. Ifnot, she donates a hundred dollars to charity ;) -Tara
okay :(((( miss you girl
What color are your eyes?
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When was the last time you went to the beach?
2 days before summer ended... oh good times
hoy who said papansin ka? you're waaaaaaay far from that...
hahahahaha aw thanks, person
kelan music class mo like what time and what day
monday 2nd period :)
wag papansin pls
i am??? :((
DunDun! I am -shwelve.. Bye i will delete these app.. And wont download it again...  Matt Ordonia
lakas ng trip mo matt :((((
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Am back? Goodnight -shwelve
I know you. You are hannah l. Laurel and l means laurel??
super wrong info wow pls refer to my username :((
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Dayummmmmm! -shwelve.
who u
kik username?
deleted my kik cause ew
Whats your favorite sportswear brand?
Do i know you? And Do you know me?  Matt Ordonia
anong trip mong bata ka :((((
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Will you still be nice to me? (Well super nice ka naman talaga)
i'm nice to everyone
Yay! See you! :D  Sheilene De los santos
see you too hahahaha yay