Hanna Laurel @mariyahannadlaurel
Hanna Laurel @mariyahannadlaurel
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yoouuuu somehow know me?? hahaha
somehow?? wow so sketchy
nvm..... you're so nr jk
ako nalang :))) hahaha
who you omg i need hahaha
Why don't animals laugh, smile or cry?
i do
do you have a date for prom already?
nope :(
What worries you the most?
the fact that you can't rewind time to redo/undo things
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Im going to Cinco? Whos going?
a lot
Yay! classical. And opera. jk Hahaha
sure manure
ang bitch-y ni jea
don't judge a person too easily :) yeah people may have their dark sides but remember that they have their good sides too
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please classical with camille tecson naman
omg who are you! haha oki i'll tell her. i think we'll be meeting up this weekend
hu is the most iconic singer for u
kristin chenoweth for the win
Classical covers naman please
who's this hahaha
i'm game but i'm not sure anyone else will be game too. i'll just make a secret acct for it if ever haha
r u interested in iP6 and 6+?
(for a moment i thought it was a nerdy pick up line)
nah i'm contented
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hindi  Jack Espineli
yabang ah
What phone and gadgets do you have
5c and a macpro
and a ds
CORNY MO GAGS  Jack Espineli
weh ikaw hindi???
omg thank u
you're welcome hihi
Yes I am hahaa
you are what
why you dont play violin
I WANT TO :( but my mom just enrolled me in piano so i had no time for violin anymore </3 i might try though in college (if it isn't too late)
You're an iron man cause u're FEmale
are you composed of copper and tellurium?
bc you're CuTe ;)
Please make covers of Only Hope and Thinking Out Loud please and thanks. :)
if i have time!!! <3
Violin cover din. mehehehe
i can ask sam to play with me though :")
Violin cover din. mehehehe
.........i don't play the violin :(
hasodium lol
punny right??? omg i miss chem cause idg physics anymore (js)
Only hope cover please
omg i love that song :(