Hanna Laurel @mariyahannadlaurel
Hanna Laurel @mariyahannadlaurel
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How many (could be estimate) are the St. Paul schools in the Philippines?
around 60+???
Malapit nanaman ang elective fair eh dun mo nalang idecide ang kukunin mong elective, since magsisign-up nadin kayo during the elective fair ;) uuyy pressure!!  Shaun Marasigan
pressure, pops :((((((((( wooo
Ok sige mag-MMA ka nalang para next year student ko kayo ulit ni Frances #akoangclingy hahaha. Perokung mag mamarketing ka or econ mag BM elective (business management) ka nalang :(( kasopag mag archi ka MMA, but peromag-MMA ka nalang para mas masaya hahahaha!  Shaun Marasigan
syempre first choice ko MMA yieee hahha pero sige i'll think about it po!
Oo nga ang dami!!! Well it depends what you want to take up in college, ano bang course gusto mo? :) oo nga clingy!!! Hahha joke miss you too Hanna! Naku once a week nalang ulit tayo magkikita at di pa madalas kasi Friday shortened scheds :((  Shaun Marasigan
di ko pa po alam :((( baka econ, archi or magddouble major ako wt marketing
onga <////333 next year nalang ulit g naaaa
Parehas tayo art ang sagot hahaha, mag-MMA ka nalang sa elective! Parehas kayo ni Frances hahaha joke! Just choose any elective you want ;)  Shaun Marasigan
GAME!!! i was thinking of MMA or PR or business (hala dami pala) :(((( miss you already sir! #clingy
What is (or was) your favorite class in school?
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Do you know who you're asking to prom or are you still looking for promspects? :) (if you are bringing a date hihi)
i'm still looking for promspects!!! aghhhh
Why the :(((((((?
Youre intimidating :( tbh
me? are you sure you're talking to the right person oh no
I'm 23 so how old are you? ?
omg 16 :(((((
So a guy is your babycakes?
How are you?
i'm tired
So you can't be my babycakes babycakes?
yeah :( bbcakes number 2, maybe jk
I bet you would eat the cake. Yeah. Would you be my babycakes??
sorry, i already have a babycakes :(
Babycakes, what if you while wearing what you had on in your default picture fell into a giant strawberry shortcake dessert filled with chocolate; what would you do?
BABYCAKES??? :((((((((( i'd eat the cake
What if you fell into a giant chocolate filled strawberry shortcake pie dessert and it was thick as what you are wearing on in your dp
You know me, dont worry ;)
Papagandahin ko pa, maganda yung promspect ko eh ;)
who are you muna :(
Whats your dream promposal to you??
sweet and simple?? thinking outside the box jk kahit text nalang
If someone you know asked you to prom would you say yes tho?
it depends... if i'm close and comfortable with the person :)
Im scared to ask you to prom tuloy :(
ok noted