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Would you leave Spain and settle down in a relatively stable and properous Muslim country? If yes, where would that be?

Which is that "relatively stable and prosperous muslim country"? I would if I feel free enough and Im not forced to live under laws that ban me from doing things in the name of Islam but its culture instead.
I guess I would go to Malaysia, this would be my choice :)

happy birthday dear sis may u hav many more with lots of joys aameen

Late reply, but thank you very much!

What u do if someone inloved with u? Accept him?

no, thats a two thing, just because someone says he is in love doesnt mean i have to be or accept him..

Where is your twitter account ? o.O !!

in twitter! changed the name, its @ RevertAishah for now haha

Thanks for your advice :") I really appreciate it! In shaa allah I will try my best to escape from them c:

In shaa Allah. Just get around people who benefit you. Pray Allah for guidance and trust your intuition, I see that it's straight but not strong enough, you can make it as strong as you wish with the correct knowledge :)

And now I scared if they try to brainwash me.

Why? Go away, focus in what you know, in learning the real Islam, never ever accept any "knowledge" without verifying it before.
If you see it coming just go away and ask Allah to protect you

Describe about shia people? :O

Wow mmm I don't understand what Quran they read or what hadiths and their understanding of the deen.

Hi, dear Aishah, I wanted to ask u a Q. Do u think it is haraam for a girl to talk to a guy she really likes? (Chatting)

Well it's not the best thing to do as it might end up in bad things, but it all depends of intentions too, like if they have the intention of being serious, I think it's good, if she is unsure about him, she must leave feelings aside and be realistic, she must protect herself.
Same for guys, it all depends of intentions.
Talking for the sake of talking is haram

Hi ? Can I know why your mum hate u?

Hi. I think she hates my decisions more than me.. she dislikes I reverted, she dislikes my way of thinking as I don't see things as she does, she dislikes I'm not what she wants

How to improve my english grammar , spelling and vocabulary ,any tips? Pliss.. Thanks :D

Practice practice practice and read in English and eventually you will see and correct your mistakes :) do some proper studies as well

PlsloveAishah? Ok I love you so much ♥♥♥


Okay ...if you thinks it's better :)

Yea well what's the point of it if we end up talking here hehe

My name is Sofiyyah Arafah ..14 Years old ..And stay in Malaysia.. Hby ? :)

Nice to meet you. I'm Aishah, 22 years old and in Spain. Talk in we chat better than here in public

Yup ..Btw thanks ...can we be a friend ? :)

Any time and sure. But who are you? :D

I don't get it , why?

Lost the session. I couldn't sign in. Did i accept you now?

hi :D may add my wechat >> juzAdiary ..or accept me? :)

Hi. Sure. Give me a second. It was off

Rate your dancing skills from 1 (worst) to 10 (best)

- 1000000000

do you like dubtrack?

What is that?

What makes a person “good”?

Their behaviour, their emphacy, their shyness in front of Allah..

Do you spend too much time on smart phone playing ‘stupid games’?

Nope. I don't even have games on my phone :)

What was the first thing on your mind this morning?

"What a stomach pain!" Lol

What have you been thinking about lately?

Too negative to say
May Allah heal my thoughts, make me stronger and grant me what's better for me. Ameen

What's on the top of your birthday wish list?

No wish list. Duas are much better..

What do you like to cook?

I don't like cooking :0

What is your attitude to human cloning?

This not even normal and we shouldn't modify the nature.. nothing than any human can do will ever be better than what nature can do


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My shahadah 13-03-2012 <3
""And Allah Found you lost, & Guided you" [Quran 93:7]" -> Define exactly the reason why I reverted. I was lost in life, no hopes. Until now. Alhamdulillah