who is your crush?

Pag sinabi mo kung sino ka, sasabihin ko.

How did you make your first money?

Allowance from my parents

What is your favorite way to spend some time alone?

cook fried oreos and watch tv :)

Susss kinilig ka naman dahil akala mo sya.. K.. K. hahahaha im not Nicely.

Sino kasi?

ako si H........ oh ha kinilig ka? hahaha jk

Uy seryoso? Nicely yan yihhhh!

ummm sup? whats up? ummm the ceiling.

Lol what's up with the ceiling?

Hahaha thats okeh

So sup?

Nicely na naman? sino ba yan? haaaaay john haaaaau

Tell me who you are please :(

SIP. wow big word. rak thanks for yo answer. marami akong na kuhang aral

Ay sorry :(

Yoy dont know me??? oh John oh John. tsk berri bad.

Hey nicely :)

since tamad ka magkuha ng periodic t, lemme ask you this kuwestiyon.... do you drink soup or eat soup?

Sip haha

i dont know Nicely Magallanes :( who's she?

Nevermind :) who are you?

i wunt tel diz da lus riplay bay bay

Say wut? :))



nicely? :)


H wink john wink

Sino ka ba? :((

John, What is the atomic number of Sodium, Neon, Krypton and Xenon? bwahaha

Nakakatamad kunin yung periodic table sa bag :))

Hi Machuuuuu!

Heloooooo :)

John, kamusta crush mo?

Hey nicely ;)

H *wink*

Honeylen? :o

yiz yiz u so smart

Sino ka? :)

u juz ansurd a pagnt kwezyun

Huhu am su smart rayt? :) joke

ang cute mo

Thanks, tell me who you are pls I think im falling :( lol jk

ip u wud bi prezident fur a dey, wat wud u du?

I will probably help all poor children to study in school, make law that education is compulsary and free for the poor people and try to visit France :)


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