Mazy Kazerooni @Mazy1
North Hollywood, CA
Founder of ‎@HipsetNetwork, do marketing for ‎@LilTunechi, ‎@LilTwist, Young Money. ‎@Forbes 30 under 30 #YCombinator Past: ‎@Ustream VIP Support, #Socialcam.
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Would you recommend going through YC if I have a startup that is getting serious traction?
when you go to different places with different time zones does it mess you up in sleep
For a little bit
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can u beat sam in call of duty
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Do you ever creep on someone who favorites your tweets? Lol
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what did you do for your 21st birthday
Hung out with my family :)
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How did u make it so anyone can dm you
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how many songs have u heard by jb that's unreleased?
A lot, he's a beast! Very hard working
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Would twist perform at a sweet 16??? And if so how much??
Yes, email me - need to know when and where
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is tuts mean like will she hiss and scratch at u
Nooooo tuts is a sweetheart
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what do you do for fun when your not working?
Answer questions on here, chill with friends, play video games
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Who inspired you to be so motivated when you were growing up?
My parents, they've run their own businesses since before I was born
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Is Twist a good guy underneath all the bad stuff?
Twist is great!! The press is amazing at distorting reality
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You seems so nice :)
Awwww it's the right way to be
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When i say 'Ireland' what's the first word that comes to your head?
Lucky charms
when was ur last date
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you'll just look at my account and be like no and delete the question ahah
Lol ok
For a smart guy still trying to make Lil Twist famous is bad. He is just known by 10 year old JB fans. He was given a great privilege being in YM and couldnt do anything in it. What a huge fail....
Twizzy is like my lil brother, we believed in each other from the beginning! Just wait for the music, it's honestly one of my favorite albums of all time
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if i gave you my twitter name you wouldn't follow me lol
I might!
Persian food or American food?
Persian food omg
I live in Miami lol you should come to my house whenever I love you :-)
Awww what's your twitter
ily maz
Ily u 2
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Do you read your dms? Or are you just going to say Yes to make me feel better :/
I do
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how many questions do you have
Like 3,000
What is your favourite genre of music?
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I'm Persian too, you should come to my house my mom knows how to cook really really good Persian food you'll die bc it's heaven lol
Haha where u at