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Hear Ife's butt is the softest thing since marshmallows
Oh? good for her
Epp me plix, I can't defend my grades 😭
LooL Smh. dm.
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I can't epp maself sah 😭😭😭
LooL Smh. I've gotten the answers BTW.
Tomorrow's questions are out, epp yourself
LooL I'm on it already. Have you epped yourself?
Better say yes  SvEN
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Do you love Olive?  SvEN
LooL. Yes I do.
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What would someone have to do to make you dislike them immediately?
be rude to me. I mean, I'm the most polite bastard You'll ever meet
Why are you sad?
I'm the furthest thing from sad tbh
Say her name jare
you want me to cast her? no thanks.
Who is the coolest person you've met this year?
me when I started my journey for self-discovery
any present crush
yes but she get boyfriend and he's on twitter.
Who is your hero?
When will you accept Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour?
Lol I already have
If you were a different gender, what name would you want to have?
Are you afraid of people?
yes people are very scary
Which meal was so good that you can't forget it?
Chicken Lo Mein the first time I had it
Who is the funniest person you know?
Love meh?
yes baby I will
Who is your Valentine?
Her name is Precious.
Wanna fuck?
What age are you scared of?
What is your attitude to smoking?
I don't see the problem really.