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What is the first thing you notice in a person of the opposite sex?
Your nose
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What sound drives you crazy?
The sound of atm counting my money.
if you had a chance to turn back time, what course will u go for?  this AFFIA guy
Psychology, no time
What picture comes to your mind when you hear word "fun"?
Titties, booze, and green
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What's the perfect place for a first date?
do u think ypu treat ladies with respect?
Most times, yeah
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did u regret cheating?
LoL nah
hv u eva cheated?
forgive me
are you any good at soccer?
I used to play right-back in secondary school
shoes or watches?
Shoes fam
ur gf slaps u in caf, what will u do?
LoL I can't possibly see that happening
have u ever been cheated on?
Your welcome... FYI, from a girl that cares
I'm glad someone cares
when last dod som1 make u smile geniunely
Just now
Not really... It's jus not nice to be lousy all the time... Don't blame it on ur childhood, do something about it
Ok then, thank you
can u say u'v eva bin in lov? n dnt say yess with bball
I'm not sure anymore. I don't understand love all that much, so I can't tell
Why are you so lousy?
it has to do with my childhood. Wanna hear about it?
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Rilwan, Why you love the green
LoL Batovski!!!
will u hug ur special som1 for 10 secz extra 2moro for me plz n tnk u
My special someone?
why do u laugh so loudly?
LoL, I want the whole world to know how happy I am
if u cud do it all again, wat course would you go for?
Psychology no doubt
Asa akira or alexis texas
Asa AKira, hands down (._. ) ( ._.)
caf1 or caf2?
Cafe 2?