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Steven R. McQueen✔ @mcqueeninchainsrealpage
Steven R. McQueen✔ @mcqueeninchainsrealpage
Atlanta, Los Angeles
I even know what I can say! I'm an actor!

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I'm fine Thanks!!! <3
You're welcome:) i glad for you :)
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very well thanks :))  Tess Dobrev#IanSomerhalder♥(✔)
I glad for you :)
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Hey again man! How are you? Love you bro<3<3  gillyan bitch
Hey) fine) love you too)
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why are you so gorgeous? ❤  taylor weafer
Hahaha I don't know why (:
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Are you fake??I love jeremy Gilbert from TVD!!! :DDD  Alexandra Juříková
No, I'm real Steven and thank you)
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whats up bro?!;) can i say bro to u? if not im fine wiv it:)
Nothing bro) maybe can)
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Me too thank you :) What are you doing ?  carolelepolard
Answer on this question) and ya?
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hey remember me from google plus i was the first who saw ya on your new profile jasipeace? it was the best day in my life cuz u noticed me THAAAAAAAAANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! ps. love ya
Of course i remember) love ya too <3
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Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxox i love you sooo much!!!! Hahahah I saw you at NJ TVDCON ughhhh miss you sooo mucchhhhhhhh and you asked me to dance and i freaked out! Hahaha xoxo and much luck in future acting roles because you are a protege! Xoooxoxox  Kelly Sherman
Oh God) thank you) love you too (:
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Hello Steven, I admire you very much, I think you're a great actor, you inspired me to do theater, I'm from Brazil, I follow all of your interviews, you is very special kisses, I love you  Beatrice Silva ✔
Hey) thank you so much!) love you too)
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hi!! love you!! ;)  Asta Mikalauskaitė
Hey) love you too:)
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I love youu:P♥  ♫ღVerů♫ღ
Love you too :)
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TVD come back jeremy?
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You're fake ?
No, I'm real
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Hee& Steven :)xx i love u sooooooooooooo much <3333333333333333  Danka McQueen (✔)
heyy love you too
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Heey Steven. Today is 24. March... 83 years ago was born the legend. :') But maybe he is as man dead, but as an actor he will live his films ♥  Danka McQueen (✔)
hey. thank you!
2 people like this Because i love u soo much <3 And i am sad (VERY SAD) that i can´t go to Moscow :( It´s too far :(((  Danka McQueen (✔)
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Hi Steve, i'm a your big are you?
hey fine and you?
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Hey Steven :) How are you ?  carolelepolard
hey) I'm fine and you?)
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love youu <3333  Неди
love you too
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Do you have a tumblr acc?  Karen Chee ✔
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Hi i love u <3
hey love you too
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i love you so much❤ your my idol❤❤❤  taylor weafer
love you too! thanks
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fine and you?