Should I leave Steven McQueen

Since everyone is leaving anyway....

OMG I love you so much. Can you not be so perfect ❤️❤️ Annslee Katherine

Haha I'll stop. I promise.

say hi nevena to me :) Nence87

Hi Nevena

Ian knows what's up! Stay Tuned for Season 6 tonight! #WhosReady Steven McQueen

OMG I LUVV U Stephanie Lino

Love you too! :)

#ALSIceBucketChallenge Nominated by Kendrick, Olivia and co. Steven McQueen


I challenge my two brothers and sister.

I'm nominating you to do the Ice-bucket challenge.

Haha Kendrick, Olivia and some others nominated me already. And I told them... challenge accepted! ;)

Are you dating Olivia Prickren! Please answer! The Ultimate Fan

Yes. And I miss her so much! You're all still in my heart tho.

Your third guy on TVD that I want to marry besides Paul and Ian Miranda Polmatier

Only the third.... :(
Joking. Hey at least I'm on the list so that's something. ;)

Steven McQueen !!! x #CharismaKain✨

Yeah, that's what they call me. ;)

I love you!!!❤️

I love you too!

Hi ☑Katie Curtis

Hey there cutie pie

What makes you happy? ^^ Doina Mațarin

Friends and family. The bare necessities, I say!

RIP to a legend. Robin Williams the greatest actor and an icon. Steven McQueen

Why you gotta be so rude? Steven McQueen

Happy birthday Buzz Lightyear! @NathanielBuzz Steven McQueen

yas :) Demi Lovato

;) Keep in touch!

☆♢☆♢☆♢☆♢☆♢☆♢☆♢☆♢☆♢☆♢ Steven McQueen

Since this is after all, I guess it's time I ask YOU guys a question each. Who's up for the challenge? Like this post so I can ask you ;)

Happy birthday Paul Wesley #sexywesley Steven McQueen

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I've seen the photos, the tweets and the Instagram comments. So glad to have wonderful fans and supporters like you to share this day with! Steven McQueen

Sorry mom, had to crop you out- you were irrelevant but I still love you! ;)

Please tag me/let me know about your photos of birthday wishes that I haven't seen here or on Twitter so I can like them. ;) Peace.

happy birthday I'm sorry I'm late, anyway you're getting old hahah love you:* Claire Holt

Thanks Holt! ;)

happy birthday bro!:) Ian Somerhalder #ς

Aw, thanks Bro!

Happy b-day :) Aydan*

Thanks man!

Happy birthday!! ☺❤ xo. Kat Graham

Thanks Krazy Kat


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