Maeeee @meadhbhi
Maeeee @meadhbhi
I live on an island. Cory Monteith will forever be my hero. I'm a Lea Michele fanatic and a loser, deal with it. ;) Music is love. <3 My heart's too drunk to drive ✌️ Talk to me, I promise I won't bite <3 I'm better than Peter Pan, remember that.
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What is one thing you would never wear?
Socks with sandals.
What is your favorite children's story?
I always had a soft spot for the Princess and the Pea
whats up  Cleveland
What are the benefits of being famous?
I'll letcha know when I find that out for myself
How did you meet your best friend?
chatous username?
My what?
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What's your favorite US state?
Hmmmmm, New York because I wanna go thereeeeeeeeee
Do you watch PLL?
I'm watching it right now as a matter of fact
What's your favorite color?
I have 5 - blue, red, purple, black and white.
What Harry Potter house would you be in?
Gryffndor! (I totally spelled that wrong didn't I)
My girlfriend just walked in and called me gay. If my nails weren't drying I swear to god.
You do you.
What is the definition of your name?
Meadhbh is of Irish origin (obviously) meaning "whirling".
What would you do if someone gave you a goat?
Throw it at Jenny
Do you ever think about how the universe doesn't end?
Immortality, my darlings.
No generally I do not but now I feel like I should.
hey wat do u think of my name? :D  ekbongani
Why is it ugly dog though?
WCW that isn't Lea Michele?
Lea Michele is obviously always my WCW BUT I love Troian Bellisario too because babe and Dianna Agron. Honestly I have a lot of them but Lea's always my main one
What kind of things do you do in your free time?
I drink, I watch stuff online, I text, I socialise and I sleep
Koalas or bears?
THAT IS SO MEAN, probably bears because bear cubs are real cute and apparently koalas can give you aids
What animal is the ugliest?
I hate chickens and goats so one of them, just ugh
I love you.
Do you talk to yourself?
I sure do
Do you like spicy food?
I'm not one to frequent the spicy foods
Neither. Ew. Don't you know me at all?
What's the best part about Ireland?
Me ;)
Otherwise, I guess the people here are pretty cool. But mainly me.
What's the best part about Ireland?
Where would you want to travel to?
I wanna travel all over the US, Canada and I wanna see a kangaroo in Australia.