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how many people have you loved?
just like urm zero
opinion on me den hoe bag  Lucy Rodgers
just done it:o
Opinion on me and a proper one -_-  connor michael witcombe
dunno ew lyk
one guy youd fuck?
cody simpson defo
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Opinion on Elisha steed x
gayyyyy x
Opinion on me then hoeeeee x  lucy adams
havent seen you in agesssss:( used to be really close but since the shit with everyone we've drifted big timee-,- youre lovelayyyyy & stunninggg! so funny to be around drunk haha;) youre pontypools bike;) i miss you lucyyyyyyy x
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Who are you closest too? Boy &girj
was close to curt but had a massive argument lmfao so dunno who now & eve mpsss
youre a fine one aye
list the people youve slept with and i'll list mine;-)
why would i do that?
oponion on me den bbz? below this question is a cunt.  Lucy Rodgers
aw i just luvss uuu &&i know he is;)
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But meg you love me so do it pleaseeeeee :(x  connor michael witcombe
con i love my tone deaf sister more than you who by the way wont stop singing, about to chuck her through the window tbh but yeah, no lol x
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Opinion faggot?  connor michael witcombe
you don't deserve the effort, you're horrible to me k
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you're beautiful x
aw thankyouuu:3 x
Din you shag smiley?
im megan tho, you*re lol
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it was 2 boys the other day:/
and before that it was one and before that was none, the number does increase unfortunately
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youve slept with the most of pontypool babe thats how
'babe' you serious? for starters it doesnt even make sense but 3 people is hardly anywhere near the number of people living in pontypool you cretin
carly jones, georgia davies, holly davies, kate jones, all them
ooh, because curtis and carlie finished so everythings my fault appazaa, idek its been left now anyway
What's going on now with you and the year9 girls:s
which ones?
why the fuck have you started wearing glasses now? trying to blend in be fucked, pha mess
ive been wearing glasses since i was 4:') just never wore them out of the house lmfao! anon please
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what was the point in having banter for a joke? makes you look like a dick when she said it was a joke
omg, right me and lucy were out earlier and were going on about 2 faced bitcheess,the status proved who is exactly thats, it was only for a laugh mun jesussss
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So irritating!:') Mail/text me who it is?:') Childish mun! Think i have an idea who it is!  Cute as a button
I'll text you now:))
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Meg with the 'curt' questions!;) I don't answer any of mine anymore!  Cute as a button
don't blame you, I just know who's asking most of the questions and shit tho:')
what does your last text, bbm and mail say? who were they to?x
text: wow you're so nice to me x' -curt
don't have bbm
mail: I know:3 defo getting off my rocker friday tho xxx' pmsl:') - lucy
Can't fucking wait to see you Sunday...BUZZING!!! Pop up on fb, or text?<3
Same, gonna be good!! Sorry I fell asleep, chuck me a mail or text when you're awake pls?<3