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Lewis coneron?

What about him?

What is in your fridge?

Your fit

Thanks so are you anonymous

Have you lost your v


What makes someone attractive?

Boys; eyes ,brown hair


yeah that one

naw your cute

i would fucking ruin your arsehole you little slag x

That one?x

Opinions on Sophie Cooke x

I love the girl,I absolutely love her!,she's so funny and lively!,she's my little cookie hehe x

Well this is awkward aha

I guess so ahaha

Tyrone Robinson?

I don't even know who that is ahahaha

Did you go out with ty?

Who's 'ty'?:/

What habit that others have annoys you most?

Some people annoy me with just their face ,lol

What is your favorite summer song?

Idont actually know

What do you look like right now?

Like shit haha

Opinion on Miles Howarth-Brown?

Love the guy,he's so lovely and funny

whos hot who you want to get know more?x

Give me some names and ill say yes or no?

last person you fucked?

Do I have to answer that?

Opinions on rhys tynan?

mi gayboy;),hot ,love him to pieces tho:))

Whom have you hugged today?


No it isnt really I know him tho

That nice

Dylan metcalf

Oh hahahahahahha

i'd be your fuck buddy :P

Who's this?;/

Are you scared of the dark?

Hmm if I'm on my own

would you ever want to have a fuck bud?

Oh my god haha

wanna have sex? ;p

Hahaha who's this


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About megward:

Shiity fucking bio,suck my toe I have nothing to say