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Do you wear a watch?
only when i have to dress up nice. I hate watches
Opinion on Steven A
well uum he's an amazing guy
i still love him to death lol
uuh he's really crazy and we're always laughing. our song is playing right now.. && im gonna miss him ): but yea
wats ur chatous account?
um ?
Your so perfect *.*
oh aaw
i want to have sex with you -zenia
mhm. cool. Ik this isn't zenia
Go find someone new at ketcham
Your older than him leave him alone
naah he's older by 6 months lol
Steven doesn't like you
Its not Jena lolol
lolol shut up lolol
Dont you think that if this was Jena that she would not be on anon
Ik it's jenna.
oh well
its called being sarcastic
like i care little girl. stop being on anon
someone has an attitude
bye jenna
yeah cuz people are on your ask...
good for them
ok well just say it on this, then you can delete it..?
uh there's a thing called screenshot..?
my kik isnt working. i mean it is but thats on my kindle not my ipod and i cant find my kindle . soo...  jenna chorba
well I'm not giving out my number on ask.fm..
okay. can i have your number i need to text you
sweetheart you have my kik
still dont understand :3  jenna chorba
look it up
What time did you wake up this morning?
what is a zodiac sign
it's the sing from your birth month
You And Steven Need To Get BACK TOGETHER!
stop yelling.
You guys were perfect tho
oh.. ok?
Don't give up on him
chill. i can do whatever i want.
Do you love him
what do you think?
How are you and Steven?
We stopped talking