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How the fuck did fucking steven break the fuck up with you!? Your fucking perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you and Steven dating
Ho on Billie
Billy* but mad cute & sweet
Are you jealous about STEVENS and Elizabeth
No I'm not the jealous type
Who's Billie
Billy* & he's a friend
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Are Elizabeth and Steven dating
Not that I know of
What about him?
u and elizabeth friends??!
Yea lol
who do you miss?
Only like 4 ppl! Haha
What is the worst gift you have ever received?
Body wash -_-
HO elizabeth?
Really nice & pretty
Ho on angela
So funny & sweet
I love free candy!
What are you looking forward this week???????'
HO on pitambr d
Hey pitamber
Go on Elizabeth
Ho on Angie
Angieee ❤️ she's my sister. I trust her with my life. We're always together.. Like Aii dios mio pero she's perfect I love her ❤️
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Who do you like
A booy
you are perfectt thoo baee!  Liz.
Haha thanks but nah
Dating anybody?????
Can I please be you!? YOUR SO PERFECT & GET ALL THE GUYS!
haha awh I'm not perfect but thanks & what are talking about..? I'm a loner xD
Post a picture of your shoes!
I don't have any. I walk barefoot ;)
Can you truly love more than one person?
do you see what people are saying to elizabeth on her ask.. tehehe
No.. Ima go see now & If your messing with her that's a really bitchy move & so uncalled for
do you still like steven? :)
Dammit I didn't want ppl to know but yea I do :) ❤