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Mεlαηy♡ @melcupcake2
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Are you and Angie Gomez really coupons?????
Yea lol it's true
Who u dating ??
Your boyfriends hot
I know
Your hot
Opinion on elizabeth l
Love her
U tryna fight me or something? Square up nigga! ~paige
That wasn't paige nigga -_-
So? I couldn't say hi nigga? Lmfaoo bye
Opinions on paige?
I love her. She's the best. & hey Paige
Omfg guys can you leave her alone about this? Honestly who cares if I stopped liking steven I have my reasons ok non of your guys business so stop bothering her about it.  Liz.
It doesn't bother me but its getting annoying. & kik me girl
what if I said she stopped liking him for you??? that's prob it :/
Idk what to tell you then. Ppl keep making a big deal out of all this & idek why.
exactly I know why she is honestly aa nice friend for stoping likeing him..
She doesn't have to stop liking him to be a nice friend. She's an amazing friend for so many other things
do you know why she stopped likeing him?!
I'm not telling you anything
IM KIDDING ! She's cute :-) but we'll all know you don't want her likeing him so she is over if look on her ask.!
Then stop saying shit like that.
She's beautiful not cute.
I don't care who likes him tho?
Eh what's the point Ahh.
Lmfao. Who are you anyway?
So u do?
Do you?
Do u still have feelings for steven?
Is it any of your business? Lol
You have Kylie Jenners lips!
Mine are real tho
Then why are you his bae???
I just am
Are you guys dating?????
Your his baeeeeeeeee!
I saw haha
Why would you wear a strapless dress at 30 degrees!?!?!
Fucking felt like it
How the fuck did fucking steven break the fuck up with you!? Your fucking perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you and Steven dating
Ho on Billie
Billy* but mad cute & sweet