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I love you baby
I love you too boo !
s t o p k i s s i n g s t e v e n h e g o t a g f
I'm his gf sooo ... u must feel pretty dumb
Do you get jealous when girls are around ur bf
very !
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What is your high score in Flappy Bird?
98 -.-
steven's cheating on yu
Werddd ! The dude be cheatin on me with his stuff animal !
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If your life were a movie, what would be the title?
Notebook or Sleeping Beauty
did steven give you a flower?
Idk :/ I didn't gt school the day they handed out the flowers ..
What song did you most recently get tired of due to its overplaying?
Timber -.-
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Describe your life in five words?
Yo no se
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Hugs or Kisses?
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who ur bffs in 7th gradez?
Only got onee
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What do you expect in 2014?
This may sound really stupid buh I wanna do really good in school this year . Lots of things r gonna happen this year so I can't wait (:
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Was this year a good year for you?
Ehhh -.-
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You did, it's in ur facts #2
Yea Ima cancer . That's my ZODIAC SIGN
I'll pray for yu tonight
Ok ?
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Since when do yu have cancer!?
I don't have cancer !
U have cancer!
No ! Who told u that !?
I Miss You Melany! :(  €lizabethhh
I miss u too ! ): kik meh
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What are you looking forward to in the new year?
Birthday & school to be over !
Who r the 4 people u trust??????????????
Steven A
Niurka B
Angie G
Sav N
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If you could learn a new skill today, what would it be?
What's a thing you love to eat that others don't?
I'm eating it right now ..
Pickles with peanut butter
do you and steven make out????
Yo really ?
do you and steven make out????
Lets have a rap battle right here right now
Bahah u funny