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Mεlαηy♡ @melcupcake2
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I look up to you so much
Awh but just be yourself
why do people ask those things it's none of there business?  Liz.
do u guys talk ??
ppl think you don't THO um.
You clearly need a life for believing rumors
why don't you like her?? she is a sweet girl..
When did I say I didn't?
I heard you don't like liz 0-0
Elzabeth posted a picture of her and stven in the beginning of 7th grade. He was dating you in that picture!!!
You're hair looks different
I cut it & dyed it all black
I have a boyfriend
Do you miss stven???
Grammar is important love
U r hot
Are you nd Angie Gomez cousins
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Aren't you mad that Stevens nd Elizabeth are dating
I don't care lol I don't like him
people says you be hating her..
Ppl are stupid cuz I don't hate her
u ain't friend with elizabeth anymore??
We just don't talk anymore
Do you guys kiss ????????
Everyday lol
You and billy are so cute
Haha thank you
Are you and Angie Gomez really coupons?????
Yea lol it's true
Who u dating ??
Your boyfriends hot
I know
Your hot
Opinion on elizabeth l
Love her
U tryna fight me or something? Square up nigga! ~paige
That wasn't paige nigga -_-
So? I couldn't say hi nigga? Lmfaoo bye
Opinions on paige?
I love her. She's the best. & hey Paige