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Your not even that pretty and you just pop out your ass to make it look like you have one and semi talk to angelique
dammit. you got me. arrest me for being ugly, having angie as my best friend/sister & for having my ass pop out when i'm standing and me not knowing.
You gained a lot of week
Why does elziabeth have Steven in her bio?!?!
i dunno pero ..
Do you still love Steven?
never stopped
What worries you the most?
loosing ppl that mean the most to me
Why aren't you and Steven dating????
who is this?
Are you happy with Steven?
we're not dating but yea im always happy when im on ft or kiking him (:
Why did you make him your mcm then?
because i can (:
Are you and Steven dating?
Do you and Steven still talk?
hehe yes
Do you and Steven still talk?
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Your beautiful<3 I wish you were my girl
aw thank you.
Do you still have feelings for Steven?!?
why you ask?
How do you usually express your emotions?
the way i act around you
You seem like such a chill person to cuddle with
lets cuddle then lmfaoo
Feelings for anybody?
i don't know honestly
Feelings for anybody?
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You and Steven were perfect! Are you guys gonna get back in the future??!?
brruuuhhh. the weather todaaay! maadd craazy
Elizabeth and Steven!
Melany and Steven! FoReVeR
Why are you jealous? You broke up with him
you making me wanna throw up -.-
i didn't break up with him smartass.
stop bothering me. go to them.
You are jealous
you funny you knoow
Are you jealous that Steven and Elizabeth are dating?!?!
Are you jealous that Steven and Elizabeth are dating?!?!
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There has to be a reason though'? What is it!?'!??
nonsense that i ain't tellin ✊
Why do you laugh at everything now?
because i can?