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HO on pitambr d
Hey pitamber
Go on Elizabeth
Ho on steven
He's a ragamuffin ❤️ xD
But uum.. He's really sweet & crazy.
Haven't seen him in dumb long
That's gonna change in a few days tho
Once he's in your life
You never want him out of it
So yea but he's amazing & I love him lol
Ho on Angie
Angieee ❤️ she's my sister. I trust her with my life. We're always together.. Like Aii dios mio pero she's perfect I love her ❤️
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Who do you like
A booy
you are perfectt thoo baee!  Liz.
Haha thanks but nah
Dating anybody?????
Can I please be you!? YOUR SO PERFECT & GET ALL THE GUYS!
haha awh I'm not perfect but thanks & what are talking about..? I'm a loner xD
Post a picture of your shoes!
I don't have any. I walk barefoot ;)
Can you truly love more than one person?
do you see what people are saying to elizabeth on her ask.. tehehe
No.. Ima go see now & If your messing with her that's a really bitchy move & so uncalled for
do you still like steven? :)
Dammit I didn't want ppl to know but yea I do :) ❤
Then date!!!'
Does he at least feel the same way?'v
Haha yes ❤
Haha you silly ;) I ain't tellin
Do you like anybody?'v
What happen in the first place though?
don't worry about it
are you and elizabeth goods now?
Why barely
idk but why do you care?
Why barely
Do you and Steven talk
Funny picture of you and Angie
we have a lott.. we got problems pero um here's something from yesterday
Funny picture of you and Angie
Who do you like?
a boy
Are you gonna see Steven next year
Do you and Steven still talk
haha yea he's still a ragamuffin
Are you and brandon dating?