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which one is you?
the one on the left, in both pictures
Puberty photo?
happy national sibling day ayy, love ya twinzie
Puberty photo?
omg you're funnier and cuter than shelbs hehe
whoops not really but thx hehe
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your flat tummy hmm :*
your toenail hmm :*
how old are u
twelvie and fucking proud ye!!!
had a dream about you
omg tell me
لاآيكآت ♥ ♥ as u like y3ny :D  Muhammeed A. MiiDo
what do i get in return
me>>>>>>you  Elena
you sure about that mate
ur even cuter than Shelby!!
omg ily
LIKES  Elena
you want to be a pornstar wtf gahaha
sorry haha, I just saw it!
aw it's okay hehe
so you aren't the real Shelby I'm assuming
yeah obviously not, scroll down and see my picture
do u follow shelbs on her tumblr now?
nar her blog style is changed idek
do you like me.
yeah totes
50 facts about you
are you fucking kidding me ok ill try
i have a twin
i speak 3 languages
ugh this is so hard
i hate this
i think you're cute
i don't like facts
i laugh in my sleep
i have hazel eyes
i was born with blonde brown hair
i don't know why i am still doing this
i might continue this later
or no i think I'll go on doing this
im on spring break rn
i have a puppy
my height and weight is exactly the same as shelb
im done soz
take a selfie of you plsssssss :D
ugh fine here :)
take a selfie of you plsssssss :D
say hi to me! xx  Tiara Andrini P.
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Do you like high heels?
yer luv them
Hey Shelbs, I'm really hoping you will answer this because it will help my friend immensely, what do you weigh? She is going through a hard struggle with her weight and really idolises you, so do you weigh about 45 kilos? Maybe lower? You're so gorgeous girl, love you to pieces x
well bby im not shelby, but as far as i know i weigh the same as shelb
shelby doesn't like to talk about weight and all and neither do I but the best way to lose weight is going for a run, not eating junk food, a lot of fruits, healthy food & fitness foods
dont expect to have a thigh gap and ending up this way within a month because it mostly also depends on how fast your metabolism is, which mine happens to be fast
also, maybe try Skinny Me Tea (google it or check their insta ‎@smtofficial and ‎@skinnymetearesults)
also, please let your friend know that any kind of body is beautiful in its on way, i blame society for making teenage girls feel so insecure and uncomfortable in their own body and skin, its mostly more acceptable to hate your body than love it, it makes me sad
end of ranting sorry haha
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Have you had a boyfriend before?
yer mate
like = tbh?
What are you looking forward to in the new year?
more sleep
how old are you!?
Can you pls recommend some good books to read? Hope you had a f to the abulous day Shelby xx
im not shelby but yerrr, of course
-basically any book of John Green you read is perfect
-"it" by alexa chung
god bless u, luv u
:))) :( (:) :) :( :)))) :((