y'all suck. @meowshelbs
here is where you ask things, not ask for things.
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Are you shelby Hamilton? Please be honest in really confused tbh
Hiiii can I ask who you are
go ahead and ask me
if you're not shelby, who the heck r u then?
do you have an instagram/
yes i do
what is shelby's twitter account ??
idk lulz
what is shelbys real account
deactivated yo
why did shelb y deacitive her real ask.fm?? XXXXXXX xxxxx xx x x x x
bc u guys annoy her
i want you d
what happend to shelby
U looking WOW :D
thank you, untick xx
do you have a twitter? xx
where r u from ? living ?
im lebanese, living in dubai
Talk about someone you wanna be friends with
honestly, friends are the hard to find nowadays; we all have those times where you feel like you can't trust anyone. god forbid you get close to someone and then things drift apart or they leave, that's the hardest shit ever. i want a friend who is an actual friend, someone who is up for last second adventures, ready to do experience things with me, thinks the same way as I do so doesn't judge me for everything i do, cause that's not what friends do. i want someone like myself, I'd do anything when it comes to friends & honestly, it would be nice if i found someone who would do the same for me.
Have you dyed your hair before? Its so pretty and it looks highlighted or ombre'd
aw no hehe it's natural, thank you so much x
hey whos blissbambi??(:
my mum
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honest opinion on tara brierty
idk her xx
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Woow ur so beautiful
thank you v much
which one is you?
the one on the left, in both pictures
omg you're funnier and cuter than shelbs hehe
whoops not really but thx hehe
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how old are u
twelvie and fucking proud ye!!!
had a dream about you
omg tell me
لاآيكآت ♥ ♥ as u like y3ny :D  M i D o
what do i get in return
me>>>>>>you  PUSSY POWER
you sure about that mate
ur even cuter than Shelby!!
omg ily