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SamoanMaoriNiueanFijianTonganCookislandHawaianTahitianTokelauan :) im a reincarnation of all the islands put together ;)
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What is your most unusual nighttime or morning ritual?
Well in Dunedin I have a night time ritual, it helps me sleep ;) only people who truly know me will know what my ritual is lol
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Who are you?
The motherfucking queen.
What color socks are you wearing right now?
Ummmmmmmm how's about no socks !!!!
What song is stuck in your head?
Sons of Zion ft Pieter T-My Lady
Do you treat your body like a Temple or more like an Amusement Park?
My body is a wonderland. A wonderland ready to be discovered by only one person ;)
fucked up tbh
Just like you.
What was the last 'nice' thing you did for yourself?
Bought me a nice sushi ball. It had teriyaki chicken in it !!!! IT WAS DELICIOUS :D
you dont know what boons like
Ummmmmmmm I'm his girlfriend, I know everything there is to know about him. Even who he talks to. Soooooo I know quite a lot actually. Besides, he tells me everything! If he doesn't tell me someone else will. I always find everything out so donna worry mate.
Are you and boon even working out
Awww mate don't worry about us :) we are perfectly fine
Sup bro how the uni life
Kia Ora bro lol
Uni life is better than I expected and I'm having fun hehehehe how bout you bro ????
What do you think about marriage?
Marriage brings together two people together. I'd only wanna be married once tho so whoevers my first husband would also be my last. If I get a divorce I'll just not re-marry tbh
Central Park is in Papakura, he was kissing some brown-ish head gurl, it was when you went on holiday.. apparently thats why you guys broke up.. :/ sorrie bub thought you already knew..
Errrrrrr we haven't even broken up tho
Central Park!!! -_- boon was kissing some chick there sorrie bub
Where's Central Park and tell me when please ?!
sorrie bub but he cheated when you went away on holiday, we saw him at cp kissing someother chick
What's cp ????
just dump boons ass so you can be with someone who actually deserves you! just saying
If he doesn't deserve me than who does ???? Just leave my life alone and wreck someone else's please. Your not helping me at all so fuck off.
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with the girls he went to the pools with bub...
He went to the pools ???? Who are they tho ?? Fuck
Have you ever thrown up after eating?
Yeah, only if I've eaten too much.
boon cheated on you bub...
With who
How did you and boon break up
Who the fuck is saying we broke up :(
Who's your number one friend?
Can I have three please hahahahaha I love them all equally :)
babe im happy when yu r but the secret is trust
Babe , you are right :)
And also, this is working because I love you
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What's your secret to your long distance relationship.
My boyfriends amazing. He keeps our relationship going. I just keep him happy :)
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Can you sum up your day so far in just one word?
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What books do you plan to read?
What books do you plan to read?
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Hahahahahahahaha cmu , don't know how to reply to that so ohkae  ImaLoveableChap
Sweet , anyways shotties sole !! Hope the whole healthy buzz is going good !! Tell Tangilau a lollie once week is fine hahahahahahahahahahaha
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