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Leah Halili @mermaidleah
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Sino ang crush mo sa music scene?
Secret hehe
What year were you born?
Coffee or tea?
Are you a morning person?
I don't think so. I can wake up early if I really need to but I don't wake up early regularly.
Is that a yes or a no? :D
Uhm no
I have a very sensitive skin. Will you tickle me please? :)
Wow haha
are you okay?
What is the best way to learn a foreign language?
Learn it in class or surround yourself with people who speak the language I guess
Hi Leah! Are you there?
Hi yes I'm here
bakit wala ka pang boyfriend?
Sa tamang panahon :) charot
Movies you would suggest? :)
Random movies at the top of my head right now are
Age of Adeline
Spirited Away
What Dreams May Come
The Martian
Dazed and Confused
What's the first thing you tell your crush when you wanna confess your love? ;)  Khalil Salih Verzosa
Jk idk I never confessed my love hahahaha
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Paano mawawala ang pimples ko? :(((
See a dermatologist, drink lots of water, don't sleep late (guilty of this huhu), and wash your face daily!
If a guy likes you, would you rather have him tell you straight, or be a little mysterious about it?
I'd rather he tell me straight because I can be oblivious sometimes. I appreciate guys who are brave enough to tell a girl how he feels.
hello hello :)
would you ever ask a guy out? :)
I don't know I don't think so haha
what is your initial reaction when you see a girl making the first move on a guy? (be honest)
Honestly, I find it brave because even I can't do that.
Paano ka naging member ng Ransom Collective?
Kian asked me if I wanted to collab with some people I knew in school so he could share the music he was writing and I was down for it so I guess that's where it all began. :)
What's your type?
Blood Type A
Do you prefer a one night stand or a f*ck buddy?
None of the above. Not that kind of girl.
win friends or influence people?
You don't win friends so I'd say influence.
Tumotugtug ba kayo sa route196? :)
pabebe ka ba
pabebe ka ba
Omg!!! You met Ryan Higa! What was he like?
He was nice! Not as hyper as the Ryan Higa I know online but he was still very chill and friendly.