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Leah Halili @mermaidleah
Under the sea, up in the stars
Student-athlete, music lover, dreamer, & adventurer
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how was your day?
Good until I found out a stupid driver hit my dad's car last night while I was parked in school. It now has a huge The Hulk punch. I'm so ashamed.
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I just have to ask... how are your underams so flawless??? haha serious question though
Lol awkward. I guess I just take good care of it. It's an investment in a way.
First three songs in your favorite playlist?
Oxygen by Willy Mason
Shot At The Night by The Killers
Talk by Henry Hall https://soundcloud.com/henry_hall/talk-demo
What's the best comfort food?
Hey, follow back? :) x  Tom not from a racist shop
if u post pictures that is the happiest and put it in an album, what would you put as a title?
The happiest album
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can you post your current shirt/what ur wearing? im doing a stat survey. pls help thesis. thanks:)
Always willing to help someone who's doing a thesis! Good luck dude!
can you post your current shirt/what ur wearing? im doing a stat survey. pls help thesis. thanks:)
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Death to smoochie or Clockwork Orange?  Khalil Salih Verzosa
What is a smoochie?
when the power of love over comes the love for power, the world will know......
Who is the very first filipino canon maker?
I don't know. Who?
What makes life worth living?
The reassuring feeling that there's much more to life than what we have in front of us. We're humans who have the complexity to dream big and achieve bigger than we think. Life itself makes life worth living. All its imperfections, all its beauty.
I would love to be surprised!!  Batman
Me too!!! Prepare to be surprised then!
how often does praying help!!  Batman
Oh you'll be surprised what prayers can do.
When your country is in deep turmoil, what do you do?
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Kris Aquino or Bong Bong Marcos?
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What's the best way to remove tonsil stones?  Khalil Salih Verzosa
Go to the doctor and make him do it for you.
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Are you choosy when answering questions from people who aren't anonymous?
Not really
to be true to yourself or true towards others?
What are you grateful for recently?
Everything that's been happening to me. I may be injured and always stressed, but I am thankful for so many things.
1. My mother
2. My siblings
3. The band
4. My friends
5. Music
7. Education
8. Wifi
9. Life
10. Food
11. Sleep
12. The rain
How would you explain color to a blind man?
Through a song.
In exchange for your soul, what would you like to have? - Satan
I would like to decline your offer.
Who is the happiest person on the world?
The one who is most selfless.
G ka ba mag-pot session with some of your friends?
Dad says I'm not allowed to smoke pot until I graduate.