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Got an interesting question so I got curious :) >> If you were to get married tomorrow, who among your friends now (not siblings or cousins) would you pick to be your MAID OF HONOR and BEST MAN? :)
I'd pick you and Gabriel :-)
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Where is cp and vvc located at?
Celebrity is in Balara, VVCC in Pasig
Do you think it's ok to curse in public?
I personally don't but it's really up to the person he or she wants to
Where do you swim?
Celebrity Place or VVCC
Then you have no opinion on same sex marriage. Why wouldn't you be for it or against it?
Why not?
You go to upd. Do you ever use the pool there?
Who in your life do you wish you’d met sooner?
My dog
opinion on gay marriage?
Not for it but not against it lol so contradicting
Why do you prefer Palawan over boracay?
Better dive spot, cleaner, more peaceful, and way more beautiful than Boracay.
UPD's swimming pool is open to the public?
I'm not quite sure
Filipino pride lol you love the Philippines. Whyyyy America is diverse and liberal and free!
Yeah it is but I am a Filipino and my heart will always belong to this country!
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Would you date yourself if you were someone else?
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Only a certain amount of time why not for life
I love this country too much
Who does it depend on? Family friends etc
If someone speaks to me in english, I answer back in english and vice versa
Jordan's or Nike or converse or vans
can you please like my profile picture on facebook, my link is in the description xx  sophiee
Why? I don't even know you
Do you like love the little mermaid as your favorite Disney movie?
I love a lot of other Disney movies too but I did enjoy that movie!
Oh hello
first 2 likers get 30 likes?
Why speech comm?
It's very diverse. I learn so much about theatre, radio production, and communication in general.
Yeah but what is your opinion on the way they talk. You dont find it annoying.
If I wanted to train at UPD's swimming pool can I?
I guess so!
Hi leah! :) where will you spend Christmas? :)
Home with the family! :-)
Boracay or Palawan
Do you and your siblings each have a yaya and driver?