hi leah! where'd you buy the baymax pillow on your snapchat story? thank ü

That's my friends baymax but I think it's sold in Ateneo trade :)


Sometime in August hehe love you too!!

What is culo?

What we call Redd sometimes

Happy Arbor Day! PAP of your favorite tree?


What time will you guys go to Satchmi Vinyl Day?

Hoping to catch all the acts because it's such an awesome lineup! Our set is at 12mn so please stay until the end of the event :p

hope i can have pictures with you guys esp with redd! 😊

Feel free to approach us before or after our set! 😊

FNL = friday night live! i saw your band's name in their poster in IG hehe

Oops. Yeah cool! See you there :)

see you at FNL!

What's FNL? Lol

Are you an Eco-friendly person?

I try my best to be!

What time is your set on April 30?

Not sure but we'll update our FB soon!

Hi leah! pls pls pls post the lyrics to Tides! :((

It's been so long since I last saw you
I've just been here all by myself pulling old books from the top shelf
Leaves are falling, I don't plan on coming down
How does it look from way up there? Can I survive the mountain air?

Hold your questions, you find your answers off the page
I heard you calling from a far set of to find out where you are
I can't help it, I can't help but speak my mind
I swore someday I'd leave this place, it's time to take this leap of faith

See me running through the dreams at night
Trying to keep myself above the tide
And if I fail at least I know I've tried
Tried my best to keep an open mind
Tried my best to keep an open mind

You call me headstrong, well I've had my ups and downs
I've seen reflections from the past beneath the shadows that you've cast
Look around you, can you feel the open air?
The view is better from right here, you're right there was nothing to fear

What's your favorite amusement park ride? Mel Ferrer

Any of the thrill rides at Six Flags!

Best hiking place in the Philippines you hiked?

MT. APO!!!! :(( HUHUHU

Anyone from the band going to Paradise MF?

I don't think so because we have a gig on the 9th! Playing at Market! Market! for Fujifilm's Instax & Crafts event :)

Hi, do you have any gigs this March or this coming April? I badly want to see you play again. :((

Here is a photo of our upcoming gigs for the month of March but we're still finalizing our gig schedule for the month of April. We'll keep you posted! We badly want to see you again! :)

Does Redd have an askfm account?

Sorry girls (and maybe some boys), I don't think he has one!

are you the only TRC member not going to Wanderland =)))

Half of us weren't able to go!

Do you have a phobia? What is it?

Fear of losing someone dear

So will you be in Wanderland!!!

I won't make it!! Huhuhu Bon Iver

leah when u comin back

Soon :)

I really like your solo stuff! any gigs soon? Also, can i interest you in listening to some of my songs? https://soundcloud.com/richmanila Rich Caramat

Solo? Nope! Ok haha

Best movies that you would suggest? :) Mike Quinto

Lately I've been binge watching Hayao Miyazaki films! Ponyo, Kiki's Delivery Service, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, etc. Random movies I can think of and suggest right now that aren't Miyazaki are The Intern, Me, Earl, & The Dying Girl, Buffalo '66, The Walk, The Martian, and of course Star Wars episode 1-7 :)

Are you seeing anyone right now?


Hahaha that was an epic fail

Don't be ashamed! It's all good!

Woah was that ask anonymously. If not im deds lol.

Haha it's okay!


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