Leah Halili @mermaidleah
Leah Halili @mermaidleah
Under the sea, up in the stars
Student-athlete, music lover, dreamer, & adventurer
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Tell the truth! Is there any guy you like right now?
Maybe yes, maybe no
How's life Leah?
Life's been good!
Which picture the best describes your city?
"Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura?"
Which picture the best describes your city?
How do you usually react when you find out a guy likes you?
:O "What no way!!!!"
What do you think is your most pleasing trait?
People think it's my hair, I'd like to believe it's my smile.
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Hi Leah ! What do you think of this chillout song ? www.youtube.com/MrSongs4today  Julie Destree
It's nice. Sounds like something you'll hear in a beach party!
How can you be motivated?
Seeing inspiration, prayer, and moving forward every single day
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what stresses you out? what hassles you?
When everything piles up. School can be a hassle, pollution stresses me out, and when these two collide, I can get really frustrated.
what ticks you off?
Stress + hassle = STRASSLE
What is your attitude towards hunting?
It's a hobby. I wouldn't do it but I guess some people find killing enjoyable.
Did you ever get your butt spanked as a child?
Sadly, yes
What is the Universe made of?
Little bits and pieces we call stardust. You are Stardust.
If you were reincarnated as an animal/drink/ice cream flavor, what would it be?  Mick Tuyay
Whale, Red Bull, Strawberry :-}
Brocka or DeLeon?
Baroca for Vitamin C!!!!!!
What if Student Rallies start to get shot (eventually wiped out, resulting to national chaos) at in Manila. What is the first rule of fight club?  Khalil Salih Verzosa
Punch each other
Bat wala ka pa bf? Wala ba nanliligaw sayo?
Kailangan ba may bf ako? Walang manliligaw eh! Charot
How can you tell that someone is lying?
When their nose gets longer
Post your OOTD
Post your OOTD
hey leah! how are you? :)
I'm good. Thanks for asking stranger!
Make friends or Influence People???
Definitely both
Rock, paper, ______ ?
whats your fave metal music or rock?
Happy Birthday :)
Thank you!!!!!
Pinoy Zac Efron amp. High ka ba?
Deins funny lang ako
Havent heard from u. Wat up?
I'm gooooood