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lowkey..whats alexs number..
Lowkey I cannot give u it
who do u like
do you and tony still have a thing or is that false
Nope just friends
You a virgin?
Yup yup
Are you as handy as Mandy?
Ha that's a good one
sex or weed?
Already answered this
Da fuck haha girl you on something tonite? You are confused AF tonight haha
Um what?
You mean Alex and spencer had a thing around homecoming but not anymore! Just like you and Pisto did but no more! I thought you guys were cute ):
Hahaha Alex & spencer have a thing again.
Who do you have a thing with?
No one
what top eyeliner do you use
I'm not sure
would you ever do two guys?
Do alex and spencer have a thing?
I believe
C'mon why not? Guaranteed good time(;
Ehh no thanks
I would love a party of three with you and Alex (;
Lol sorry bud
Sex or weed?
Why do I even have an Ask?
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so you and tony no more?
We are friends.
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Who is your boyfriend?
I do not have one
Tbh: we never talk anymore, but we should! You're super pretty :)  Gigi
Thank you and we should. (:
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double d's in your ass
Please don't
are you on the varsity basketball team?
bra size though?
Got that double D
wow, your body is perfection, bra size?
who ru dating
No one. It was a joke.
Your Ask.FM pic(:
Oh thanks (:
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