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welcome back :3

10x :D

What’s your motto?

Don't stop, can't stop !

Would you leave your home country for the one you love?

yeah !!

What is your favorite music band?

2PM ^^ :DDD

Which websites do you visit most frequently?

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr...and 9gag

Where will you go on your next trip?

Spain ^o^

;dd vijdal sam te v varna

:)) ..привлече вниманието ми :DD ...

mai da mai sam te vijdal

хах...щом казваш :) .. от къде си ?

:) .. познаваме ли се ?

Heyy :)) <33

хей :**

kolko struvat 3 minuti ? :P

ако са с любим човек, безценни са :))

If you could do anything now, what would you do?

i'd kiss you :D

Do you believe that playing is more important than winning?

Playing or winning -->> having fun :D

S kakvi gluposti te zanimavat ;D ?? ;P Who is your BBF ;P ??

What the f*ck ?! :D

Hi, how r u ?

i'm fine , thanks ^__^ :D and you ? :D :D

^0^ do you know meeeee ???? :3

idk :D

posveshtavam ti 1X[lotus(na ralo)] :P

aww mersiii <3333 :D

What do you think about Justin Bieber ?

nice guy :D

I am a monster (:

You are not a monster... you are just a person ;) lol !! ... btw... who are you :? xDD

hey (i think i know you)

okay :D

:) Have a nice day.

awwww ... thanks ^______^

Sometimes, to get something you've never had, you have to do something ... ?'ve never done ? haha

Do you love your country?

uhm... YES !!

(highfive) lol

OMG :D *high5* ... :D

How old are you ?

16.....and you ^___^ ? :D


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