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Mika Lauren Japaz @mikalaurenjapaz
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Guys have balls for girls to kick though
That's what I'm saying
Why did you kick and was it funny?
I don't remember, but for me it was hilarious and then I felt really bad cause he was mad:(
I love you Mikaaa - ya bish jay mula lol
I love you more
Have you ever kicked a guy in the balls?
yeah my bf like three times
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You gave me advice about my first kiss and I took it because it was sweet how you said wait for the right person and then I was just at my friends house who I care so much about and he kissed me and it was perfect and I'm so happy because it was meaningful so thanks 4 the advice Mika :)c u in class
You're so welcome
Yes out of the closet and thank you so much, you always were good at giving advice (:
you're welcome, and thank you!
What do you do when you had a flirtatious relationsship with someone but then had a fight with them and you really miss them? They're not ready not to come out and I don't want to make them do somethimg they don't want to ...
This is kind of confusing.. Like by "come out" do you mean come out the closet?.. I'm assuming, but you should definitely be patient.. Tell them how you miss them and how you feel about the situation, it's always best to just talk to someone, good communication builds on your relationship with them
what do u think about a bf touching his girls butt?
If my boyfriend didn't touch my butt id probably feel some type of way
so im bi but i kinda got feelings for two people wat should i do
keep talking to them at a reasonably slow pace.. Like don't commit to either one of them. Feel em out and choose homie
you give great advice B
yo you sum real asss nigga
da realist
Girl you the next oprah or some shit  Priscilla Ziskin
catch my new talk show, live on E news @ 8
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I'm a sophomore and haven't had my first kiss and I feel like a loser and that guys look at me like a prude.. The opportunity just hasn't come up and I don't want to kiss a random guy what should I do
don't rush it, let it happen when it was meant to happen, it'll be more special that way. But seriously don't listen to any dude in your school, I guarantee you 95% have gotten zero pussy in their lifetime. if anyone gives you shit let me know, I got the ratchet ready. l
(asking for real advice) I have a boyfriend that i love with all my heart, but i like this other kid who has made feel things i have never felt, and even thought i havent known him for long i really like hiim. i should break up with my boyfriend right?
if you loved your boyfriend with all your heart you wouldn't be feeling this other kid. you sound selfish, if you're in love with your boyfriend you're every desire should be to make him happy and if you can even consider leaving him for your own benefit and you're own happiness believe me, you're not in love girl.
how do you keep from caring fromwhat people think?
you're gunna be judged up until the day you die, people will always have their opinions but you have to remember they ain't shit.. At the end of the day it comes down to you and you alone. do you and do what makes you happy, anyone who can't respect that doesn't deserve your attention or you depriving yourself of things you want to do cause your scared of being judged. what people think doesn't pay your bills, fuck their thoughts
what do do you think of that nigga you dating
I think I could never be myself again if I were to ever lose him, he's my favorite person in the whole world
What is ur bf?
german, native american and black
Yasssss let these niggas know  Justin Givens
Black spanish asian or white guy?
my boyfriend
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Dont want sound like a perv or anything but i like seeing your butt. It so fat and nice. Stay sexy beautiful ❤️
Until marriage
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How do you stay fit?
nothing, Literally nothing.. I'm surprised I'm not obese actually
Do you love your bf?
more than I love myself
Can we see if u have cute feet
why would you stop talking to tojo he's the coolest nigga ever. heard he popped 6 molly's in one night and didn't die. that's a keeper if you ask me.
I popped 10 Molly's in a night, Tojo ain't no real nigga