Mika Japaz @mikalaurenjapaz
Mika Japaz @mikalaurenjapaz
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What do u use to keep your hair so nice and healthy?
My hair was super damaged from all the bleaching I did this year so my hair is mostly healthy bc 1. My extensions are healthy and 2. I cut my hair pretty short and thinned it out as much as I could so I basically cut off my dead hair. I use a lot of products on my hair, oils, deep conditioners and damage repair
Your hair looks so beautiful omg , do you use any hair treatments or oils on it?
Thank you! And I do, I deep condition occasionally and use silk oil and hot jojoba oil treatments
post it on your twitter when u do it pls!!!! i LOVE your makeup & hair and style so so so much!!!!
Thank you!!!
what's ur ethnicity
argentinean, portuguese and syrian!!
aw I'll def give it a try
Baddest bitch out there
Would you ever do a tutorial on how you do your makeup???
some people have asked me so I was considering maybe doing my everyday look
I wanna smoke with you but you make me nervous to even ask
omg don't be! I always like smoking with people I haven't smoked w before
Marry me & have my kids
maybe if that dick right
Not to be rude but why don't you go to school?
I go to a different school
Hi you don't know me but I came across you on twitter some way some how and I think you're freaking perfect and beautiful and you are literally goals
luv u
youre perfect and bae af ignore all the haters you know where you stand and I admire you hard af for it.
xoxo you the greatest
U got dealers in jc bby? Help ya girl out bc mine ain't shit at the moment - helpless stoner. P.s u know who this is, who else lives in jc. Lol imy.
I love u so much and yes I got u!!!!
You are so beautiful and unique and fucking holy shit so bad
Thank u so much!!
Let's burn then I'm down ;) I got some fire
always love smoking with new people!! hmu:)
Yet UR still a failure that every1 dislikes :( stop being a street child, close your legs and lay off the drugs Hun <333
I think u just dislike me bc u can't get that follow back:( already have an idea of which pathetic bitch this could b, I'm sorry ur life is so boring seriously, hey maybe there will be a high school football game this Friday!! U can get all dressed with your girls and take cute pics to get your 30 likes on ig❤️ have fun bby!!
I wanna burn with you but I might lose the blunt I always lose shit
u will not lose the blunt if ur with me
Let's go on a date to the city I'll get the bus tickets
let's go babe
Holla at me for a good time
Hollis @ u
Your face is so orgasmic
y thank yaaaa
I wanna try anal with you
I do not
You have such a unique style I just wanna take all your clothes off ;)
but I look cute w clothes on!!
I really wanna fuk you on my Versace sheets
that's better
Lol you're the dropout though... Good luck with your miserably sad future honey :(
lol actually I'm attending a program at bloomfield college and taking high school courses 2 get my diploma but okay sweets:)
Yo I really wanna fuck you on my cheetah sheets
I'm not a fan of cheetah