Mika Japaz @mikalaurenjapaz
Mika Japaz @mikalaurenjapaz
Take your sweet time
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daily makeup products?
I'm constantly trying new products but I've been wearing this as my daily routine and I've really been loving it, highly recommend all the products here
daily makeup products?
Black boy here.…what's good Mika?
hey black boy
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Would you fuck ?
probably not
You live in jersey ?
I like you.
You and your sister make me question my sexuality all the time like damn, both of your genes have been blessed
Gee thanks
forever waiting for your makeup tutorial
damn you be so much prettier without all that makeup you put on your face, shits unattractive on females bruh
boo hoo!! I look fucking cracked out without makeup on so fuk u, suk my ass, go get yaself one of them fresh faced organic blueberry bitches n slide out my ask thing
You and your sister are goals
:) thank u
I'm in yo dms mika
wat the fuck stop being a pussy and just mention me
Mike follow me back again man :|
Who is u
What made you become the person you are at the moment?
what I've experienced and how I've taken it and progressed from it
ever been with a black dude ?
Who do u look up to?
every member of my family, they are great people
I was bouta dm you again but you unfollowed me damn
I'm sorry:( I would follow u but I don't know who u r
I'll give you the best head ever bc you deserve it
u r the best
Why not :/
because I don't want to kill u silly
I want you to sit on my face till I can't breath
what no!!
thank u
Are you still dating curtis?
no it's just me:)
What's your nationality ?
argentinean portuguese and syrian!!!
when is your birthday lol?
February 4th
Text me back b
Loll uh yaa