Mika Japaz @mikalaurenjapaz
Mika Japaz @mikalaurenjapaz
Take your sweet time
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hate on my shiaaaat ☺
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tojo would eat you.
Tojo pls
Is Tojo gay
If Tojo is gay, I'm gay
if tojo was a healthy snack would you eat him on a regular basis
If Tojo wasn't a healthy snack, would I eat him every other day?????
Y r u so bootiful
thnx u:)
do u love tojo
You look like Donna from that 70's show. If you don't know, look her up. :)
omfg yes and shes Alex Vause in oitnb.. Ily
Ayee bby you're perfect, go like my answers? <3
u gotta follow me back so i can slide in ma
Mention me so u know who u isssssZ
Was Curtis Samaro ur bf
so you're saying i could slide in the dms
Dive into dem dms
i wanna get 2 know u but i met u on twitter
Twitter = life But not rlly
What time are you going to sleep I meant..
soon.. my eyes are getting heavy
What time do you plan on taking it down? & I'm telling you, you will be surprise when you see who this
Taking what down?
you're v beautiful ma
Thanks bae
Top 10 Hottest Almost juniors in bhs boys/girls
Ugh bye,
Lol ima tell you by the end of the night, I just want you to know that I think you are very beautiful and I thought that for a long time.
Tell me b4 I sleep:( this so so stressful
Can you list some thrift shops you go to in the city and in jersey?
I don't go thrifting in the city, everything is over priced.. look up some ones in Passaic or Hawthorne
What thrift shops do you go to
I go to a lot of different ones all the time
how old are you??
I'm 16
I enjoy the luxury of you not knowing who I am tho, can I just show you a side of me you never seen?
stop being so mysterious, so stressedd
Rejection is a mans worst enemy lol.. My pride is too high to tell you
hmmmm u shouldn't be so sure ur gunna get rejected..
You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen everything about you is perfect your smile your eyes and what I love the most is all your beauty marks , i swear you are perfect.
wow so sweet, it's really nice 2 know someone looks at me that way. thank you
It'll surprise you if you knew who I am lol
Pls don't do this to me:(((((((
I'm not afraid, I do talk to you here and there but never about how I'm attracted to you. Haha. It may just be lust though.
I wanna know who u areeeeeeeee
I really want to express to you my attraction to you but you've prob never seen me in that way. Plus I know I can show you a good time, if only you would give me the time of day.
awuh, you shouldn't be afraid 2 talk to me