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What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?
contemplate life
what if one day you got on the internet and all of the backgrounds of websites were replaced with a picture of your face  jackson
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what if one day you looked in the mirror and your face was replaced with the internet  jackson
o god
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what if one day you looked out of the window and everything green was replaced with mirrors  jackson
my walls are green i like this
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what if the illuminati is planning to replace all roads and sidewalks with mirrors and basically make the world an oven for itself  jackson
that would be so cool
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pudding  jackson
sometimes i give him a kiss
a little business kiss!
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knock knock  jackson
whos there
my kitty cat
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?
i have a challenge, use ur profile pic to prove that ur illuminati  jackson
i tried
i have a challenge, use ur profile pic to prove that ur illuminati
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if you were a sauce what would you be called and what would you taste like and what foods would you typically be used as a flavor enhancement on  jackson
i would be peri peri
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why do we make landfills and dumps for trash don't you think we should at least blend it up and use it as fuel for a fire or something  jackson
because were lazy
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tell me about the most recent time you accidentally  jackson
i accidentally put water in a container that wasn't water proof and it fucked up my art project for world cultures ;-;
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related to my last question, what if our purpose in life is to prevent the illuminati from ending the world by compressing the earth to nothingness with the blue fabric surrounding it  jackson
we need to stop global warming and protect the ozone layer
global warming is caused by the illuminati
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what if there world is actually surrounded by blue fabric and space is a lie and the government pays nasa and astronauts and other countries space organizations to make us believe it exists  jackson
whats behind the fabric?
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sdrawkcab gnikaeps saw uoy tub enoyreve dna pu ekow uoy yad eno fi tahw  jackson
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if you had the chance to squeeze anything in existence one time, what would you squeeze  jackson
a hamster
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ʍɥɐʇ ᴉɟ ouǝ pɐʎ ʎon ʍoʞǝ nd ɐup ǝʌǝɹʎouǝ qnʇ ʎon ʍɐs sdǝɐʞᴉuƃ ndsᴉpǝ poʍu  jackson
i would cri
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ayo guh wer u stay at  jackson
in yo boo T
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what if instead of having stoplights and intersections everywhere we built a city where the roads just go over/under each other (yes, there are still turn lanes)  jackson
how would these turn lanes work?
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What is the most inventive point of use?  jackson
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What is the most useful invention?  jackson
the internet/computers
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So you're making an amusement park. (Surprised? Me too!) What's the theme?  jackson
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how  jackson
that awkward moment when your teacher doesn't even know the essential questions.
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What books on your shelf are begging to be read?
Pretties, Crossed, Reached, Eragon, The Invention of Hugo Cabret (i read it in 4th grade but i dont think i ever finished it)
and a follow up question, is there someone in your life that could make you blush so hard that your cheeks would burst open and make blood spray everywhere?  jackson
bot a person so much as situations
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