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What can you do that others can't do?
Kelley and i found out we can fit our whole fists in our mouths. #NoGagReflex
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Why did u delete the question about who u hate?
Becuase one who shall not be named texted and called people to tell them to tell me to delete or she was going to cry to her mommy... Therefore i deleted it before i got grounded for doing nothing.
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2 8  nicole carter
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Alright bitch, wanna go there with Gianna? You don't know her. She has had so many things happen to her this year and she is such an amazing person. So GUESS WHAT ASSHOLE, fuck you. Ok? Keep your nose in the air but you don't know her. Gianna I love you. And I'm stalking your ask and text me
<3 <3 <3 cant wait till tommorow!
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Your voice is annoying and high pitch.
Go ahead: tell me how ugly I am. How freaking annoying I am. How shifty I look. How I ducking act. I dare you to tell me I'm crazy. Tell me how u think I'm stupid. I'll just say thanks.
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you so like Jon.
You so don know shit about me. me and Jon r friends. he likes someone new each week. Sorry to diss appoint.
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Holy cow Bella looks so old in your profile pic!  Abby Rose
ik she i tall as hell too.
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Your freaking perfect! Can I please be you
hahahahhaa thanks.
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Hey girlllll  Lindsey Petrie
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Cheer soccer volleyball  Collin Cooke
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leave Gianna alone! she had enough on her mind.  Sydney Salvatore
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you know people pretend to be your friend. it's funny that u don't realize it. I could name a bunch of people who aren't your friends; Tori Eli, zainab, Jon, anyone you sit with at lunch, and everyone on your bus.
sounds stalkerish that you know who I sit with and stuff....
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Wait so your fish is alive or did it melt
one; a fish doesn't ever and hasn't ever melted. two who ever started this melted shit. three: the fish has a bowl with blue rocks and fish food. alright? alright.
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Girl I love u please text me I never knew anything about your dad but I'm sure he was an amazing person miss u!!!
I love and miss u 2!
ahh gianna ilysm and ur so strong<3 keep up the good work baby!  Rachel Martin
ahhhhhhh ilysm2! thanks babe.
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Gianna i love you so much! Your braveness is overpowering and i couldnt do what you do and still look so strong i know i havent told u in person but im really sorry for everything. I will always be here girlfriend! Hang out with me soon! Love youuuuuuu  Erinn
omg thanks Erin. I love u 2.
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Why'd you delete your insta
because my mom saw some posts of other people, the whole sexting picture thing, and everything else that has happened this month.
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can I do anything for you? I'm so sorry for your loss.
I WANT ANYONE AND EVERYONE TO GO TO YOUR FAMILY HUG THEM AND SAY I LOVE YOU. TEXT RELATIVES, COUSINS, GRANDPARENTS, SIBLINGS AND TELL THEM YOU LOVE THEM because you never know when time is gonna run out and when it does you will wish u got one last chance to tell them That YOU LOVE THEM. PLEASE DO THIS FOR ME?
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Did you like the dinner my momma brought you ;)
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ur gorgeous
How did your dad pass away
that's classified.
Gianna I am soo sorry about yor dad I know that it is kinda late but I know what your going through something happened to me a couple of years ago like that it may seem hard at first but it will get better I promise stay strong and you and your family are in my prayers
thank you
hi giannnaaaaa
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Yea Ik :( but whenever you feel up to it.. you got me :)  Abby Rose
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Im so sorry about ur dad gianna:( stay strong<3  Olivia Mccarthy
thanks Olivia. Enjoy your brownie?