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What are some of your other interests?
I really enjoy reading God's word and learning more about him. It bring me peace in knowing he's with me through everything.
What is your goal in life
To turn as many Lost souls into believers I can because I want everyone to have eternal life with our savior In his kingdom.
How do you know being gay is against Gods will? Have you talked to him personally? Yeah Didn't think so...
It's in his word and yes actually I do have a strong relationship with God and converse with him through prayer.
What would you say to a atheist?
I'd tell him you might be right and I might be wrong but God has blessed me with a wonderful life I'm not changing my beliefs. But if I'm right and you're wrong, what're you going to say to God when he judges you at heavens gates?
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Do you like to dance?
She's not that cute
She is in my eyes :)
You and Erica would be a very cute couple! To bad she's going off to college otherwise would you consider dating?
Maybe ya! An I know she is!
You wouldn't be close to your sister if she was gay??
Nah I don't support what God doesn't.
The everyone is beautiful comment going along with that
Oh iight
Except you think Erika's the shit
Ya she niceeeeeeee. What you mean except though?
Everyone is beautiful
That's true
Who are your tweets about?
Someone beautiful
Ya i guess thats a problem... Otherwise would you guys be together?? :)
Idon't know.. Ask her!!
You guys would be so cute :) why aren't you together?? :D
She leaves for college in September!! :(
It's all good if you do she's super sweet and extremely pretty :)
Ya I know she is!!
So that's a yes! You do like her... Mystery solved :)
Haha maybe
What is one thing you are sure of?
My dream. And my faith in God.
You like Erika??? I know it... :)
What do you look for in a girl
Ask me this when I'm not lazy haa
Blonde or brunette
No preference. Depends on the girl
Wanna come cuddle and watch a movie mitchel!!
Ya on my way!
Ahh nevermind... If you guys meet it will happen for a reason :) god has his ways!
What about a sophomore cause my friend is super nice and athletic... She thinks your pretty attractive too ;)
Haha who is it?
Dang... Wish I was older :(
Haha nahh you don't! You needa cherish the years you have young!