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بتسافرين ؟
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3 facts about you?
Vegetarian , love flowers and helping others
فكري لامنه سرح ما يجيب الا طواريك
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do u know of any apps like chatous where you can make new friends?
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Why you dont talk arabic or tweet arabic alot most of your tweets english?
I got used to it, I do tweet in arabic too.
شي كفيل يخليج تحكمين على الي جدامج ؟
Ma agdr a7km 3l sh59 nfsa ela etha 3rfta 3dl:p
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متى يكون الانسان وقح بنظرج؟
Rude, ungrateful and a liar person
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له منزله بأقصى الضماير لحاله ♡
انتي حكايه جميله مالها راوي اللي جذب مبدعين الشعر منظرها
Thank you
lesh sheltaaii link ask min twitter?
I don't think It's important.
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منو اكثر شخص يسال عنج اكثر مما انتي تسئلين عنه ؟
How shall I know?
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the best birthday gift brayeeiich?
3la 7sb elsh59
Do you miss someone? be honest!
مثل طيبتج واسلوبج ماشفت صج ونعمه التربيه يا اجمل مريم
Tslmen , a9lch el6ayb
why are you gorgeous?
Thank you , that's from ur sweet taste
laash ma trdeeiin ib sr3a 3la ask?
Mo kl mra adsha
ممكن فووولو باك
I only follow the people whom i know
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Do you love chocolate?
عيدج مبارك
ايامج سعيدة
الحلا يحتويها و الغلا يرتجيها شيخة الحسن مريم الله الله عليها ♡؛*
Tslmen , mn tho8ch
باجر بتروحين اللقاء التنويري؟
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shno tswen etha in7rjty?
Lol, I'll be all over-the place
How do you cheer up a friend when they're feeling down?
I would tell her a joke and buy to her a jar of cookies
What is your favorite kind of flowers?
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شصيرون حق دلال؟
Ask her