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الحلا يحتويها و الغلا يرتجيها شيخة الحسن مريم الله الله عليها ♡؛*
Tslmen , mn tho8ch
باجر بتروحين اللقاء التنويري؟
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shno tswen etha in7rjty?
Lol, I'll be all over-the place
How do you cheer up a friend when they're feeling down?
I would tell her a joke and buy to her a jar of cookies
What is your favorite kind of flowers?
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شصيرون حق دلال؟
Ask her
شصيرون لكم الصانع انتي و دلال العنزي؟
Ma y9eron lei , y9eron 7g dlal
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bs2lech so2al?
enty g9era?
something you want?
Allah a3lm
تعتقدين انه الواحد لازم يستغل الفرصه او ينطر فرصه ثانيه؟
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I love your name
Thank you
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what is your favorite program when you were child?
Bananas in pajamas...etc
ay mn68a?
Google it
كنتي اي ثانوية؟
I admire ur personality..
Thank you
a7bch ♡
7btch el3afya
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do you think that everybody deserve a second chance?
Not really, cause people might over use this privilege
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What do you do to let others know you love them?
Actions speak louder than words.
على اي اساس تحكمين على الشخص الي جدامج ؟
Mn eleslob o 6re8at elklam
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عيد ميلادك
1st of Oct
Shnu ely mta
اذا شفتي احد شنو اول شي تلاحظينه فيه؟
Their smile
What is your favorite number?
7 and 3