*Dirty Pirate* @mominadar
*Dirty Pirate* @mominadar
Mediterranean Sea.
MUSLIM ALHAMDULILLAH.....On Earth Since '98...O3...Sherlockian ;)...Muzik Freak♪... I Tour Like A Dirty Pirate! ♥ It's Not The People That Change, It's The Kutta Inside Them Which Comes Out!
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People Say I Wear A Mask And Yes They Say The Right Thing.
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Seems that you're burning like Gasoline. burn more. I like you burning.
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Sachi? Ab mujhe smjh nahin lg rhi ke yeh sarcasm tha yaa sach? :p  Sameer Hassan
ab mujhe nahi samjh lag rahi k why don't people take me seriously yar ? :P
Facts about you?(sent to everyone I follow)  Fahrisah Tazree
I am Always The Only One At The Table With The Most Scattered Food In Plate.
There Are Times When I Go Totally Insane That I Can't Even Handle My Own Self.
I Always Count The Hours Of Sleep I'll Get Before Sleeping.It Makes Me Go 'YO!'.
I Daydream A Lot.
I Change With The Passage Of Time And I Call It Adaptation.
I Listen To Rock/Metal/Pop.
I Hate Girlish Girls.
I Ignore People A Lot.
I Like To Help People No Matter They Need My Help Or Not.
that's enough for now.
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How can we be sure that we really love someone?  THE MUFFIN MAN
maybe heart skips a beat and we blush whenever that 'someone' is around. the most important is that you feel something heavy at the far end of your neck which makes you unable to swallow properly.
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Remember me? :D  Sameer Hassan
yar ap kesi baaten ker rye ho, apko kesi bhool sakti hun? :P
If you were a bird, where would you fly?
I'd be a lazy bird. Would sit on the couch with popcorn and watch an amayyzing movie!♥
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Eminem or 1 Direction ? :3  Zain Ali
1 Direction is so GAY.
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How well do you know him/her on a scale of 1-10?
I'd appreciate if you send me the name of 'him/her' too.
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Follow back ?  Zoë 
bari hi koi ajeeb-o-ghareeb insan ho O_O
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if you're getting this, you are awesome, cool, funny and beautiful in your own way :') stay dope and have an awesome day, (sending it to everyone i follow) :)  THE MUFFIN MAN
thankyou *.*
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Do you believe in second chances ? :)
do your best in the first chance and you will never have to wait for any second chances because second chances are basically based on effort whereas first ones are based on luck! and luck proves to be more stronger.
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first liker gets 23 likes .
I ain't veli much now-a-days.
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Followed You. Follow Back please? *-*  Khizar Ul Islam.
followed back O_o
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skype pr ho  Ali Shah
ye kya ho gya hai aj kal ke nojawanon ko? untick kr ke bagerti?
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How do you usually express your emotions?
by updating statuses.
How do you usually express your emotions?
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Post Any Recent Picture of Yours? :)
aj kal mein bohat massi bani hui hun.
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Thoughts About Guys Who Smoke ?? :3  ⇙ They call him Mr'Qas ._.
I personally do not like them :/ you should avoid smoking too! it's just an advice!
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kik pr ho?(♡˙︶˙♡)  Ali Shah
itni frankness?
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Thoughts On ‎@qasimalitariq's questions jo wo un sab se poxhta hai jinhe follow krta hai :/ ??
uh? kya? O_o
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What is the Universe made of?
Paper, which will be crumbled one day!
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How long does love live?
less than a second.
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How can you tell that someone is lying?
Eyes Says It All!
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20 likes for first 2 likers .
Nikal Ja Hun Ethon, Chad'de Payn Nu -.-
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*plz read* (a question i'm asking everyone i'm following)* what have we done for the martyrs of Palestine? are we helping those innocents who are still being massacred? :( NO! what if we spend some minutes to recite Soorah-e-fatiha nd Soorah-e-ikhlaas nd forward it's reward to those innocent lives?  ZeeKaay
Please everyone recite Surah Fatiha and Surah Ikhlas for the martyrs of Palestine! please DO!
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