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As the year 2014 is about to end in less than 2 weeks and may you have joy and success in upcoming year InshaAllah, what is your favorite memory and sad memory from 2014 ? remember me in prayers. " S.T.A.I.F "  Puck. The fairy Dragon ♥
Favourite memory is ofcourse NKhan. *.*
And the saddest one is 'Black Day' Peshawar Attack. Even a thick book is too less to sum up such big loss. Terrorists gonna pay for each bullet.
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This is a chain. Kindly recite Surah Fatiha Thrice & Durood Shareef Thrice For the victims of ruthless killing in Peshawar. Please forward this question to maximum people and do not break the chain. Thankyou! #TheLeastWeCanDo  Muhammad Usman Khaqan
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This is a chain , please do not break it , Kindly recite Surah Fatiha Thrice & Durood Shareef Thrice For the victims of ruthless killing in peshawar. please forward this question to Maximum persons u can.  Mr'Qas ._.
Please recite Darood Shareef & Fatiah for the departed souls.. May Allah grant them the highest rank in Jannah .Ameen  MurtaZa
^Done. You all do this as well please.
and Ameen!
What are your Thoughts About Yourself ?? Eveybody is giving Thoughts to others. Lets Try something new | #NoHate :3 |  Mr'Qas ._.
Iam not what I used to be. Now Iam more reserved. And I like being this way. B|
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‎@huralikhanbangash and ‎@naufilfaisal send them hate they leaked mashal khan balti"s and sana riaz qureshi"s scandal (proposal wala) Fuck them :3 Block Them whatever.
Everyone's got their own problems and this is certainly not mine.
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Hi,dear,i fell in love with you.i am in love with you not for how you look, just for who you are.we have known each other for so long when i first saw you here,love is not an examination date you pass or fail,love is not a competition that you won or lose,love is a feeling in which you take care of  nabil sam
Aunty police bula legi. :3
Lame Like You.
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What do you like to cook?
I prefer eating rather than cooking. B|
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What do you value most in Friendship ??  Mr'Qas ._.
The bond between friends. The stronger it is the better it is.
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Do you prefer to ski or snowboard?
beta hamare idhar baarish ho jaye bari baat hai or tum baraf ki baaten krte ho.
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Your Ideal ?  Sheikh Wajahat
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Am i bothering you By Asking Questions ?? .-.  Mr'Qas ._.
Only bothering Not* Irritating. I like your questions. :')
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It's Grammar not Grammer! stop judging people for a language you suck at yourself!
whoah! You've got a bad ass.
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Tameez Kar Nahi To Paran Marr.
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If you had to get on a 14 hour flight, who would you want to sit next to?
Him. You've no idea how much shugal we will have. xD
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You All Are Awesome x . (Sending to all i follow) P.s Everybody's Doing it.  Hur Aly.
haha thankyou :'D
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First liker gets 20 likes rest get 2 ^_^
What if I refuse to give likers likes? Ponder upon it.
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best moment till now ???  Sheikh Wajahat
The bestest moment so far was when I saw NKhan. *.* momentos too sweet to forget.
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That Forever Alone Moment When ?? .-.  Mr'Qas ._.
When your friends keep on telling you about their boyfriends and their stuff and you can't do anything except 'hahaaha waqai? phir? :D' -.-
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bibi zinda hain?
call her 'BIBI' she won't bother.
call her 'LADY' and she'll start responding.
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yar mene to answer like hi nai kia tha. bare dil phenk ho.
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Dp <3 *-*  حۈڛۈ ✨
itna pyaar? kiu yaar?
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blablabla.  Anna Salsabil Rana.
array waah!
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If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be?
Choco Baby Choco.
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what's your best pickup line?  Munibaayyy
Tere Yaar Dekhen Mujhko...Ah Mein Tujhko. *.*
^Gaana hai ye.
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