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Momina. @mominadar
Momina. @mominadar
MUSLIM ALHAMDULILLAH.....On Earth Since '98...O3...Sherlockian ;)...Muzik Freak♪... I Tour Like A Dirty Pirate! ♥
Beyond Your Reach. So Don't Try Dude.
RSS answers
What would you name your first child?
let me ask my child's father. mutual consultation you know.
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Follwed.... Follow back???  Saad Ishtiaq
keep calm or gane suno.
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do u love pakistan?
I love NKhan.
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biryani or burger?
COKE with both.
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One fact about you?  Abdullah.
I change every year.
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If you can have 1 thing for sure, what would that be ? * sent to few *  ہاں، میں باغی ہوں ♥ ▲
#StudiesKaSwag B|
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What is your biggest regret?
many regrets.
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Bro was as in not in bhai wala bro. Jazz bro.  Ghalib Khalil
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Thankyou bro  Ghalib Khalil
*.* *.*
bro? :'( chalo koi baat nahi. :P
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Oy hoy.. Kitni baar qatal kro gi mera roz hi to apni qatilana nazron se krti ho aap ;)
-.- yar.ap.plis.magron.lath.jao.
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Momina Dar The Chosen one me ne aisa kuch b nahi smjha jo ap smjh rahi me Apni pic nahi capture krwata so is liye random Model Pic lgayi simple :P  Ik-Rude Exe
yar apne to meri baat ko dil pe hi le lia hai.
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De de jawab .. Mar ra hun jawab k lye? Nae kha jata :D
to sakoon se marr ja.
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Follow for Follow ?  Ik-Rude Exe
zac efron ki tasveer lga k apne apko kya samjh raha hai bhai tu?
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i love u.  Rana Mehdi (✔)
mubarak ho bhai jaan apne dare pura kar lia hai. ab ap hansi khushi zindagi guzar skte hain.
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Do you believe in horoscopes?
nope. Because the opposite happens with me whatever my horoscope states. Only Allah knows what is to happen and when it's to happen.
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Salam..bhai jaan XD
bhai kay sath badmaashi?
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tu idhar pyare afzal laga hai?
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Followed,back?  Sara Ahmed
I only follow piiyaaree larkay.
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off course username!
'off' hoja beta.
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Itni mehnat fansigns pe? :l  Its Maverikh
the likers were worth it. they gave me likes instead. what would be much better than that? :P
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instagram ID pls?
ID? you mean username? no insta.
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likers get ???  MenhaL HassaN
kuch bhi nahi.
likers get ???
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TRUE STORY ...???  ♕- fAaBiEzEiR -♕
Such Pathetic Indian Serials. -.-
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awkward moment???  Sania *_*
awkward moment is when you have your physics exam the very next day and you don't know which topic to study first.
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Followed you. Follow back please? *-*  Alexis.
ayeeein *.* sure!
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