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Who is the best movie villain?
Villains are never pyaray.
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Please like it please No hats :-
okay no hats from my side.
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What movie can you watch over and over again?  Munibaayyy
Hangover! B|
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A city/country you've always wanted to visit?  Munibaayyy
Tokyo *.* Mayyn Them Cars! ♥
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It's Saturday! What are you doing today?
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How do you stay fit?
by eating all the way. B|
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im so fucking bored! lets do something! like: likes=likes? what do you say?
Iam so effing not bored.
Let's stay lazy.
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A question u hate to answer?  Munibaayyy
'Are You Single?' :3
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array waah. rishta me now?
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How do u express ur anger?  Munibaayyy
obviously by delivering gaaliyan.
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Favorite quote?  Munibaayyy
Zaroori Nahi Kay Sirf Apka Kutta 'Wafadaar' Nikle,
Kabhi Kabhi Apka Wafadaar Bhi 'Kutta' Nikal Sakta Hai.
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What is the best song of all time?
Crazy In Love. *.*
-50 Shades Of Grey
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Your pick for tomorrow ? Australia or New Zealand ? :3  Zain Ali ✌
Australia B|
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Thoughts on me! ✌️ No hate okay...only if u want to! ✋  Munibaayyy
You ask amazing questions. :') Keep askin! ^.^
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What would you have to do to make people like/dislike u instantly?  Munibaayyy
pick my nose in front of them. xD FITTAY HI MUU!
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Fun fact?  Munibaayyy
Good friends discuss their personal lives. Best friends discuss POOP!
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Duh!! -.-
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imitate your father ??? :D  Rana Mehdi
'kam khaya kro.'
'kitna khaogi?'
'abhi or bhi khana hai?'
YUS, I Eat and forget to stop. B|
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Thoughts on makeup?  Munibaayyy
Alternative method to hide your ugliness.
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How fast do you fall asleep?
Place the books besides my pillow and then you can count the seconds even on you fingers.
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‎@Khalidkhan10118 Plz give him some likes.
‎@Khalidkhan10118 yar apka to bohat high level hai.
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Allah ja koi bnda gift hi de de usko 20 like back dun ga  Ali sh
Allah ja koi bnda gift hi de de usko 20 like back dun ga
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Who is your most attractive friend?
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What's the last book you read?
The Da Vinci Code By Dan Brown.
-High Level!
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What is the weirdest thing you've heard somebody say?
''Ni Samina Ammi Nu Pouch Kinni Botiyan Paavan?'' *.*
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