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Watch Your Ass Or I'll Do Something Twice As Bad. ✗o✗o
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Ilysm( recent
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Post a picture of you wearing your favorite pair of sunglasses.
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What do you think makes a person beautiful?
His ethics! 👌
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If u could only keep five possessions, what would they be?  Munibaayyy
Portable Internet Device.
Cell phone.
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What is one career you would love to enter?  Bilal✌
I'd love to do Genetic Engineering. *.*
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likers get?
Kal ki Aftaari.
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bhai tu to ghaib hi ho gia hai!
untick to kro, mein tumhara 'bhai chara' nikalun.
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Your favourite Pakistani model ? 🌝  Mr'Qas✌️
Sanam Saeed! *.*
Your favourite Pakistani model ? 🌝
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What is your favorite meme? Show us!
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If you could talk with only one person for the rest of your life, who would it be?
Rohan. 👌
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followed :) ‎@bsbwss
followed back :)
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post anything you feel like😊  Bilal✌
mjhe roza lag raha hai.
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heyy  Sid
acha to ye wala mazak kbse shuru hua hai? 😒
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What's something that everyone should do every day?
Take a bath daily.
Warna aas paas kay loag marr jaynge.
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Amna Ali Cheema k sath abi b firendship ha ?
Aamna* her Amna and be prepared for a broken face.
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Perfection is?
Perfection is?
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where are u from
Man you shouldn't be interested in that.
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Sehris be like..?  Owais
Sehris be like..?
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If people had a warning label, what would yours say?
'Watch your ass or I'll do something twice as bad' 😁
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like = TBH for first 20 plz
Okay. Bring It On.
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Not so close. 😁
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followed :) follow back ??  HamXa Chaudhary ✔
following you now. ^_^
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Some random guy is dead/unconscious and lying on the road. No one is helping and people are going on their way. What would You do?  Mr'Qas✌️
Capture his photos so I could make a collage and put it on facebook with a sympathy note. This is exactly what's happening now-a-days. :3
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What is something that is "uncool" that you do anyway?
But It's cool btw, isn't it?
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