Unfortunately Human. @mominadar
221B Bakers Street
MUSLIM ALHAMDULILLAH.....On Earth Since '98...O3...Sherlockian ;)...Muzik Freak♪... I Tour Like A Dirty Pirate! ♥
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People Say I Wear A Mask And Yes They Say The Right Thing.
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hi i just wanna tell you that you have amazing profile and your answers are awesome .I've learnt lots of things out of it and its my pleasure to follow your profile.i know its ask.fm but i cant stop my self to share my feeling with one of the best person here ,stay same and stay blessed :)xx..
I'd literally love to see you...untick maybe? thankyou btw...stay blessed
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Please send something to all of your followers :)
something? like what? O.o
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You're Sweet <3 Stay blessed
sweet as sugar :P Thanku BTW.
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Eid Mubarak! :) Tikkay lgao Musalmanoo. :D  She Wants The 'D'anish.
your name :O #CharsiMawali :P
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plz likes And I will Backk ♡♡  Shahem :)
mayyn apki aangrezi ki maa behn huivi hai.
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What makes us human?  THE MUFFIN MAN
who's human? me? naah! B|
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That wasnt Any Mazzak. Why would You even Add It To Your Bio Then? :)  Love Dose. ✌️
yar galti ho gai...phansi pe charha do mujhe ab.
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http://ask.fm/MurtaZaxxAftab/answer/116548915328 Compliment: Mooooonay <3 best hai tu kasamay :D . Chikni :D . Pyaaari :D You're my best friend :') . You're always there when i need you :D . Best of luck for your exams :') . Treat leny ao ga mai :')
tzayyyyy ^_^ ^_^ ayee :'D maskay! IKR =') ThankYou *.* khususi ijtamai dua krni hai mere liye :'P treat pakki bai pakki :D
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heya. :)  Love Dose. ✌️
ask ka to smjh mein ata ye facebook wala konsa mazak hai bai?
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Likers get?
Gosht :3
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What would you do with a person who is continiously teasing you and accidently untickes and reveals himself?  She Wants The 'D'anish.
I'll probably murder him. and now don't tell me that you did the same to me ? O_o
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eid mubarak to all my muslim hommies, with love from manchester :) have an awesome day  THE MUFFIN MAN
Khair Mubarik =') and your display thoh xD
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Seems that you're burning like Gasoline. burn more. I like you burning.
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Sachi? Ab mujhe smjh nahin lg rhi ke yeh sarcasm tha yaa sach? :p  Sameer Hassan
ab mujhe nahi samjh lag rahi k why don't people take me seriously yar ? :P
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Facts about you?(sent to everyone I follow)  Fahrisah Tazree
I am Always The Only One At The Table With The Most Scattered Food In Plate.
There Are Times When I Go Totally Insane That I Can't Even Handle My Own Self.
I Always Count The Hours Of Sleep I'll Get Before Sleeping.It Makes Me Go 'YO!'.
I Daydream A Lot.
I Change With The Passage Of Time And I Call It Adaptation.
I Listen To Rock/Metal/Pop.
I Hate Girlish Girls.
I Ignore People A Lot.
I Like To Help People No Matter They Need My Help Or Not.
that's enough for now.
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How can we be sure that we really love someone?  THE MUFFIN MAN
maybe heart skips a beat and we blush whenever that 'someone' is around. the most important is that you feel something heavy at the far end of your neck which makes you unable to swallow properly.
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Remember me? :D  Sameer Hassan
yar ap kesi baaten ker rye ho, apko kesi bhool sakti hun? :P
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If you were a bird, where would you fly?
I'd be a lazy bird. Would sit on the couch with popcorn and watch an amayyzing movie!♥
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Eminem or 1 Direction ? :3  Jiye Zain Ali ✌ ♥
1 Direction is so GAY.
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How well do you know him/her on a scale of 1-10?
I'd appreciate if you send me the name of 'him/her' too.
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Follow back ?  Zoë 
bari hi koi ajeeb-o-ghareeb insan ho O_O
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if you're getting this, you are awesome, cool, funny and beautiful in your own way :') stay dope and have an awesome day, (sending it to everyone i follow) :)  THE MUFFIN MAN
thankyou *.*
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Do you believe in second chances ? :)
do your best in the first chance and you will never have to wait for any second chances because second chances are basically based on effort whereas first ones are based on luck! and luck proves to be more stronger.
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