Ambraan Di Queen. @mominadar
Ambraan Di Queen. @mominadar
221B Bakers Street
MUSLIM ALHAMDULILLAH.....On Earth Since '98...O3...Sherlockian ;)...Muzik Freak♪... I Tour Like A Dirty Pirate! ♥
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People Say I Wear A Mask And Yes They Say The Right Thing.
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Do you like sparkling or still water?
I only like Baraf wala water. :3
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2  Devil Never Cry
owwhh mayyn.
- <3 Because | | ,-,  Mr'Qas ._.
aww thankyou ^.^
can dreams turn into reality?  THE MUFFIN MAN
Yes, only if you have enough will power to turn them into reality. High spirits can take you anywhere.
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who do you love the most :)  THE MUFFIN MAN
ayeeee kya puch lia hai xD MERA HOT SUPERVISOR. *.* =`)
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Okay ladies let's rock :)  Devil Never Cry
how many ladies do you see here?
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Yes Devil May Cry now :)  Devil Never Cry
1 2 3....BOOM!
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Likes and follow :)  Devil Never Cry
No. Devil MAY Cry Now.
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follow back pretty girl ?  Moaj Ahmed
user died.
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Chikni :* Display :*
murtaza baaz a jao tum :'D
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What is the weirdest word in your language?
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what is this ambraan?
ask honey singh. maybe he will help you out with this.
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Thoughts on I.S.I.S ( Daesh ) activities inception in Pakistan ? * sent to people I follow *  hahaha ha ha .-. ▲
Sorry, I am unaware of all these affairs as am busy in studies these days.
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one thing that you always wanted to do but you couldn't ? :)  THE MUFFIN MAN
:3 the threat of receiving chittar was always at it's peak.
one thing that you always wanted to do but you couldn't ? :)
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never disturb the girl with weird name. #NoteThat
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Your favorite quote : *Sending to all my Followings*
Depp Is Always Deep! *.*
Your favorite quote :
*Sending to all my Followings*
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Whats the first thing you do when you wake up?  Abdul Manan
try to sleep again.
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Dont Worry, you are not a human.
when did you see me worrying about it?
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Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?
phaaleeez. no janwaron wala question.
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How do you communicate most with your friends?
we mostly talk during the lectures. we communicate by writing on rough papers. when it's caught by the Teacher she is not able to understand a SINGLE word. *VICTORY FOR US B|*
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Who is this batakh on ur wall?
dunno :3
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She is your landlady. Do you even 221 B Baker Street?  Battakh (Duck)
han to wo meri landlady hai na...apko kya hai bai? :3
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Mrs Hudson ka kia haal hai?  Battakh (Duck)
mere mu ke kis hisse se lagta hai k MEIN SHERLOCK HUN?
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hi i just wanna tell you that you have amazing profile and your answers are awesome .I've learnt lots of things out of it and its my pleasure to follow your profile.i know its but i cant stop my self to share my feeling with one of the best person here ,stay same and stay blessed :)xx..
I'd literally love to see you...untick maybe? thankyou btw...stay blessed
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