Momina Dar.✌ @mominadar
Momina Dar.✌ @mominadar
221B Bakers Street.
On Earth Since '98. O3. I Tour Like A Dirty Pirate! ♥ I Lol A Lot!
Watch Your Ass Or I'll Do Something Twice As Bad. ✗o✗o
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Do fishes get thirsty? *DO NOT GOOGLE😑*  Munibaayyy
I've no idea.
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Mera compliment💔 dhokay baaz  Zulekha.
hamein dukh hua. Apne hmare pyar ki qadar hi kahan ki!
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what do you find attractive in a guy/girl ?  Mr'Qas ✌️
Killing Looks.
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Would you follow the white rabbit?
I only follow kutta.
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What hobby do you wish you could pick up?
Sketching or Painthing. Anything related to art.
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What would you do if you can change something in the world for one hour ? :3  Zain Ali ✌ ⚡️ ∆
Not for one hour but I want my maths paper to be delayed forever. #ScrewCIEs
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If you were to write a novel what would it be about?  Munibaayyy
It'd be about life.
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Man all of the people out there owe you for making them think for a while and Iam one of them. Thankyou. I appreciate your effort. #StayBlessed
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Summer or Winter ?? 😁  Mr'Qas ✌️
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What is paradise for you?
Aamna's Pool in summer. xD
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1st liker gets 25 likes and rest get 1 like !?? ^.^
mein agar ask use kr rahi hun to iska ye hargiz matlb nahi k MEIN VELI HUN!
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What things should you never tell your parents?
That the guy sitting right next to you in examination hall was piiyaaraa. *.* They'll be like 'Beta paper kis time kiya tha?'
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jangan lupa follow yaw😘😘 ‎@SarahAtiqah160  Yana Mauliatari br zebua
sakht kism kay veilay loag.
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What was the most interesting place you have ever visited?
Tuscany, but that wasn't interesting thoh. I only loved the food.
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Already following you, bubz :')  Muhammad Saud Saleem Malik
and I think bubz means 'sister' :')
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What is the one thing everyone is looking for?
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What's the most important lesson you've learned in life?
Break a few hearts before your own gets broken. xD
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but u are not following me larki....?
and you are?
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1st 2 likers gets 30 likes and rest gets 5 likes each ? Please ? And no hates plx ?
No? No.
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Like = Compliment maybe?
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Which website or app do you use first in the morning?
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Favorite thing about summer?  Munibaayyy
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What's one word you would use to describe your mother?  Rana Mehdi
Love. 😍😘😊✌
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And where should i find sherlock :)  Wasif Imtiaz Satti
pehle ye btao chahte kya ho bhai?!?!
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and where's that 221B Bakers street :)  Wasif Imtiaz Satti
ask Sherlock Holmes. *.*
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