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Baddest Thing Around Town. @mominadar
They Say I Need To Slow Down.
RSS answers
Thoughts on breakup. (Sending to all I follow)  Hassan
life's way easier this way. problems vanish.
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How do u start your day ? (STAIF)  Hassan
now-a-days there's no day only night. I wake up at night.
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Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?
whattay question yar. (Y)
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Do you have any special talents ? :) (sending to all i follow) (ignore if you don't wanna answer) #stayblessed  THE MUFFIN MAN
Yeah. I can solve the paper and peep around at same time. B|
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Where do u see yourself 5 years from now? (STAIF)  Hassan
I never tell my future plans to everyone.
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cover acha hao facebook ka jee :D blkul ap pay fit hota hai ;)
Han ap b unhi 'Ullu Kay Pathon' mein se 1 hain :'P
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Where do you like to read?
Washroom. Best peaceful place to study novels.
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Swag or Class ?? :3  Mr'Qas ._.
Class. *.*
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Post a picture of something cute. (sent to everyone i follow cuz ppl say im useless here -.-)  Munibaayyy
I'ma Popho. B|
Post a picture of something cute. (sent to everyone i follow cuz ppl say im useless here -.-)
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lo g! aap koun hoti ho yeh decide karne wali main saari zindagi kunwara rahon ga!! :P
acha theek hai.
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favorite quote?  Munibaayyy
favorite quote?
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Off course clever age wali ka hi chahiye na rishta :P
mubarak ho ap saari zindagi kunware rahenge. *high 5*
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If you had more money than you ever need, would you give it away?
I never get trapped in such situations. Iam kangali most of the time.
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clever age wali kurri koun hai? tum ya tumhari friend?
rishta kis ka chahye apko ye btao?
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Apa nama julukan lo diskolah?
why 'diskolah' very ? :3
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What would you never post online?
My picture that was on my statement of entry. :/
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Have you ever met any celebrity ??  Mr'Qas ._.
No, I haven't.
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Chalo 1 bar Darood Parh lo.... Regards : Sheikh Wajahat
okay yar. Regards : Sheikh Wajahat ki Behn
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what's that one thing that you really believe in? (sending to all i follow) (ignore if you don't want to answer) stay blessed x  THE MUFFIN MAN
I believe that one can achieve anything he desires for. And for fulfilling desires you have to cross every hindrance no matter what it costs.
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Do you sing in the shower? What kind of songs?
I used* to sing in the shower. Mostly hindi songs. :3
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Follwed.... Follow back???  Saad Ishtiaq
keep calm or gane suno.
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do u love pakistan?
I love NKhan.
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biryani or burger?
COKE with both.
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One fact about you?  Abdullah.
I change every year.
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If you can have 1 thing for sure, what would that be ? * sent to few *  Banay ga naya Pakistan ♥ ♥ ▲
#StudiesKaSwag B|
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